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Whitehorse Hill


Grid reference is taken from the Devon Historic Environment Record.
Nearest Town:Okehampton (10km NNW)
OS Ref (GB):   SX61728547 / Sheet: 191
Latitude:50° 39' 6.7" N
Longitude:   3° 57' 22.73" W

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Ancient tomb gives up its secrets

A PREHISTORIC tomb discovered on North Dartmoor is slowly revealing its ancient secrets, as final analysis work on the artefacts found within nears completion. In August 2011, excavation work began on a cremation burial chamber discovered on Whitehorse Hill near Fernworthy Forest... continues...
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8th June 2014ce

4,000-year-old Dartmoor burial find rewrites British bronze age history

Stone box contains earliest examples of wood-turning and metal-working, along with Baltic amber and what may be bear skin

Some 4,000 years ago a young woman's cremated bones – charred scraps of her shroud and the wood from her funeral pyre still clinging to them – was carefully wrapped in a fur along with her most valuable possessi... continues...
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10th March 2014ce

Dartmoor tomb treasure hoard uncovered by archaeologists

Still in the news, though we have missed the tv show last night ;(

Archaeologists from around the UK have been examining a hoard of treasures unearthed in a 4,000-year-old tomb on Dartmoor.

Prehistoric jewellery, animal pelts and beads made of amber were among the finds about two years ago in the burial chamber... continues...
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8th February 2014ce
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'Amazing' treasures revealed in Dartmoor bronze age cist

Amazing' treasures revealed in Dartmoor bronze age cist

A rare and "amazing" burial discovery dating back 4,000 years has been described as the most significant find on Dartmoor and has given archaeologists a glimpse into the lives of the people who once lived there... continues...
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18th February 2013ce

Bronze Age burial site excavated on Dartmoor

An early Bronze Age burial cist containing cremated bones and material dating back 4,000 years has been excavated on Dartmoor.

Archaeologists uncovered items from the site on Whitehorse Hill including a woven bag or basket and amber beads.

Cists are stone-built chests which are used for the burial of ashes... continues...
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15th November 2011ce

Prehistoric burial chamber on Dartmoor excavated

It is believed the burial chamber was built about 5,000 years ago

The burial chamber, known as a cist, is on Whitehorse Hill, near Chagford.

It was discovered 10 years ago when one its stones fell out of the peat which had been concealing it... continues...
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10th August 2011ce
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English Heritage

The monument includes a cist situated near the summit of Whitehorse Hill. The cist was, until 2001, visible in the edge of an irregularly shaped island of peat standing above its surroundings. Only the western edge of the cist was exposed, the remainder, including the cist's original contents, being sealed beneath peat deposits. The cist measures 0.3m deep by 0.4m wide and its capstone remains in its original position. Early in 2001 a protective drystone wall measuring 3m long by 0.9m high was built in front of the western edge of the cist, which as a result is no longer visible. The drystone wall is included in the scheduling. This cist stands at a considerable height above sea level and, perhaps as a consequence, no broadly contemporary settlements are known to survive within its vicinity.
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12th February 2014ce
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