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Northern England

<b>Northern England</b>Posted by fitzcoraldoImage © fitzcoraldo
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<b>Northern England</b>Posted by fitzcoraldo

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Crown End, Westerdale (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork) — Links

The Smell of Water - Crown End

fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
16th August 2017ce

Stanton Moor South (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Although the summer heather was thick, it very clearly helped define the raised bank. My accompanying photo shows a darker ring of heather, which immediately stood out as I wandered en route to the Nine Ladies. Good sized circle this. Posted by ruskus
10th August 2017ce

Barbrook II (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

I took the direct route across from the cairn near Barbrook I, passing right through the many cairns scattered on the hillside, and soon found the very visible Barbrook II sitting there solidly, and majestically.

Ok, I agree, it is 'neat', but who cares. This contrasts with the other Barbrooks nearby, but actually gives them more context - helping to show that these sites were important - this landscape was important.

Could've stayed here for hours.
Posted by ruskus
10th August 2017ce

Barbrook I (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Another Peak District area I've long waited to see. I wondered if I was faced with a big old hike across the Big Moor, but as an old couple and their misbehaving dog meandered past with a smile, I realised how accessible Barbrook I is.

Fantastic views from just above the circle, as you head up towards the nearby cairn, and turn to look back.

Summer grasses tried to block the circle but it's too well-trodden an area. Not as 'showy' as the soon-to-be-next Barbrook II but feeling more atmospheric.
Posted by ruskus
10th August 2017ce

Park Gate Stone Circle — Fieldnotes

I always thought this was well off the beaten track, but heading up from Beeley towards Beeley moor in the car, I pulled up in the lay-by/parking area, to find about 15 cars and an Ice Cream Van!

Luckily most folks were heading off elsewhere for walks, as I trundled along the track towards the circle. Dark clouds were rushing in overhead and it started to rain as I came up to where I thought the circle should be, which was behind a few young trees, but instead it was further along, near some scrub. I found no obvious track (however small), but just spotted a stone poking up over the long summer grasses, so stumbled over the uneven tufts towards it. Quite hard to make out much at this time of year, until you walk around a bit and remember where the hidden stones sit.

Had really wanted to get to this site for a long time - and although it's not the most stunning circle, it'll do for me, for today, in the rain.
Posted by ruskus
8th August 2017ce

Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

After not quite having time to get here in the past, I knew I would have ample time on this visit to soak the Nine Ladies in properly.

On arrival to the clearing in the woods, I could see there was plenty of life around (as I had expected there to be) - a couple of tents, and plenty of walkers passing through after brief stops to look at the stones.

It undoubtedly has an atmosphere here, but it also feels somewhat 'unloved', in a way. Even though it was a beautiful sunlit clearing, it felt a bit lifeless. No birds or butterflies - more like a vibe of a public play area - like a swing set or see-saw should have sat there. Again, I guess that may be due to the campers playing nearby - I'm sure another day it would feel very different.

That said, it's a great little circle itself - clinging on to it's surroundings - making the best of what it can offer us.
Posted by ruskus
8th August 2017ce

Nine Stones Close (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

I've never 'properly' visited this site before - there's always an obstacle of some sort - killer cows, bits of machinery, other humans (!). I wondered what would interfere this time....


I could not believe it. After looking at recent pics on TMA I expected the farmer's trailer to be bang in the middle, but it was nowhere to be seen. The cows were miles away in other fields. And apart from a few yells from Robin Hood's Stride, people were absent. I was free to stroll up and just take my time.

Up close like this, I was surprised at the size of the stones, and of the space they covered (they always look so huddled together in most photos). Such a lovely spot, with the tree seemingly sheltering these four stones from obvious view, but equally kind of framing them perfectly. Every view, as I wandered around, and through, is magnificent.
Posted by ruskus
8th August 2017ce

Hob Hurst's House (Burial Chamber) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Hob Hurst's House</b>Posted by ruskus Posted by ruskus
8th August 2017ce

Park Gate Stone Circle — Images

<b>Park Gate Stone Circle</b>Posted by ruskus Posted by ruskus
8th August 2017ce

Barbrook II (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Barbrook II</b>Posted by ruskus Posted by ruskus
8th August 2017ce
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