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Open Data LIDAR: Henges

Image source
The following images are obtained from the recent releases of open data LIDAR by The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales. I've used this amazing dynamic map which has been created to use the open data. Thank you to all concerned for your time and resources!

Picture Selection
I have gone through all sites categorised as Henges on checking if a) LIDAR exists and b) they are visible to my untrained eye. This has unfortunately trimmed 70% or so of the listed henges.
All henges in Scotland and Ireland are right out. A high percentage of those left are missing LIDAR. Thornborough North and Central, Arbor Low, The Bull Ring and half of Mayburgh are some of the better known casualties. Those where LIDAR exists but we don’t see them can be categorized as small henges less than 20m wide which presumably have shallower ditches, lost to quarrying, buildings and agriculture.

Each picture is at maximum resolution, so you can download two (or twenty) and directly compare them.

Arminghall Henge — Images

<b>Arminghall Henge</b>Posted by juamei

Avebury — Images

<b>Avebury</b>Posted by juamei

Castell Bryn-Gwyn — Images

<b>Castell Bryn-Gwyn</b>Posted by juamei

Castell Mawr — Images

<b>Castell Mawr</b>Posted by juamei

Castilly Henge — Images

<b>Castilly Henge</b>Posted by juamei

Castle Dykes, Wensleydale — Images

<b>Castle Dykes, Wensleydale</b>Posted by juamei

Devil's Quoits — Images

<b>Devil's Quoits</b>Posted by juamei

Durrington Walls — Images

<b>Durrington Walls</b>Posted by juamei

East Marleyknowe — Images

<b>East Marleyknowe</b>Posted by juamei

Ferrybridge Henge — Images

<b>Ferrybridge Henge</b>Posted by juamei

Ffynnon Newydd Henge — Images

<b>Ffynnon Newydd Henge</b>Posted by juamei

Flodden Camp — Images

<b>Flodden Camp</b>Posted by juamei

Gawsworth Henge — Images

<b>Gawsworth Henge</b>Posted by juamei

Great Wigborough Henge — Images

<b>Great Wigborough Henge</b>Posted by juamei

Groat Haugh — Images

<b>Groat Haugh</b>Posted by juamei

Gunthorpe Bridge — Images

<b>Gunthorpe Bridge</b>Posted by juamei

King Arthur's Round Table — Images

<b>King Arthur's Round Table</b>Posted by juamei

Knowlton Henges — Images

<b>Knowlton Henges</b>Posted by juamei

Little Argham Henge — Images

<b>Little Argham Henge</b>Posted by juamei

Little Round Table — Images

<b>Little Round Table</b>Posted by juamei

Long Ivor Farm — Images

<b>Long Ivor Farm</b>Posted by juamei
<b>Marden Henge (and Hatfield Barrow)</b>Posted by juamei

Maumbury Rings — Images

<b>Maumbury Rings</b>Posted by juamei

Mount Pleasant — Images

<b>Mount Pleasant</b>Posted by juamei

Newton Kyme Henge (Site) — Images

<b>Newton Kyme Henge (Site)</b>Posted by juamei

Nunwick Henge — Images

<b>Nunwick Henge</b>Posted by juamei

The Weddings at Stanton Drew — Images

<b>The Weddings at Stanton Drew</b>Posted by juamei

Stonehenge — Images

<b>Stonehenge</b>Posted by juamei

Thornborough Henge South — Images

<b>Thornborough Henge South</b>Posted by juamei

Weather Hill — Images

<b>Weather Hill</b>Posted by juamei

Woodhenge — Images

<b>Woodhenge</b>Posted by juamei

Woolhanger Henge — Images

<b>Woolhanger Henge</b>Posted by juamei

Yarnbury Henge — Images

<b>Yarnbury Henge</b>Posted by juamei
juamei Posted by juamei
7th January 2016ce
Edited 8th January 2016ce

Comments (7)

Nice job J, these images are terrific. thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
7th January 2016ce
Thanks very much for taking the time to do this..fascinating. Knowlton looks particularily interesting. OK, grovel time..I can't download the Lidar site due to obsolete tech: any chance of Eggardon Hill and/or the adjacent Powerstock Common images if they exist? The two sites with the strangest vibe that I've visited. spencer Posted by spencer
8th January 2016ce
Thanks guys. I'm wondering about redoing it so they are embedded and are the correct relative size to each other. Spencer, Eggardon & Powerstock is sadly not covered by the LIDAR, neither are the majority of sites on or off the A35 including 3 bank barrows I wanted to "get". juamei Posted by juamei
8th January 2016ce
Never mind, thanks for looking, J. I saw your fieldnotes for Eggardon and that the place had made an impact on you too. I got more out of that place than any of my visits to Maiden Castle. As for Powerstock Common/Forest: deeply spooky..felt more there than 'just' a barrow. A brace of sites where the hair went up on my neck...and I hadn't read anything about either beforehand. spencer Posted by spencer
8th January 2016ce
Thanks for taking the trouble... GLADMAN Posted by GLADMAN
9th January 2016ce
Thank you muchly for continuing to upload Lidar images. What you are doing is a fascinating, and I'd go as far as invaluable, addition to the TMA database, imo. I hope, since these are public, that others join in...wish I had the tech to do so. Cheers. spencer Posted by spencer
21st January 2016ce
Great stuff. You must have an eye for recognising henge monuments. I need someone to look at a possible newly discovered henge in Nottinghamshire. How can I send you a Lidar image please?
Posted by Edmund
16th May 2021ce
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