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Site Site type
Ailsa CraigNatural Rock Feature
Bempton CliffsNatural Rock Feature
Broomhead DykeDyke
Brown Rigg HoweRound Barrow(s)
Brown Rigg Howe 2Round Barrow(s)
Brown Rigg Howe 2Round Barrow(s)
Cairn Macneilie, Inch ParksCairn(s)
Cairn PatHillfort
Core HillHillfort
Court Green HoweRound Barrow(s)
Crammag HeadStone Fort / Dun
Danby BeaconRound Barrow(s)
Dounan NosePromontory Fort
Dove Cave HeadPromontory Fort
DroughduilArtificial Mound
DuniehinniePromontory Fort
DunmanCliff Fort
DunskirlochPromontory Fort
Ewden BeckBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Ewden BeckHillfort
Far Black RiggDyke
Flat HoweRound Barrow(s)
Fort PointPromontory Fort
Gerrick Moor 1Round Barrow(s)
Gospel HillRound Barrow(s)
Herd HoweRound Barrow(s)
Howe HillRound Barrow(s)
Isle HeadPromontory Fort
Jamieson's PointCairn(s)
Kemp's Graves, Glenhead of AldouranPromontory Fort
Kenmuir Graves, Island BuoyPromontory Fort
Keppochan Cup Marked BoulderCup and Ring Marks / Rock Art
KnockinaamStanding Stone / Menhir
Knowe of SkeaChambered Cairn
Knowe of SkeaIron Age Shrine
Lealholm MoorRing Cairn
Lealholm RiggRound Barrow(s)
Loch HeadCairn(s)
Loose HoweRound Barrow(s)
Low Hauxley Submerged ForestMesolithic site
Mag LowRound Barrow(s)
Moorsholm RiggEnclosure
Moorsholm SpringBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
More HallCup Marked Stone
Mull of GallowayAncient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
Mull of GallowayCairn(s)
Ox LowRound Barrow(s)
Ox StonesNatural Rock Feature
PortobelloPromontory Fort
Rawland HoweRound Barrow(s)
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I have always been interested in history, fictional or historical, and loved reading as a child the works of Rosemary Sutcliff. Yes, I did read Stig Of The Dump too. When ten I found a mussel midden when digging holes in the back garden - it turned out my folks house was built adjacent to the town hanging place, and the mussels were part of the additional social attractions. I used to visit sites when I could with my similarily interested father, particularily on holiday. Glenelg Brochs, Caer Caradoc, Maiden Castle, Warham Camp... History was my strong point at school, but life took me elsewhere for a career. I continued to read the likes of Graves, Belloc and Childe, though, as well as watching any history programme on television.. Cunliffe, Wheeler, Chronicle.. this continues to the present. I watch the repeats of the repeats of the repeats of Time Team, you name it. While my interest latterly has been for the most part armchair based, I have always loved looking at maps, and by using the distance between the Roman milecastles of Hadrian's Wall as a datum I have done a lot of work identifying Roman settlements along pre-Roman routes, cross referencing with linguistic clues in placenames and archaeological records. I also believe I have found three settlements of some size where little or no habitation exists today. Oh, to dig. I have no favourites as to type of archaeological site, and feel that phenomena such as holloways and holy wells or sacred springs are unjustly neglected compared to the likes of stone circle glamourpussies. A site is a site is a site. I visited many in the White and Dark Peak in the '80's before raising a family and steam engine restoration and firing took precedence. After tentative explorations on holiday over the last five years I have recently started to visit sites intensively again, but my circumstances frustratingly rarely permit this. My prime interest currently is visiting Western Scottish coastal sites, and, as a horticulturist, studying the botany in their environs that may be present day survivors of cultivation contemporary with site's occupancy, such a sorrel and, yes, gorse, sacred to the Celts and much used by them, now cursed by those interested in archaeology today. Sorry! (Not : p) Favourite sites: Lagvag Cairn, Dunman, Slochmill, Barsalloch, Powerstock Common, Eggardon Hill, Arbor Low, Warham Camp and Stevington Holy Well. Avatar: Torhouskie Stone Row. I took this image after being charged by cattle there five minutes earlier. A reminder to myself to make the most of what life may yet have to offer, including enjoying this, my hobby, as it can end in a trice.

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