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Since launching in March 2000ce, the site has grown to be a massive resource for news, information, images, folklore & weblinks on the ancient sites across the UK, Ireland and Europe, thanks to the remarkable efforts of all those who contribute.

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17:07:06 26th July 2014ce — 7 new posts in the last 24 hours
Wittenham Clumps and Castle Hill Demolition of Didcot Power Station this weekend
Posted by tjj, 25.07.14

The Cochno Stone 5000-year-old Cochno Stone carving may be revealed
Posted by BigSweetie, 17.07.14

Carwynnen Quoit Was quoit a place of worship?
Posted by moss, 16.07.14

Wiltshire Extension To Salisbury Museum opens
Posted by tjj, 13.07.14

Duddo Five Stones Duddo Stones still threatened
Posted by Nlys, 10.07.14

Reynard's Kitchen Dovedale Roman and Iron Age coins found after 2,000 years
Posted by moss, 07.07.14
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Replica Stonehenge in Australia
Posted by moss, 24.07.2014

Lake District
Posted by Mustard, 19.07.2014

Happy 10th birthday COFLEIN!
Posted by CARL, 18.07.2014

Books of possible interest
Posted by Littlestone, 18.07.2014

Going to Whitby next week
Posted by ars moriendi, 14.07.2014
Lisheentyrone Re: Fieldnotes by bawn79
Comment by tiompan, 26/07/2014

Poulnabrone Re: Image by Meic
Comment by postman, 24/07/2014

Glen Tarken Re: Image by tiompan
Comment by tiompan, 24/07/2014

The Selus Stone Re: Image by thesweetcheat
Comment by thesweetcheat, 24/07/2014

Poulnabrone Re: Image by Meic
Comment by tjj, 24/07/2014
Posted by ryaner, 26.07.14

Posted by ryaner, 26.07.14

Posted by bawn79, 26.07.14

Sorrel Hill
Posted by ryaner, 25.07.14

Foel Dduarth (west)
Posted by postman, 23.07.14
Graves of the Leinstermen
Posted by bawn79, 07.07.14

Capesthorne Park
Posted by Rhiannon, 14.05.14

Whitley Church
Posted by Rhiannon, 08.05.14

Scutchamer Knob
Posted by Rhiannon, 08.05.14

Foel Dduarth (west) Coflein
Posted by postman, 20.07.14

D54 Havelteberg Hunebed D54 Havelte
Posted by LesHamilton, 15.07.14

High & Low Bridestones Dovedale Pastscape
Posted by moss, 13.07.14

Posted by GLADMAN, 07.07.14
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