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Wayland's Smithy (Long Barrow)

Rethinking Pitt-Rivers | Model Monuments

Model of Wayland Smiths Cave (i.e. pre restoration). 3 miles from Shrivenham Station (Berkshire).


A wooden replica of Wayland's Smithy.

Heritage Action

Wayland's Smithy Restoration in the 1960s. Richard Atkinson and Stuart Piggott.

Abingdon Causewayed enclosure (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

Archaeology Data Service

PDF file containing plan diagrams and textual info from digs. M Avery, 1982?

Devil's Punchbowl (Ancient Mine / Quarry)

Aerial View - Flash Earth

showing the old flint mines at the top edge of the Devils Punchbowl.

St Mary's Church, Twyford (Christianised Site)

Twyford Parish Council

'There is an unusual concentration in the village of sarsen stones, including a ring of twelve which form the foundations on which the towers of both the present church and of its medieval predecessor were built, and two close to the wooden bridge over the river at Berry Lane. According to local folklore, the twelve stones originally stood as an upright circle on a mound near the site of the church. A Charter granted in the year 972 AD, in the reign of King Edgar, refers to an 'Egsanmor' (slaughter stone) at Twyford. It is from bits of evidence such as these that the legend evolved of a Druidic religious site having existed in the village in pre-Roman times - perfectly plausible, given the proximity of Bronze Age (ca 1500 BC) and Iron Age (ca 1 AD) settlements on the hill later named after St Catherine and on Twyford Down.'

Dragon Hill (Artificial Mound)

Berkshire history

Information on Dragon Hill, including:

In a 10th century charter, the hill is given its original name of Eccles Beorh, that is 'Church Barrow'. This may suggest that a Christian religious building once stood on the summit.

There was a geophysical survey conducted in 1990 to identify the early medieval chapel that once stood on dragon hill.

Aldbourne Four Barrows (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery)

nice piccy of the aldbourne cup found in the barrows.
another piccy of the cup

Aldbourne Blowing Stone (Natural Rock Feature)


Photographs of the Aldbourne blowing stone, from Liminae.

Wittenham Clumps and Castle Hill (Hillfort)

Northmoor Trust

good information site about events at Sinodun. Loads of information for family days out.

Stony Littleton (Long Barrow)

PG's QuickTime VR

QTVR of on top and inside the barrow.

Bath and North East Somerset Council

scheduled monument record +a few relevant links

Uffington White Horse (Hill Figure)

Dating the White Horse

from David Nash Ford's 'Royal Berkshire History' website. Article on the dating of the white horse with many pictures.

Chûn Quoit (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech)

British Library

Artist pencil drawing and information including:

Chun is derived from the Cornish 'chy-an-woone', meaning house on the downs.

Hackpen Hill (Oxfordshire) (Round Barrow(s))

Berkshire History - Meaning of Hackpen Hill

Description of the meaning of 'Hackpen'

Robin Hood's Arbour (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

Places which carry the name Robin Hood

'1556 - First recorded by a churchwarden of Abingdon and mentions the establishment of a bower.'

Berkshire History - Beware the Ghostly Hunt!

Reference to Robin Hood's Bower as being a possible Sacred Grove site related to Cernunnos/Herne mythology.

Liddington Castle (Hillfort)

Swindon Web

Good information on Alfred Williams, lover of Liddington

Wayland Wood, Watton (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork) Norfolk pages

Watton town sight: the babes and the wood, the easter hare jumping over some beer?

Babes in the Wood tale
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