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Stonehenge and its Environs

UNESCO Astronomy and World Heritage Portal

Welcome to the integrated web portal for UNESCO’s Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative, supported by the International Working Group on Astronomy and World Heritage and by the International Astronomical Union through its Commission C4 on World Heritage and Astronomy.

We encourage professional users to register and log in in order to view detailed information, for example on preparing a nomination dossier.

UNESCO’s Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative exists to raise awareness of the importance of astronomical heritage worldwide and to facilitate efforts to identify, protect and preserve such heritage for the benefit of humankind, both now and in the future.

Winterbourne Poor Lot (Round Barrow(s))

Details of Winterbourne Poor Lot on the English Heritage website

Kingston Russell (Stone Circle)

Details of the stones on the English Heritage website

The Nine Stones of Winterbourne Abbas (Stone Circle)

History of the nine stones on the English Heritage website

Le Dolmen du Couperon (Allee-Couverte)

Le Dolmen du Couperon page on prehistoric Jersey net

Temple of Sulis (Sacred Well)


Computer reconstruction of Roman Baths Temple Courtyard

Crickley Hill (Causewayed Enclosure)

Crickley Hill Country Park web site

Park open every day from 6.00am [locked 6.00pm January, February, November and December; 7.00pm March and October; 9.30pm April, May, June, July, August and September.
Visitor centre is open during afternoons from 1st April until 30th September
Toilets, including disabled facilities
Picnic benches
Barbecues: Six steel barbecues on site for your use free of charge, bring your own charcoal. They cannot be reserved. You may bring your own barbecue and use it at the barbecue site; they should not be set up on the wooden picnic tables
All terrain mobility scooter for hire

View Crickley Hill Country Park in a larger map
Car parking charges:
£1.00 for up to 2 hours
£2.00 for up to 4 hours
£3.00 all day
Alternatively, purchase season ticket parking (£15 per month, £45 per quarter, £150 per year)
The charging period is all year, 6am - 6pm

Avalon Marshes (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

Avalon Marshes Centre Development

The Avalon Archaeology ‘Hands on Heritage’ project

The Avalon Archaeology ‘Hands on Heritage’ project celebrates the natural landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Somerset Levels through 60 different projects.

Over the next three years the project team, alongside volunteers, will construct a series of archaeological reconstructions to be housed at the new Avalon Marshes Centre near Westhay.

This year we will be building a stone-walled, Roman period structure with underfloor heating. In 2014 we aim to put up a timber-framed Saxon Longhall and the following year we hope to construct an Iron Age Roundhouse.

Alongside these structures our team will also experiment with prehistoric trackways, dugout canoes and furnishings to make the buildings come alive.

If you would like to learn ancient skills and get involved with these exciting and unique projects, take a look at the Get Involved page.

Glastonbury Lake Village (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

Glastonbury Lake Village on UTube

The film documents a small research excavation carried out at Glastonbury Lake Village in 2014.

The site is the best-preserved prehistoric settlement ever discovered in the UK.

Waterlogged peat ensured the incredible preservation of Iron Age wooden structures.

West Kennett (Long Barrow)

Equinox Sunbeams in WKLB

Twice yearly, around the time of the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, the rising sun sends a ray of light into this 5,650 year-old monument.

The spectacle is visible for a week or more either side of the actual Equinox and the light takes a slightly different course through the barrow each day.

Clear sunrises are not common: this was the only one of September 2013.

Video by Steve Marshall

Stonehenge and its Environs

Travelling to Stonehenge - The wheels go round and round

Connecting Wiltshire web site with pdf download map of Salisbury to Stonehenge area.

Contains detailed information of all bus stops, service times and routes, together with cycle routes, walking routes, cafe/restaurants and toilets.

Covers Salisbury, Old Sarum, Amesbury, Durrington, Larkhill, Strangeways and Stonehenge.

Avebury & the Marlborough Downs (Region)

Travelling to Avebury - Connecting Wiltshire

Connecting Wiltshire web site for the Avebury area.

Contains detailed information of all bus stops, service times and routes, together with cycle routes, walking routes, cafe/restaurants and toilets.

Stonehenge (Circle henge)

The Stones of Stonehenge

A site with a page devoted to each stone at Stonehenge

Stonehenge and its Environs

Discover Stonehenge

Updated English Heritage web site with interactive maps and details of the new visitor centre

England (Country)

Ancient Craft

Ancient craft is dedicated to the archaeology of primitive crafts and technologies that encompass the three prehistoric ages: STONE; BRONZE and IRON. This includes working with materials such as stone (also known as "flintknapping"), wood, bone, horn, leather, metals and cloth (plant fibres, and wools).

Follow Ancient Craft on Facebook

Churn Knob (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery)

Birinus and Royal Berkshire History

Birinus on Wikipedia

Birstall enclosure settlement (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

University of Leicester Archaeological Services

Iron Age life in Birstall

Earl Shilton Barrows (Round Barrow(s))

University of Leicester Archaeological Services

Earl Shilton barrows and boundaries
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Hail and Welcome

Chance was born in Ratae in the year of the Rat, and grew up in the territory of the Corieltauvi.

Now living days walk west of Wale-dich (Avebury), on the border between the Atrebates, the Durotriges and the Dobunni.

Practical experience of excavation on Neolithic, Bronze-age, Roman sites.

Interested in the various tribes, how they divided their land, their agricultural calendar, common beliefs and ritual systems.

Often attends the tribal meetings held at Avebury and Stonehenge.

Contact - Chippychance on UTube

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