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The Thornborough Henges

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Solar farm sparks fears for 'Stonehenge of the North'

A GOVERNMENT service which champions England's heritage has condemned a scheme to site a 960-panel solar farm near the most important ancient site between Stonehenge and the Orkney Islands... continues...
moss Posted by moss
12th November 2015ce

Nosterfield Quarry - archaeological report

After 17 years on site the publication report for Nosterfield Quarry is complete. This important work tells the story of the northern margins of Thornborough Moor, the changing patterns of its use during the prehistoric period, the drainage of the wetland and their subsequent enclosure.
thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
11th July 2011ce

Beltane Joy at Thornborough Henges ! Hail Brigantia !

Fun was had by one and all that attended the Beltane celebration at Thornborough Henges over the May Bank Holiday Weekend. Perhaps 500 people attended from all over the country. Glorious sun and pretty windy. Superb fire show at night, awesome drumming sessions and I got handfasted to my love. Many thanks to Ollie and Sigbrit... continues...
Blingo_von_Trumpenst Posted by Blingo_von_Trumpenst
3rd May 2011ce

Fate of flock of birds holds up quarrying

ONLY a flock of birds is standing in the way of the extraction of 1.1 million tonnes of sand and gravel from a quarry extension near to the Neolithic Thornborough Henges in North Yorkshire... continues...
moss Posted by moss
9th March 2009ce

Planning approved around Thornborough Henges

The fear that planning would be approved around the Thornborough Henges has come to pass. I attended the meeting today with trepidation, only to have my fears confirmed. This will not be the end of this fight, but it will get harder.
Please, all you people who care about our ancient sites, talk about Thornborough, maybe through publicity we can shame those who don't care into seeing the error of their ways.
I live in hope!
Posted by clare
26th August 2008ce

Quarry approval expected near three historic henges

Sad News....

APPROVAL is finally expected to be given next week for the quarrying of 1.1 million tonnes of sand and gravel less than a mile from three Neolithic henges.
Nosterfield Quarry, near Masham, produces 500,000 tonnes of sand and gravel a year and is the source of 20 per cent of the material in North Yorkshire... continues...
moss Posted by moss
20th August 2008ce

Legal dispute overturns quarrying permission

PLANS for a controversial quarry extension near Thornborough Henges have been thrown into disarray following a legal challenge.

Tarmac Northern won planning permission in January 2007 from North Yorkshire County Council to extract 1... continues...
invisibleplanet Posted by invisibleplanet
14th March 2008ce

Huge Labyrinth walk will herald the launch of new Thornborough campaign

TIMEWATCH... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
18th September 2007ce

Quarry firm wins Henges extension

Controversial plans to extend a quarry close to an ancient monument in North Yorkshire have been given the go-ahead despite opposition from campaigners.

Construction firm Tarmac can now extend its works at Ladybridge Farm, near the historic Thornborough Henges... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
17th January 2007ce

Thornborough - Raising the stakes

Raising the stakes

TARMAC Northern's submission of a revised planning application to quarry land near the Thornborough henges ancient monument site increases the stakes in this long-running saga... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
1st August 2006ce

Firm to challenge Thornborough quarry ruling

A quarry company yesterday confirmed it is to challenge the rejection of controversial plans to extract sand and gravel from land close to a 5,000-year-old monument site... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
6th June 2006ce
Edited 7th June 2006ce

Beltane at Thornborough Henge Update

Hi folks,

Here's the latest on Beltane at Thornborough Henge 2006.

Sunday 30th April, 12pm onwards, Thornborough Henge, near Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Everyone welcome, admission FREE!

Visit the event website:
http://www.sacredbrigantia... continues...
Posted by Black Otter
7th April 2006ce
Edited 7th April 2006ce

Coming Soon: Thornborough Theme Park

(Well. Probably not.)

The man who created the Lightwater Valley theme park wants to turn the ancient Thornborough Henges into a tourist attraction.
Landowner Robert Staveley outlined his ideas at a public meeting called by West Tanfield Parish Council on Wednesday... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
3rd March 2006ce
Edited 3rd March 2006ce

Call to protect henges for all time

Fragment from Yorkshire Today web site:
[Timewatch] spokesman George Chaplin said: "The threat of quarrying has not been removed by the planning refusal but it has given time to take stock and for everyone to agree upon the best future for the whole area... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
24th February 2006ce
Edited 25th February 2006ce

Quarrying at henge site rejected

"Plans to quarry gravel from part of Britain's biggest prehistoric site were rejected yesterday but the construction company Tarmac is to appeal... continues...
Posted by Serenissima
22nd February 2006ce
Edited 22nd February 2006ce

Tarmac plans rejected - though they may still appeal...

Campaigners are rejoicing after controversial plans to extend a quarry near an ancient monument in North Yorkshire were rejected by councillors.
ocifant Posted by ocifant
21st February 2006ce

Ancient Site Looks Safe From Quarry Diggers

From an article by Brian Dooks, published on 15th February 2006 in the Yorkshire Post:
English Heritage wants 'Stonehenge of the North' preserved after claiming it is of archaeological importance... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
15th February 2006ce
Edited 15th February 2006ce

Henges aligned to the constellation Orion claim

"Researchers at Newcastle University have found the Thornborough Henges are one of the earliest major monuments aligned to the constellation Orion.

The 5,500-year-old earthworks, north of Ripon, and the Egyptian pyramids are thought to have been built to mirror Orion's belt for its religious focus... continues...
baza Posted by baza
14th February 2006ce

Timewatch expresses dismay at latest plan

Groups campaigning to stop quarrying around Thornborough Henges have slammed a recently published conservation plan. TimeWatch is disappointed with the proposed Thornborough Henges Conservation Plan announced last week, saying it neither includes the entire Thornborough complex nor addresses all the important issues... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
3rd February 2006ce
Edited 3rd February 2006ce

Timewatch calls for international support

TimeWatch has called for international support in the battle to save the Thornborough Henges from the threat of quarrying nearby... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
20th January 2006ce

Timewatch criticises latest dig at Ladybridge

The Chairman of TimeWatch, George Chaplin, is unhappy with the way the further examination of the Ladybridge farm site is being conducted.

"This newest digging will not produce the eight to ten per cent sample required by English Heritage and, in fact, is focused on an area where artefacts have already been found," he said this week... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
4th November 2005ce

Call for independent henges opinion

Campaigners are calling for an independent assessment by archaeologists of the threatened quarry site near the Thornborough Henges.
Last week North Yorkshire County Council put off a decision on controversial plans by quarry firm Tarmac to extract 2... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
30th September 2005ce
Edited 1st October 2005ce

Monument Quarry Decision Deferred

Campaigners opposing plans for quarrying near an ancient monument in North Yorkshire must wait until the New Year for a decision by councillors.
Tarmac has applied to quarry sand and gravel at Ladybridge Farm, north of Ripon, near Thornborough Henges... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
21st September 2005ce
Edited 21st September 2005ce

Decision-makers urged to reject quarrying near henges

Decision-makers urged to reject quarrying near henges

From the archive, first published Wednesday 14th Sep 2005.

THE long and often acrimonious battle over the future of one of Britain's most important archaeological sites will come to a head next week... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
16th September 2005ce

Tarmac offers land next to henges gift

Quarry firm Tarmac is offering to give 60 acres of land adjacent the ancient Thornborough Henges to the nation.
The company, currently in dispute with conservationists over its plans to extend quarrying operations near the 5,000 year old site, says its "significant donation" will help ensure the preservation of the henges... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
29th July 2005ce
Edited 29th July 2005ce

BBC - Gravel plan at monument discussed

Controversial plans to extend quarrying near an ancient monument known as the Stonehenge of the north are being discussed by councillors.

Tarmac has applied to extend its sand and gravel operations at a site near Thornborough Henges, North Yorkshire... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
19th July 2005ce
Edited 20th July 2005ce

Campaign Groups Keep Up Pressure

Protesters to deluge council over quarry
By Richard Edwards

Protesters fighting a quarry plan near an ancient Yorkshire monument are to hit a council with the biggest number of objections in its history... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
2nd July 2005ce
Edited 2nd July 2005ce

US campaigners join henges battle

From BBCi, 16 June 2005

A New York-based conservation group has joined the battle to prevent further quarrying near an ancient monument known as the Stonehenge of the North.

The Landmarks Foundation said plans by Tarmac to extend its sand and gravel quarry close to Thornborough Henges, near Ripon, would be a "tragedy"... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
16th June 2005ce

'No evidence' of historic remains

A company which wants to quarry near an ancient monument has dismissed suggestions that the site contains items of archaeological importance.
Tarmac wants to extend its sand and gravel operations next to Thornborough Henges near Ripon, North Yorks... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
25th May 2005ce

Quarry site shows historic activity

From This is Richmond, 19 may 2005
A QUARRY firm's own archaeologists said a site chosen for excavation should not be disturbed, according to campaigners... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
19th May 2005ce

Pagan ritual used by campaigners continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
3rd May 2005ce

'Exclusion zone' call to protect Thornborough

Atkins Heritage was commissioned by English Heritage and the Thornborough Henges Consultation Group to prepare a conservation plan for the local area. At a meeting with residents on Wednesday they suggested an eight square mile "exclusion zone"... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
22nd April 2005ce
Edited 22nd April 2005ce

Burying treasures - Guardian

Burying treasures

There are no guarantees against development of land that is 'protected' or part of a national park... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
13th April 2005ce

Henges: Tarmac gives moor pledge

Ripon Gazette - 18/03/05 - Henges: Tarmac gives moor pledge

By Lee Sobot.

A quarry firm has stated that it has no intention to extract sand and gravel
from Thornborough Moor - home of the Thornborough Henges - within the next
ten years... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
19th March 2005ce

Petition to Save the Thornborough Henges

Please take the time to support the Thornborough Henges by signing the petition here: continues...
invisibleplanet Posted by invisibleplanet
12th March 2005ce
Edited 12th March 2005ce

Friends of Thornborough make statement on jobs claim

Campaigners have hit back at claims by quarry company Tarmac over the threat of job losses if it is not allowed to expand its operations close to the Thornborough Henges.

In a statement last week Tarmac warned the local economy would suffer if quarrying had to cease and said tourism would not compensate for the loss of some £2... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
11th March 2005ce
Edited 11th March 2005ce

Private Eye - Henge and Racket - 4th March 2005

THE Thornborough Henges, three huge prehistoric circle-and-ditch structures near Ripon in North Yorkshire, have been described as "the Stonehenge of the North"... continues...
Posted by archae_logical
3rd March 2005ce
Edited 4th March 2005ce

Powerful new challenge in Thornborough Henges fight

TimeWatch Media Release – 28.02.05

TimeWatch group launches major attack on Tarmac plc.

After six months of campaigning under the banner of Heritage Action, the Thornborough Campaign is now to be launched as a separate, independent campaign group, called TimeWatch... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
28th February 2005ce
Edited 28th February 2005ce

H.A. To Protest At Tarmac-Sponsored Exhibition

Campaigners fighting further quarrying near a site of historical interest will demonstrate at a museum at the weekend... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
5th January 2005ce
Edited 5th January 2005ce

Ancient footsteps retraced by henge protestors

Heritage Action Media Release - 19th October 2004

A 5,000 year old ceremony is to be recreated this week as campaigners carry an ancient ceremonial axe through Yorkshire's "Sacred Vale" to Thornborough... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
19th October 2004ce
Edited 20th October 2004ce

Tarmac announce horse burial at Thornborough

A more comprehensive article appears in the Ripon Gazette:

Horses find shows that we are not riding roughshod through archaeology - Tarmac

Quarry firm Tarmac has faced bitter criticism from campaigners fighting to protect the prehistoric Thornborough Henges and has been accused of destroying archaeological remains in the s... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
11th October 2004ce

TV hope for henges protestors

TV hope for henges protestors
A campaign group fighting to stop quarrying being extended near an ancient landmark say a BBC series will aid their efforts.

Thornborough Henges, near Ripon, North Yorkshire, will feature on British
Isles - A Natural History, which is being presented by Alan Titchmarsh... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
7th October 2004ce
Edited 7th October 2004ce

Expert blasts quarry firm over 'threat' to unique ancient site

From a Yorkshire Today article by David Garner, published on 28th September 2004:

The man who helped unlock the secrets of one of Britain's most important Neolithic sites has launched a fierce attack on plans to extend nearby quarry workings... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
3rd October 2004ce
Edited 4th October 2004ce

Council Calls Extra Time for Henges Campaign

Campaigners fighting to preserve one of the most important ancient sites in Britain have been given a six-month breathing space before its future is decided... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
26th September 2004ce
Edited 24th February 2006ce

Thornborough Quarry plans suffer delay set-back

Quarry firm Tarmac Northern Ltd wants to open up a new area of extraction at
its sand and gravel quarry close to the Thornborough Henges. These proposals
have been the focus of widespread condemnation from heritage groups across
the UK... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
22nd September 2004ce

CBA Director Speaks Out

Taken from article by Joe Willis at This Is the North East: complete story at continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
1st September 2004ce
Edited 1st September 2004ce

Battle to preserve Thornborough henges

by Norman Hammond, Archaeology Correspondent of The Times Online, 24 August 2004

UNPRECEDENTED protests have been made in Yorkshire about plans to quarry the prehistoric ritual landscape around the Thornborough Henges... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
24th August 2004ce

Objections to quarrying at Thornborough henge complex

Heritage campaigners fighting to stop the destruction of the massive Thornborough henge complex this week delivered more than 600 written objections to the planning department of North Yorkshire County Council in Northallerton, northern England... continues...
BigSweetie Posted by BigSweetie
9th August 2004ce

Thornborough Article in The Guardian

More national publicity for the threatened henge complex. Mr Chaplin puts the case in Martin Wainwright's article at:
'Diggers threaten ancient monument',11711,1276469,00.html
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
5th August 2004ce
Edited 5th August 2004ce

Huge protest over henges

A HUGE number of objections are being delivered to County Hall today, protesting against a quarry firm's bid to extend its operations near the 'Stonehenge of the North'... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
4th August 2004ce

Bid to increase quarrying runs into a barrow-load of trouble

CAMPAIGNERS delivered a wheelbarrow full of objections against more quarrying near an ancient monument in North Yorkshire yesterday.

About 550 letters were handed to the county council from protestors fighting plans to extend the Nosterfield Quarry, close to Thornborough Henges, near Ripon, North Yorkshire... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
31st July 2004ce

Gravel Glut Should Halt Thornborough Scheme

16 July 2004, from

Yorkshire campaigners opposing the proposed planning application by Tarmac Northern to quarry close to Thornborough Henges in North Yorkshire, say the application contravenes the local council's policy on quarrying in the area... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
16th July 2004ce
Edited 16th July 2004ce

Pledge Over Ancient Site Quarrying

A decision on plans to quarry near an ancient monument known as "Britain's best kept prehistoric secret" will not be rushed, North Yorkshire Council has promised... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
15th July 2004ce
Edited 15th July 2004ce

Tarmac To Stage Public Exhibition

- Come and find out from the horse's mouth exactly why it's so important that Thornborough should be quarried. You can ask questions.

From Nidderdale Today continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
8th July 2004ce

Henges battle's new twist

A quarry firm has been warned it has a fight on its hands over plans to extend its operations next to an ancient site of national importance... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
12th June 2004ce
Edited 14th June 2004ce

Minerals firm accused by campaign group

by staff of The Darlington & Stockton Times

A LEADING minerals company is prepared to sacrifice archaeological heritage near Bedale for profits, it was claimed this week... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
12th June 2004ce

Local Group Raises Concerns at Application to Quarry

Edited down from an article by David Prudames, published on continues...
Kammer Posted by Kammer
8th June 2004ce
Edited 8th June 2004ce

Fight to stop quarry growth plans

From BBCi, 3 June 2004
Conservationists have vowed to fight plans to extend quarrying near one of Britain's most important archaeological areas.

Nosterfield sand and gravel quarry near Ripon is close to the Neolithic and Bronze Age site of Thornborough Henges... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
3rd June 2004ce

Henge fanatics

Letters to the Darlington and Stockton Times by DST readers - 12/03/04

Henge fanatics

Sir, - I am an employee at Nosterfield quarry, where the extraction of sand and gravel has been conducted for 50 years... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
16th March 2004ce
Edited 16th March 2004ce

New hopes for henges' future

A PREHISTORIC site at risk from quarrying appears to have found a new ally, with North Yorkshire County Council acknowledging its national importance... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
16th March 2004ce
Edited 16th March 2004ce

Mystery of Sacred Site Shaped by Stars

From an article in Yorkshire Post Today by Brian Dooks:

Thornborough is the only triple henge complex in the world and the only one to share the same astronomical alignment as the pyramids at Giza in Egypt... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
9th March 2004ce
Edited 9th March 2004ce

Talks on Future of Historic Site

Lip service?
A new group has been set up to look at the future of one of Britain's most important archaeological areas. Thornborough Henges near Ripon in North Yorkshire is a concentration of late Neolithic and Bronze Age sites... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
2nd March 2004ce
Edited 2nd March 2004ce

The Archaeology of the Thornborough Henge Complex - Conference

9.30 - Editted highlights of Time Flyers and discussion by Dave Macleod and Richard Maude, presenter and producer.
10.05 - Planning for Change - some current princeples and past lessons - George Lambrick Director of CBA
10.20 - A comparison with Stonehenge: linkages in the landscape - Mike Parker Pearson.
10... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
24th February 2004ce

Thornborough In The News Again...

...which is good.
Read the story from the "This is Richmond" Website here.
Jane Posted by Jane
10th November 2003ce
Edited 10th November 2003ce

Rescuing History For The North

Newcastle scientists are helping to save an ancient North site from destruction.

The archaeologists will help promote the little-known henges in Thornborough, near Ripon, North Yorkshire as tourist attractions.

The Neolithic site is said to be equal in importance to Stonehenge... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
31st October 2003ce
Edited 12th November 2003ce

Council Criticised Over Destruction Of Ancient Site

A TV archaeologist criticised a county council today over the destruction of the landscape around one of Britain's top prehistoric sites.

Thornborough Henges, near Ripon, has the greatest concentration of late Neolithic and early Bronze Age sites in the country... continues...
stubob Posted by stubob
27th October 2003ce
Edited 27th October 2003ce

Experts Voice Fears Over Gravel Extraction At Unique Henge Site

Do I detect the hand of our very our BrigantesNation at work here?!

From www.24hour
Archaeologists and local campaigners have expressed their concern at the possibility of further gravel extraction close to the Neolithic complex of henges at Thornborough in Yorkshire.

What a great news story!
Jane Posted by Jane
4th September 2003ce
Edited 27th October 2003ce

'Don't destroy this Stonehenge of the North'

Jon Lowry, chairman of the Friends of the Thornborough Henges, has received a letter confirming that Tarmac Northern Ltd, which is already quarrying in other areas around the henges, "is shortly to submit a planning application for the Ladybridge Farm area."
Posted by BrigantesNation
30th August 2003ce

Campaign to protect henges is stepped up

article by staff of The Darlington & Stockton Times

A CAMPAIGN to protect the setting of ancient monuments near Bedale is gathering momentum and a fighting fund has been set up.

The Thornborough henges - ancient earthworks - are said to be Yorkshire's rival to Stonehenge... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
18th July 2003ce
Edited 7th January 2005ce

Images (click to view fullsize)

Add an image Add an image
Photographs:<b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by Vicster <b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by Steve Gray <b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by Jane <b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by Moth <b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by Moth <b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by Moth <b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by Moth <b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by Jane <b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by goffik Maps / Plans / Diagrams:<b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by BrigantesNation Artistic / Interpretive:<b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by Jo-anne <b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by Jo-anne <b>The Thornborough Henges</b>Posted by nigelswift


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I'm amazed there are so few posts for the Thornborough Henges as they are such an important part of our Neolithic inheritance and, as a triple henge, unique in the UK if not the world.

Given the link with Orion's belt posited by Jan Harding, readers might like to compare the excellent Orkneyjar website which compares the layout of the 3 main Orkney henges with Thornborough:

Coincidence or not?

Maybe Yorkshire folk should campaign for the whole 'sacred vale' from the Devil's Arrows through the various henges to Thornborough and beyond to become a World Heritage Site. It might help to stop the area becoming like another Eurodisney-esque 'nature reserve' once Tarmac Northern have finished with it.

If someone wanted to built a motorway through the Great Pyramids at Giza there would be global outrage: why not at Thornborough too?
Posted by simonplum
31st March 2009ce
Edited 31st March 2009ce

I visited this area three days previously but was looking in the wrong direction; I only found the northern henge. Armed with a map and compass and personal guide, I found the others this time ;-)
pebblesfromheaven Posted by pebblesfromheaven
27th June 2003ce

Visiting Thornborough.

Come off the A1 at the B6267 junction heading for Masham. Before going to the henges I recommend a quick diversion:

After about 1/2 mile, take the next right to Kirklington, after about 1/2 mile you will enter the village, turn left and park up to visit the church.

Inside the church, to the right of the door are a number of prehistoris remains held in a cabinet, including Bronze Age pot fragments and an Iron Age bead.

Take time to view the heads in the church, in particular have a look at the "Ogmios" head, and the "fish lady".

Once you have visted the church, back in the car and carry on out of the village (church on your right) for 1/2 mile to the juntion. Here, turn right and travel for about 1 mile till you get to Nosterfield. Turn left into the village and park up.

To get to the henges, continue walking in the direction of travel (south) out of the village until you come to a wooded area on the left. this is the first and best preserved henge. There are no access rights to any of the henges but I hear some terrible folks just walk in and look around!

Once you've seen the northern hange continue south down a track which runs alongside the central henge on the left. you will also see the landfill site (owned by North Yorkshire County Council) on your right, and lots of evidence of quarrying all round.

At the end of the track turn left to head towards the henge. Again I could not comment on the use of the gate to gain access to the henge. Notice that the some of the stones in the intrior of the henge wal are half covered with "gypsom plaster". I have a theory that the henge walls were plastered white.

From the central henge you could carry on down to the southern henge, through the gate on the other side of the road. My favorite henge is the southern one. Although it is the most destroyed, it is also the mose tranquil.

Before going home, I'd also recommend a visit to another site.

If you read the website you will notice that we keep banging on about post hole alignments.

One the the alignments heads from the northern henge to St Michaels Well, at Well. If you rejoin the main road (in the car) and turn left, than take the next right, you will get to Well. Once you have negotiated the steep bank at Well, take the next right and park up at the Church. The church has many relics of interest. Including some find "celtic heads" and other carvings on the outside of the church. Look hard to find the horned god, fish woman and naked man shaking hands with a giant. The cross was probably from a Devils Arrows type megalith originally.

What you have seen during this visit are clues to the significance of the area of Thornborough and it's northern perimeter. The henges, whilst being of fundamental importance are only a part of this ritual landscape. The "god figures" held in the local churches, the significance of St Michaels Well help create a wider ritual landscape that shows a "deformed continuity" of ancient beliefs.
Posted by BrigantesNation
13th June 2003ce


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Details of henges on Pastscape

A group of three late Neolithic/early Bronze Age henge monuments alligned in a row, surviving as earthworks and cropmarks. Further details are contained in the individual henge records (SE 27 NE 31, 32,33). The features have been mapped as part of the Thornborough Henges NMP project. See individual records for details.
Chance Posted by Chance
4th January 2015ce

"51/2 miles north of Ripon, 1 mile northeast of West Tanfield the Thornborough circles.
Early in bronze Age times the land about Ripon, between the Ure and the Swale, became a religious centre. Six enormous sacred sites were built in an area 7 miles long; among them at least 28 barrows were accumulated.
The most impressive henge monuments are the 3 Thornborough Circles. Of these, the central one is the most accessible, the northern one is the best preserved (because it is protected from the plough by trees). Each circle, like those east of Ripon, has a maximum diameter of about 800 ft. They are all nearly circular, with entrances NW and SE. Each has a massive bank, originally about 10ft high, with a ditch inside and outside it, about 65ft. wide and 8 - 10ft deep. The outer ditch of each circle is now filled up by the ploughing. Broad spaces about 40ft wide separate the banks from their ditches - an architectural refinement nowhere else in England."

Guide to Prehistoric England, Nicholas Thomas
Posted by BrigantesNation
1st June 2003ce

Please help Friends of Thornborough. The entire area looks like it will be soon under water and landfill sites. There is a plan to allow Tarmac to extract gravel from the entire local area. Removing all of the known extensive surrounding and closely related archaeology. Already a great many post alignments have been lost forever, together with ring ditches and many other features.

Key viewing points, marked out by post alignments are now submerged under artificial lakes.

Please visit the site. It may be your last chance to see very much at all. A ring of trees has been planted, surrounding the entire henge area, and completely blocking the original alignment, as indicated by the entrances and the post holes. A cusus, to the east of the northern hange is also not scheduled and will eventually be destroyed.
Posted by BrigantesNation
28th May 2003ce
Edited 16th June 2003ce

For a fantastic view of the Thornborough complex link through to multimap and have a look at the ariel photograph. IronMan Posted by IronMan
7th March 2002ce
Edited 20th May 2003ce


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North Yorkshire County Council

Links to the notes from the meetings of the Thornborough Henges Consultation and Working Group over the last couple of years.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
20th January 2006ce

Sacred Vale

an interesting site that seeks to prevent the destruction of the henges by increasing their tourism potential.
Posted by BrigantesNation
1st March 2005ce Thornborough site

The place to get the latest on the campaign to save Thornborough. This is where the main campaign to save Thornborough runs. Come here for the petition, information, chat, downloads and a whole lot more. Don't miss the front page animation.

Definately the best Thornborough campaign information. But then again, I helped build it!
Posted by BrigantesNation
1st March 2005ce
Edited 1st March 2005ce

Heritage Action

Uptodate information on the campaign to protect Thornborough from quarrying, and how to get involved in the campaign.
Posted by LongbeakMan
27th July 2004ce

Save Thornborough Petition Now Online

The triple henge complex at Thornborough, North Yorkshire is under immediate threat from quarrying.
You can help prevent prevent these activities from destroying any further archaeology by signing our petition.
Posted by BrigantesNation
26th August 2003ce
Edited 1st March 2005ce - Thornborough Circles Ripon

Interesting link looking at the astrological alignment at Thornborough.
Posted by BrigantesNation
13th August 2003ce
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Prehistoric Society Webpage on the work at Thornborough

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11th August 2003ce


More information about Thornborough here.
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20th July 2003ce

Desk Top Assesment of Thornborough

Not to be missed
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12th June 2003ce
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University of Newcastles latest report on Thornborough

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12th June 2003ce
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Thornborough Henge South — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Thornborough Henge South</b>Posted by juamei juamei Posted by juamei
5th January 2016ce

Thornborough Central Cursus — Miscellaneous

Details of cursus on Pastscape

A Neolithic cursus is visible as a cropmark on air photographs. The feature is aligned north-east south-west and is overlain by Thornborough Central henge. The cursus comprises a single ditch which is broken in parts and a rounded end is visible to the south-west. No evidence for a north-eastern terminus is visible on the air photographs. Much of the monument has now been destroyed through sand and gravel extraction.
Excavations took place in the 1940s and 1950s. The cursus underlies the central Thornborough henge circle (SE 27 NE 32), and a stone cist containing a crouched inhumation was found approximately on the centre line of the cursus during quarrying.
Palaeochannels are visible on air photographs as cropmarks in this area and have been mapped as part of the Thornborough AP Mapping project. It is possible that they may obscure other archaeological features.
Chance Posted by Chance
4th January 2015ce

Thornborough Henge Central — Fieldnotes

From the northwest henge driving southish a track is on the other side of the road and map says it goes straight to the central henge, we plumped for the shortcut, because thats the way I am. I really should mend my ways, the track doesnt go all the way but degenerates into something like a footpath, it was really difficult reversing over rough ground encased in brambles. But when I did turn round I could see we'd got within a hundred yards of the henge so me Eric and maggie scampered over and climbed over the fence .
The henge is stunningly impressive, if it was on its own I would still have come here but three in a row is just stupifying. The henge is higher in places than others by the southeast entrance the bank has so eroded that a barrow like structure appears at the entrance. It had been a long day and the sun was low in the sky, it would be dark before we were half way home, we left the henge to the fearful sheep and monument destroying rabbits.
postman Posted by postman
25th November 2010ce

Thornborough Henge North — Fieldnotes

Untill now I'd only been to the other two henges which are both easy to see and get to as theres a carpark between them. This northern henge has no carpark though there is room for a couple of cars at the side of the road but a few no parking signs deter this, not me though.

This was a good vibe place for me though, a tarzy hung over the henge bank and occupied Eric for the whole time, Maggie the Jack Russell kept reacting to something only she could detect, and more than half my photos came out blurry, adding to the mystery of the place very muchly. As if the trees and age of the thing weren't enough. The henge was bigger and better preserved than I'd thought they'd be, a perambulance will pass by both entrances and the henge will reveal itself to you in good time.
postman Posted by postman
25th November 2010ce

Thornborough Henge North — Images

<b>Thornborough Henge North</b>Posted by postman<b>Thornborough Henge North</b>Posted by postman postman Posted by postman
25th November 2010ce

Thornborough Henge Central — Images

<b>Thornborough Henge Central</b>Posted by postman<b>Thornborough Henge Central</b>Posted by postman<b>Thornborough Henge Central</b>Posted by postman postman Posted by postman
25th November 2010ce

Southern Henge Barrow (Round Barrow(s)) — Fieldnotes

'Visited' 24.9.10.
Where the Barrow is supposed to be there is a long line of fir trees. I snooped about the trees as best I could but could see no sign of a Barrow. If it was the other side of the trees it has been completely ploughed out.
Posted by CARL
6th October 2010ce
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