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<b>Ballinagee</b>Posted by ryanerBallinagee © ryaner Welcome to The Modern Antiquarian, based on Julian Cope's epic guidebook of the same name and his equally epic exploration of Europe, The Megalithic European.

Since launching in March 2000ce, the site has grown to be a massive resource for news, information, images, folklore & weblinks on the ancient sites across the UK, Ireland and Europe, thanks to the remarkable efforts of all those who contribute.

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Avebury Avebury Circle and Avenue closed
Posted by tjj, 22.02.18

Lancashire Spot the Hunter-Gatherers!
Posted by juamei, 19.02.18

Lewis and Harris Housebuilder uncovers Iron Age chamber on Lewis
Posted by moss, 19.02.18

Stonehenge and its Environs Archaeologists may have found architects' camp for Stonehenge
Posted by moss, 05.02.18

North Yorkshire Ancient lake reveals a colorful past
Posted by moss, 29.01.18

<b>Joselière Dolmen</b>Posted by costaexpress <b>Joselière Dolmen</b>Posted by costaexpress <b>Wayland's Smithy</b>Posted by texlahoma <b>Noon Hill</b>Posted by juamei <b>Noon Hill</b>Posted by juamei <b>Ballinvally</b>Posted by ryaner <b>Thomastown</b>Posted by ryaner <b>Thomastown</b>Posted by ryaner <b>Thomastown</b>Posted by ryaner <b>Thomastown</b>Posted by ryaner <b>Thomastown</b>Posted by ryaner <b>Thomastown</b>Posted by ryaner <b>Thomastown</b>Posted by ryaner <b>Glenidan</b>Posted by ryaner <b>Glenidan</b>Posted by ryaner <b>Clodagh Row</b>Posted by Meic <b>Clodagh Row</b>Posted by Meic <b>Clodagh</b>Posted by Meic <b>Clodagh</b>Posted by Meic <b>Clodagh</b>Posted by Meic
Creswell Crags Romano British Goat
Posted by Amil04, 25.02.2018

Hi Eds - another duplicate
Posted by GLADMAN, 25.02.2018

Eynsham Park Camp Eds? Site dupe!
Posted by juamei, 25.02.2018

Belbury Castle Eds? Not so sure about this one
Posted by juamei, 25.02.2018
Joselière Dolmen Re: Image by costaexpress
Comment by GLADMAN, 24/02/2018

Perborough Castle Re: Image by wysefool
Comment by juamei, 24/02/2018

Avebury Re: News by tjj
Comment by tjj, 24/02/2018

Avebury Re: News by tjj
Comment by thesweetcheat, 23/02/2018

Noon Hill Re: Fieldnotes by juamei
Comment by juamei, 23/02/2018
Noon Hill
Posted by juamei, 21.02.18

Posted by CARL, 18.02.18

South Ythsie
Posted by thelonious, 18.02.18

Posted by ryaner, 17.02.18

Posted by drewbhoy, 17.02.18
County Limerick
Posted by ryaner, 20.01.18

Dumbarrow Hill
Posted by drewbhoy, 30.12.17

Hill Of Dores
Posted by drewbhoy, 30.12.17

The Hole Stone
Posted by Rhiannon, 21.12.17
Castle Dykes, Wensleydale Yoredale - Castle Dykes
Posted by fitzcoraldo, 06.02.18

Twyn y Parc Coflein
Posted by moss, 02.02.18

Asheldham Camp Asheldham Camp - Essex Family History
Posted by GLADMAN, 14.01.18

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