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These three men they were hunting one time in the island of Arran,
Arran that is in the Clyde, God bless and keep it forever, maybe they
were hunting the White Stag of Arran but whatever it is was they were
hunting they did not catch it, but the dark of the the night caught
them hungry, weary, and far from home... they saw a wee light
twinkling, winking away across the the moors, they walked towards that
light and then knocked on that door... and the door (wheee...errk)
creaked open and there on the steps was an old man man with long white
hair down to the heels of his feet and long white eyebrows like
brushes on him and he looked up to them and said
"Oh I see you standing there in the pouring rain but you'll just
behave yourselves like gentlemen if your going to come into my house!
I'll have no shenannigans from the likes of you."

Well Connan looked at Finn and Finn looked at Germot and very
surprised they were to hear themselves spoken too so harshly by this
little sprig of a man, sprig of an old man, them the highest hero's in
the land, and they followed him meek enough into his front room and
there was a wee white goat frisking about that room,
and the old man said "Will you just tether this white goat to that
hook on the wall?" and he handed Connan a long grass rope and he left
the room.
Well Connan tried to tether that white goat but he couldn't get near
it. Germot tried and Finn hinself afer him but not one of them better
than the other, till at last the old man came back into room and he
tethered that goat as easy as you take one step after another.

It was at this time that a beautifull young woman came into the room
as well,
a very, very beautifull young woman and not to make too long a tale
out it her hair was like the midnight and her eyes were like the
morning and not too make too long a tale out if they were all smitten
with love for her, or something like it.

And Germot whom all women loved said to her "Great pulse of my heart
and apple of my whole understanding how can I ever pass one lonely
hour of my life in the absense of your sweet company?" and other
things that young men say on these occasions.

With an angry flash of her eye she spun on her heels and left the room
saying "Truly I was once yours and little enough you cared for me
then." Well she slammed the door behind her and was gone and its
little enough sleep they got that night for pure curiosity.

And in the morning before they took their leave Finn said to the old
man "Sir? why was it you could tether the white goat that none of us
could catch? and why was it you spoke so sternly to us?
the highest hero's in the land? and why was it that beautifull young
woman spoke so harshly to Germot saying that once she had been his and he
had cared not for her then for truly neither he nor we have ever seen
her before? and what is her name at all?"

And the old man said
"Her name is youth and there's little enough that any of you cared for
her while she was yours, until she was gone, and the name of the wee
white goat is the World and there's none that can bind that but
me...and my name is Death."

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Posted by Ishmael
7th November 2005ce

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