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Bull Ring


<b>Bull Ring</b>Posted by juameiImage © juamei
Also known as:
  • Dove Holes

Nearest Town:Buxton (6km SSW)
OS Ref (GB):   SK078782 / Sheet: 119
Latitude:53° 18' 1.21" N
Longitude:   1° 52' 58.61" W

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Bull Ring Round Barrow(s)


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Final plug - our Open Day is happening tomorrow (30th July) from 11-5ish. Displays of stone tools (60+ neolithic stone axes), artifacts recovered from the henge and talks all day. Excellent food available, photo competition (bring your prints of megalithic sites) and general stones discussion... continues...
Blingo_von_Trumpenst Posted by Blingo_von_Trumpenst
29th July 2011ce

FREE OPEN DAY at Bullring Henge 30th July 11-7

Hi folks,
We can now announce that there will be a FREE OPEN DAY at the Bullring Henge on Saturday 30th July from 11am til 7pm. Talks from 1-5pm from Buxton Museum and many eminent speakers. Displays of finds from the henge and a display of some of my neolithic stone axes all day. Tour of the henge with detailed info and discussion... continues...
Blingo_von_Trumpenst Posted by Blingo_von_Trumpenst
20th April 2011ce

Campaign to protect the Bullring Henge in Derbyshire

The Bullring henge in Dove Holes, Derbyshire is in need of protection and the love it deserves. It has survived around 4500 years but could be gone in the next 50.
I have started a campaign to try to protect it. Much positive support already received from people all over the world... continues...
Blingo_von_Trumpenst Posted by Blingo_von_Trumpenst
2nd February 2011ce
Edited 2nd February 2011ce

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I visit at least every 2 weeks. The henge is currently devoid of rubbish and if there is anything then I pick it up and recycle/dump it properly.
I have started a campaign to protect this mighty henge. I am getting support from all over the world.
If you can help in any way (even just a message of support) then please please contact me.
I can no longer accept the gradual destruction of this sacred space.


Keep rocking in the free world dudes,

[email protected]
Blingo_von_Trumpenst Posted by Blingo_von_Trumpenst
9th February 2011ce

Seems you spoke too soon Stu, during a visit this summer i found the site looking like a tip, remains of fires on the edge of the henge and rubbish dumped everywhere, seems by all the dog shit i encountered some of the locals are using the site as a dog toilet.
Normal service has resumed. : (
megadread Posted by megadread
10th December 2009ce

One of those places you felt like saying aloud "well at least someone cares that you're here" when you stood aghast 4 or 5 years ago. But strangely, as reported, the locals must have decided to stop the flytipping [God knows how they get in there with the barriers all over the place] and protect it a bit more at last. A treasure in the midst has an effect, now as always.

Also overlooked, on the South-East corner of the churchyard wall adjoining the site, there are the remains of a Neolithic barrow-on-a-barrow , hardly more than a hump now but evidence that this immediate area [actually quite flat but horribly exposed to the East] may be a bit of an eyesore now, but was once considered more important.

In Dove Holes defence, the lanes surrounding the station contain beautiful tiny cottages, and if it wasn't for the A6 ploughing through it, leaving traces of the quarried muck everywhere, it would be just another Peak village.
slumpystones Posted by slumpystones
6th January 2007ce

The site still looks fine, and is being looked after. Obviously, the locals use it - kids will gather at such places, obviously!

As you come through Dove Holes not fromt he Buxton end - fromt he other end - at exactly 30 mph because this is Britain's numer one speed trap zone - seriously, do only 30... and look out for the bus shelter as you come in to Dove Holes - that is where the police like to hide with their camera!.... go past that and you see the cricket pavilion set back from the road on the left, about 45 seconds in to Dove Holes... The Bull Ring is right behind the cricket pavillion... Turn left, off the main road and just drive up and park up outside the cricket pavillion and you are virtually parked on the site!

A really nice place, obvuously some of the magic has gone, what with the proximity to the houses etc... but, I went up recently on the full moon and it was magical. I think it is a little smaller than Arbor Low, but is clearly a sister site of some kind - very similar design. Obviously some connection between these people - unless it was some kind of competition?? Either way, a really nice place, and for those coming that way to get to other sites, well worth stopping off and paying a little visit - it's literraly ten steps away from where you park the car.

Posted by Xia
28th December 2006ce
Edited 28th December 2006ce

Crikey Me!

What's happened to the Bull Ring...? This is still Dove Holes ain't it?
All nicely mown, no motorbike tracks and totally devoid of any rubbish. Even a little information board has appeared on the path between the henge and the oval barrow.
Looks as if the village is finally taking a bit of pride in the Bull Ring and what is one of Northern Britains best upstanding henges.

It's always been a worthy place to visit and in its present state perhaps more so. Even a typical wet October day in the High Peak didn't put a damper on the experience.
stubob Posted by stubob
24th October 2005ce
Edited 11th November 2005ce

The site itself is a gem, even with the neighbours and without the stones. Being so close to the village and essentially the church my mind wonders over the history of this place and climbing up on the bank behind the site gives views to hills beyond which makes the neighbouring plots seem (a little) less invading. broen Posted by broen
2nd February 2003ce
Edited 3rd March 2003ce

This lovely henge is in almost complete disgrace. The perimeter is treat like a rubbish dump, yet the interior seem well looked after. A cricket pavillion sits at one side of the henge - couldn't the people there spend a little time looking after this amazing site right on their doorstep? IronMan Posted by IronMan
10th June 2002ce

Located in the middle of Doveholes village, The Bull Ring Henge is very similar in design and size with Arbor Low, though not as well preserved, all the stones have been removed from the site. stubob Posted by stubob
2nd March 2002ce


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Details of henge on Pastscape

The Bull Ring, a Henge monument, extant as an earthwork, comprising a sub-oval enclosure defined by a ditch and external bank. The site has been damaged in the past by quarrying, while there are also traces of ridge and furrow in the interior. The maximum external diameter is circa 85 metres. The bank is circa 1.1 metres high and up to 9.8 metres wide. The ditch is up to 12.2 metres wide and 0.6 metres deep. There are two opposing causewayed entrances at the north and south. Excavation has occurred on three occasions - the bank was sectioned in 1902; some potsherds, possibly Beaker/Early Bronze Age were found. In 1949 several trenches across bank and ditch were dug, and some investigation of both entrances occurred. Two possible Beaker sherds were found, one apparently below the ditch silts. The ditch also contained flint flakes and scrapers plus some ox bones and teeth. In 1984-5 a large area outside the southern entrance was investigated. Only undated and post medieval features were found, although some flints were present. An 18th century source states that the enclosure once contained a stone setting. In 1789, apparently, only a single stone remained.
Chance Posted by Chance
28th December 2014ce

The site the locals love to hate! Posted by Grendel
8th April 2002ce


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English Heritage

Geophysical Survey of the site -
"The aim of the survey was to help gain a greater understanding of the monument and the activity that had occurred within it; to inform the future management of the site, particularly in relation to its repair and maintenance; and to attempt to reveal any trace of a former stone circle."

Article mentions the possibility of a buried stone but notes-
"The magnetic survey has unfortunately been severely affected by modern disturbance, possibly through the use of the ditch as a dumping area"

It's a shame the way it's been treated.
Chris Collyer Posted by Chris Collyer
19th February 2003ce

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Bull Ring (Round Barrow(s)) — Links

Youtube - Kirsty Whittall - The Barrow and the Bull Ring (Megalithic Portal Open Day)

Presentation from Meg Portal Live event at the Bullring 30/7/2011 of Kirsty Whitalls Archaeology Bsc dissertation regarding the barrow at the bullring, including resistivity survey results which were “not diagnostic of a barrow”. Interestingly her magnetic survey also had issues (see link for EH geofizz survey at bullring)...
juamei Posted by juamei
23rd August 2012ce

Bull Ring (Round Barrow(s)) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Bull Ring</b>Posted by juamei<b>Bull Ring</b>Posted by stubob stubob Posted by stubob
24th October 2005ce

Bull Ring (Round Barrow(s)) — Fieldnotes

This barrow lies just 20metres to the south-west of the bank of the Bull Ring henge. It is described in the SMR as an oval barrow overlain on its western end by a later bowl barrow, although no known excavation has taken place.

It now stands 2metres high and the northern end seems to have been foreshortened by the erection of a churchyard wall.
baza Posted by baza
9th September 2003ce

Bull Ring (Round Barrow(s)) — Images

<b>Bull Ring</b>Posted by baza baza Posted by baza
9th September 2003ce