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Orkney sites in local newspapers 1931-48

Antabreck HY75SE 12

September 4th 1945 "The Orkney Herald" 3-line description of cists & materials

Arion HY21SE 32

May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" mentioned as prominent undisturbed knowe


December 6th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" mention of stone similar to Brecks of Netherbrough idols being found many years previously

Blackhall, St.Ola

April 26th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" whorl & serrated circular stone found 50 years ago given to Orkney Antiquarian Society

Breckness HY20NW 6

January 19th 1939 "The Orcadian" graveyard mentioned as virtually gone
February 27th 1941 "The Orcadian" report on cleared out Palace kitchen

Brecks of Netherbrough, Harray

October 4th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" photo of 2 probable stone idols from a "grass-grown circle" a few years previous
December 6th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" full description of 3 stones found in 40' diameter "grassy spot" - 2 idols from raised periphery & a large perforated incised oval from central depression - gone in last few years

Broch of Breckness HY20NW 9

January 19th 1939 "The Orcadian" drinking water in Bishop's well on shore
February 27th 1941 "The Orcadian" mention that well still drinkable

Broch of Gurness HY32NE 5

July 18th 1929 "The Orcadian" 9 feet of the broch at Point of Aikerness excavated
July 24th 1929 "The Orkney Herald" broch being unearthed from knowe at point of Aikerness with stairway and finds of charcoal and animal and shellfish remains from debris, dig area now sealed up
July 31st 1929 "The Orkney Herald" wall at the Battery [? HY32NE 74] exposed by the wind
August 7th 1929 "The Orkney Herald" for last 8 days excavation re-started and a structure's circular foundation standing 10" found, also stone tools and antler tool
August 8th 1929 "The Orcadian" photograph of stairway at Point of Aikerness
June 4th 1930 "The Orkney Herald" broch excavations re-started previous week, test pits plumbed. Skeleton found on links near Battery sent away
June 5th 1930 "The Orcadian" top taken off mound, gallery produces first relics. Cruched burial found in gallery grave at the Links of Aikerness and structure in sandy mound 2yds away, many unreported bones of unknown nature found in area previously
June 12th 1930 "The Orcadian" original stairway found, cupboard with charcoal and animal bones and other finds in vicinity, human jaw bone found previously,Viking shield boss found high up wall last week
June 19th 1930 "The Orcadian" broch originally two-tiered, domestic implements and sandstone trough found
June 26th 1930 "The Orcadian" original entrance cleared with large amount of burnt matter in a hearth above, also earthenware vessel and a decorated bone found
July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" entrance opened out, sunken tank and near-central hearth excavated, finds include 8-sided decorated horn piece and riveted bone plates
July 10th 1930 "The Orcadian" 1) photograph of view to W with 2 tiers showing, 1-line description 2) NE roofed chamber excavated and hearth with ashes & burnt matter S of door, gallery in the S entered
July 16th 1930 "The Orkney Herald" 1) photograph of NE wall with excavations to be confined to broch interior 2) various structures excavated and first finds made
July 17th 1930 "The Orcadian" gallery at N found, bones and potsherds found in S guard-chamber
July 24th 1930 "The Orcadian" N guard-chamber excavated from above, season ends 16th with wall by S of broch left for next year. Domestic structure found near site of skeleton's discovery
May 27th 1931 "The Orkney Herald" description of entrance area, photo of most northerly wall's interior as of July 1930
May 28th 1931 "The Orcadian" work re-commences under Craw
June 4th 1931 "The Orcadian" description of work to find broch's extent, finds include bronze ornament near ground surface, previously bone die found
June 11th 1931 "The Orcadian" work on passages outside of broch continues, broken steatite cup and cross-marked slab found
June 18th 1931 "The Orcadian" chambers E of broch being cleared out
June 25th 1931 "The Orcadian" finds include Roman potsherd, deer antler comb, iron knife
July 2nd 1931 "The Orcadian" work clearing latest floors S & SW of broch, finds include ivory bead and upper quernstone fragment
July 9th 1931 "The Orcadian" southern section of wall about broch is cleared, midden in trench where this goes down to bedrock
July 16th 1931 "The Orcadian" many early secondary chambers cleared, two described, finds include entire antler-handled iron knife
July 29th 1931 "The Orkney Herald" report on broch through four periods inc. photo of S side of original entrance, list of more important finds
August 20th 1931 "The Orcadian" photo of seven chambers about a central courtyard with description
June 2nd 1932 "The Orcadian" site now under H.M. Office of Works, secondary stair collapsed in winter allowing temporary uplift of secondary floor before rebuild to show double pavement of previous period
June 9th 1932 "The Orcadian" work mostly on N wall, peat ash found in N guard chamber as in S one 1930 but next to large coarse potsherds
June 15th 1932 "The Orkney Herald" stair found leading to well
June 16th 1932 "The Orcadian" description of well and chamber entered from halfway up
June 23rd 1932 "The Orcadian" 2nd chamber found upon removing two unbonded steps in well
June 30th 1932 "The Orcadian" short slab-covered drain found also second die
August 11th 1932 "The Orcadian" photo of well, hearths and cells
March 23rd 1933 "The Orcadian" four periods of occupation
May 24th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" work started again Monday
May 25th 1933 "The Orcadian" 2 chambers at broch S being dug
June 1st 1933 "The Orcadian" work on area NE of broch, fishtail-handle weaving comb found
June 7th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" & June 8th 1933 "The Orcadian" pottery "dumping ground" found in outer chamber and contents sent to Edinburgh, coarse querns found
June 15th 1933 "The Orcadian" work on area NW of broch, near whole urn discovered in slab-lined pit below later wall
June 22nd 1933 "The Orcadian" work on area NW & W of broch
June 29th 1933 "The Orcadian" work moves to entrance in wall surrounding broch
July 6th 1933 "The Orcadian" skull section found in entrance passage & iron knife in a doorway
July 13th 1933 "The Orcadian" likely broch period enclosure wall found, 2 iron knives discovered during previous week
July 20th 1933 "The Orcadian" chambers in area SE of broch being cleared, trial cut of trench finds counterscarp wall
July 26th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" plans made & photographs taken, work to continue next summer
July 27th 1933 "The Orcadian" bone pin & whetstone found, only counterscarp wall being cleared now
September 12th 1934 "The Orkney Herald" S & SE ditch cleared, bastion walls found
September 11th 1935 "The Orkney Herald" skeleton found last week, work now stopped for season
October 8th 1935 "The Orkney Herald" work suspended, A.Anderson to take charge and be there 2 days a week
June 3rd 1936 "The Orkney Herald" work resumed
June 10th 1937 "The Orcadian" work resumed Monday
August 24th 1939 "The Orcadian" report on Viking grave found previous week set into N rampart wall - grave good being treated at National Museum of Antiquities
August 31st 1939 "The Orcadian" mention of seawall erection's favourable progress [1st time site called Broch of Gurness, not Aikerness, in papers]
August 29th 1946 "The Orcadian" referenced

Brockie's Grave, Harray

April 24th 1936 "The Orcadian" several mark stones ~70 yds from top of crag above Kellyan Hellyan [Kaellan Helliar]

Brough of Birsay HY22NW 1

June 28th 1934 "The Orcadian" work already started on St. Peter's Church & enclosure of site proposed, traditionally founded A.D.580
July 26th 1934 "The Orcadian" excavations mentioned as continuing
September 12th 1934 "The Orkney Herald" work to date on church, locally called Peterkirk, that is now under Ministry of Works
June 6th 1935 "The Orcadian" work to resume
June 27th 1935 "The Orcadian" work resumed
August 8th 1935 "The Orcadian" symbol stone found, skeleton found a few weeks previous
August 22nd 1935 "The Orcadian" work suspended
September 5th 1935 "The Orcadian" work unexpectedly resumed
September 25th 1935 "The Orkney Herald" work finished
May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" cast of symbol stone to be made for exhibiting on site
June 3rd 1936 "The Orkney Herald" work resumed previous week
June 17th 1937 "The Orcadian" work resumed start of last week
June 24th 1937 "Supplement to The Orcadian" photo
July 7th 1937 "The Orkney Herald" 2-line description of work between church and cliff, spoil being emptied over latter
September 23rd 1937 "The Orcadian" season due to end Friday
March 10th 1938 "The Orcadian" description
October 13th 1938 "The Orcadian" work began again July
December 22nd 1938 "The Orcadian" S.A.S. talk
August 3rd 1939 "The Orcadian"mentions that work begun several weeks ago likely to continue for several more

Brough of Deerness HY50NE 14

June 24th 1937 "Supplement to The Orcadian" photo

Bu of Cairston see Cairston Castle

Bu, Faray

February 3rd 1938 "The Orcadian" 2-line description, sandstone whorl found 1' deep near this house-site by J.D. Moar of Lackquoy & donated to Stromness Museum

Burn of Kithuntlin HY32SW 24

October 24th 1940 "The Orcadian" area description, stairs built in 2 stages ~1862 & ~1890

Burrian (Russland) Broch HY21NE 29

August 25th 1938 "The Orcadian" mentioned as still well-defined

Burrian (Wasbister) Broch HY21NE 17

August 4th 1938 "The Orcadian" 3-line description

Burrian Castle, North Ronaldsay HY75 SE 3

August 8th 1940 "The Orcadian" not fully excavated

Cairston, Stromness

April 7th 1938 "The Orcadian" saddle quern of non-local stone found on shore near Bu by Stromness Museum curator recently

Cairston Castle HY20NE 10

October 14th 1937 "The Orcadian" mention of many passages in cliff-face near well & buildings below cornyard

Calf of Eday

August 27th 1936 "The Orcadian" mention of further excavation over previous fortnight

Calf of Eday, Long HY53NE 18

June 25th 1936 "The Orcadian" 3-line description of stalled cairn excavated by Major Hebden,

Calf of Eday HY53NE 19

August 5th 1937 "The Orcadian" excavation continuing from last year (? August 27th 1936 "The Orcadian")

Calf of Eday HY53NE 40/41

June 25th 1936 "The Orcadian" mounds resembling Taversoe Tuick supposed earthhouses but Calder excavated smaller to show burial cairn, both robbed previously of most contents, description

Collegarth, Lady, Sanday

October 10th 1945 "The Orcadian" 1½" by 3/8" radially marked spindle whorl found

Corse Farm, St.Ola

March 17th 1938 "The Orcadian" short cist with skeleton found, suggestion of re-burial, farm was point on pilgrimage route

Creya, Evie

May 8th 1947 "The Orcadian" 2-line description of porphyry boulder used as hammer and as stone sinker

Cross Kirk, Westray HY44SE 1

June 24th 1937 "Supplement to The Orcadian" photo

Cubbie Roo's Castle HY42NW 5

May 24th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" to be excavated & cleared out
September 12th 1934 "The Orkney Herald" 3-line description of this years excavation

Cuween Hill HY31SE 1

September 12th 1934 "The Orkney Herald" cleared out

Dale souterrain HY31NW 16

December 6th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" mention of stone similar to Brecks of Netherbrough idols being found during 1927 excavation

Earl's Palace, Birsay HY22NW 6

May 20th 1948 "The Orcadian" photo

Earl's Palace, Kirkwall HY41SW 11

February 18th 1932 "The Orcadian" description of excavation inside well

Egmondshowe HY63NE 2

August 24th 1939 "The Orcadian" EggManHowe mentioned as pictish mound


August 31st 1939 "The Orcadian" 3-lines on 4" diameter stone with horse carving etc. found on a knowe by Wm. Chalmers of Gallowhall & presently being looked at by the visiting director of Liverpool Museum

Fairview, Melsetter

July 9th 1942 "The Orcadian" flat 12x9x ~1" shaped tool of dense stone found under 3-peat bank
September 24th 1945 "The Orcadian" the grey whinstone ?digging tool to go to Stromness Museum

Foveran, St.Ola HY40NW 7

June 10th 1937 "The Orcadian" description of cist with crouched inhumation excavated nearly where cist with urn found almost 50 years previously
June 17th 1937 "The Orcadian" photo of cist

Garthna Geo, Sandwick

June 24th 1937 "The Orcadian" turf township dyke still partially survives around Yeskanaby [Yesnaby]

Graham Place,Stromness

June 7th 1934 "The Orcadian" mushroom-shaped black glass linen smoother from a house given to Stromness Museum

Groatster, Tankerness

May 5th 1938 "The Orcadian" Pictish grave found at Groatster Farm [aka Grotsetter] over ten years previous
August 29th 1946 "The Orcadian" >20 years before well-preserved cist found on hill land, flint axe head in heather


June 24th 1937 "The Orcadian" grey granite hammer found in Harray moss by John Brown of Hindatown donated to Stromness Museum


August 15th 1940 "The Orcadian" 3-line description of flint collection donated by George Isbister to Stromness Museum

Hatston Aerodrome HY41SW 3

July 12th 1939 "The Orkney Herald" 2 earthhouses found not far from one another, possibly further buildings

Hawell HY50NW 10

May 5th 1938 "The Orcadian" burnt mound 30-40' diameter about 6' high with E/W ridge, partly excavated 1924 & approx. 10 years previously, to come under Office of Works
August 29th 1946 "The Orcadian" mentioned

Hillhead, Lady, Sanday HY74SW 13

December 25th 1941 "The Orcadian" mention of collection of relics & of Viking bronze brooch just found

Holland Farm, N.Ronaldsay HY75SE 6

August 8th 1940 "The Orcadian" description of standing stone, socket denuded by 3' since first measured

Holm of Papa Westray, South HY55SW 1

October 8th 1931 "The Orcadian" short description of building being repaired, enclosed by fence 1930

The Howe HY21SE 41

June 7th 1934 "The Orcadian" black glass linen smoother found in Hillock of Howe early 19th C compared to another from Graham Place
June 26th 1941 "The Orcadian" 6" grey sandstone ?pestle with 3½" handle found at Howe

Howie of the Manse HY50NW 3

April 1st 1931 "The Orkney Herald" cist found at Little Howie of the Glebe, further features revealed as excavation starts

Howmae Brae HY75SE 5

August 8th 1940 "The Orcadian" mention of Homany [sic] Picts' houses

Hunclett (Muckle) HY40NE 6

January 13th 1948 "The Orkney Herald" mention of some relics from "broch" being in a Scottish Mainland museum

Huntersquoy HY53NE 1

June 25th 1936 "The Orcadian" description of recent excavation

Ivar's Knowe HY74SW 10

December 25th 1941 "The Orcadian" mentioned as Ivar the Viking's grave

Kettlun, Stromness

October 14th 1937 "The Orcadian" mention of ashes found often on former farm between Congesquoy & Feawell

Kingshouse, Harray

October 11th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" letter asking whereabouts of 18" high min. 15" diameter steatite urn with partially burnt bones found on farm lands 40 years before but probably lost in transit to Kirkwall

Kirk Green, Birsay HY22SE 13

May 25th 1939 "The Orcadian" 1-line on possible chapel, Kirkgreen, on top of approx. 30' circumference tower ruins

Kirk Knowe, Deerness

September 17th 1936 "The Orcadian" in recent years red sandstone blocks found on church site at highest point of banks around Sand of Oyce and directly over a rocky ridge [? Cullya Blet]

Kirkaquoy HY21NE 28

August 25th 1938 "The Orcadian" remains of Kirkquoy mentioned as visible

Kirkhouse, Orphir HY30SW 7

September 8th 1938 "The Orcadian" stones dotted throgh grass mark ecclesiastical site

Kirkwall (Mill Street)

February 3rd 1932 "The Orkney Herald" demolition at corner of Mill Street and Church Street finds tombstones dating back at least to 1615 in walls of building erected around 1800

Knap of Howar HY45SE 1

July 27th 1933 "The Orcadian" short description of excavation, work expected to continue next summer
May 18th 1937 "The Orcadian" still from S.A.S. film of Hower [sic] excavations

Knowe of Burrian HY31NW 2

April 24th 1936 "The Orcadian" ?animal bones excavated from "burying-knowe"
May 14th 1936 "The Orcadian" sheep's jaw & horse's tooth found
May 21st 1936 "The Orcadian" chamber thought to be similar well to Broch of Aikerness found, finds include tools, ashes and burnt wood, broken symbol stone (other section found May 20th)
May 27th 1936 "The Orkney Herald" description including successive hearth levels found, symbol stone, earthhouse with chamber 10' l x 5' w x 12' h
May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" cast of symbol stone to be made for exhibition on site as slab being taken, building is of unusual type
May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" photo of symbol stone
June 3rd 1936 "The Orkney Herald" photo of symbol stone

knowes of Gimmes' Howe

September 28th 1939 "The Orcadian" mention of prehistoric buildings on Cumminess Farm [Corn Hillock etc]

Knowe of Redland HY21SE 32

May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" excavation trench still visible

Knowe of Smirrus HY32SE 17

May 25th 1939 "The Orcadian" little remains, most of stones in dyke around steading, many potsherds found

Knowe of Yarso HY42NW 1

September 12th 1934 "The Orkney Herald" description of excavated site

Konisquoy HY31SW 68

October 14th 1937 "The Orcadian" mention of Manse and Glebe buildings under grass on Congesquoy farm

Ladykirk Stone ND48SW 6

June 24th 1937 "Supplement to The Orcadian" photo

Lingafold HY21NE 19

September 4th 1945 "The Orkney Herald" 1 of cists referenced

Lochside, Stenness HY31SW 32

May 14th 1931 "The Orcadian" full description of the 1928 cists

Long Howe HY50NW 61

August 29th 1946 "The Orcadian" trench dug in Lang Howe but workers left to work on Mine Howe

Lyking broch HY21NE 9

May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" mention of chambered mound cut through by road & having an underground passage

Lyking Chapel HY21NE 10

May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" mentioned as near broch

Maeshowe HY31SW 1

June 23rd 1937 "The Orkney Herald" mention of tradition that treasure taken NW and hidden

Marwick Chapel HY22SW 27

September 19th 1935 "The Orcadian" work continuing on pre-historic chapel
September 25th 1935 "The Orkney Herald" building found, work to stop after site fenced in

Mass Howe HY40SE 8

February 3rd 1948 "The Orkney Herald" area marked as St.Nicholas Church includes burial ground, stones half-buried in shore

Meadow, Quholm, Stromness

July 4th 1935 "The Orcadian" rubber from 4' deep in peat given to Stromness Museum

Midhowe Broch HY33SE 2

March 1st 1931 "The Orcadian" description of broch settlement to be excavated by James Yorston, apart from domestic refuse most finds from secondary buildings, these items include stone hammers & 2 bone combs
April 20th 1933 "The Orcadian" Callander's "Scotsman" article giving full description to date of excavation
September 12th 1934 "The Orkney Herald" half sea-wall built & remedial work
December 5th 1935 "The Orcadian" drinkable water still in well
August 29th 1946 "The Orcadian" referenced

Midhowe Tomb HY33SE 1

September 12th 1934 "The Orkney Herald" mentioned as privately excavated 1933 now given temporary roof by H.M. Office of Works
December 5th 1935 "The Orcadian" description of excavated site begun July 1932

Mine Howe HY50NW 38

April 30th 1946 "The Orcadian" shaft, staircase & chambers found in small howie on Langskaill farm that had shell midden on top
August 29th 1946 "The Orcadian" report on excavations, additionally recording passages and peat-ash filled beehive chamber at staircase bottom

Mount Misery, Birsay HY22NW 4

September 16th 1931 "The Orkney Herald" on Tuesday John Fraser digs the mound but only finds a few stones amongst the sand some crude tools and near the surface human bones

Muckle Gairstay, N. Ronaldsay HY75SE 26

August 8th 1940 "The Orcadian" Muckle Gersty [sic] mentioned

Mussaquoy HY50SE 1

September 17th 1936 "The Orcadian" 2 graves once found in Howe Harcus when trying to remove mound

Netherbrough, Harray

December 6th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" mention of ~1' high stone similar to Brecks of Netherbrough idols dug up on a farm many years ago still kept

Newark Farm, Deerness HY50SE 3

September 17th 1936 "The Orcadian" mention of human bones occasionally exposed in clay face below farmyard dyke

Newhall Farm, Stromness

July 4th 1935 "The Orcadian" polished stone given to Stromness Museum

Newhouse, Dounby, Harray

November 21st 1940 "The Orcadian" granite hammerstone 2¾" x 2¼" found near "steeth" of ancient dwellings

Newhouse, Quholm, Stromness

December 14th 1933 "The Orcadian" dense cross-marked lemon-shaped stone found in peats near where "witch's box" found over 30 years previously

North Aittit, Rendall HY41NW 4

June 10th 1937 "The Orcadian" a 2 3/8" by ¼" nail-headed round pin for BA spearhead found
June 10th 1937 "The Orcadian" copy of P.O.A.S. XIV article on Ettit flintfield lists finds donations from North Ettit & map shows broch is a seperate site from farm buildings at which pin found

North Howe, Rousay HY33SE 11

March 1st 1931 "The Orcadian" Inner Howie broch mentioned

North Walls, Longhope, Hoy

November 30th 1933 "The Orcadian" spinning whorl found in old barn roof described in one line

Outbrecks, Ireland, Stenness

April 7th 1938 "The Orcadian" ancient pestle & mortar donated to Stromness Museum

Oxtro Broch HY22NE 4

January 9th 1941 "The Orcadian" Hole o' Oxtro [sic] mentioned as large broch

Papa Stronsay

January 14th 1936 "The Orcadian" 1¼" by ½" spinning whorl & 1 7/8" by 1 5/8" oval stone with large angled aperture for a rope donated to Stromness Museum [same site presumably?]

Powdykes, Westray

July 22nd 1948 "The Orcadian" 1-line description of grey sandstone celt/ axe head found on heath

Quanterness HY41SW 4

June 27th 1935 "The Orcadian" H.M. Office of Works asks council to buy site, which the Commission would then take on

Quoybirst, Westray

February 22nd 1940 "The Orcadian" report on flints found here donated to Stromness Museum

Quoyelsh, Stromness HY20NE 73

December 25th 1941 "The Orcadian" sea eroding building at Point of Qu'elsh

Quoyscottie HY32SW 10

May 18th 1939 "The Orcadian" triangle of slabs noted at bottom of the one excavated knowe

Ring of Bookan HY21SE 7

May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" mention as partly explored, ? curse on anyone digging

Ring of Brodgar HY21SE 1

August 27th 1936 "The Orcadian" stone wedges lying near bases of pillar stones on display in Stromness Museum, may be shown in Glasgow
May 13th 1948 "The Orcadian" photo

Rinyo HY43SW 20

August 18th 1938 "The Orcadian" copy of Gordon Childe's July 30th "The Scotsman" article

Round Church HY30SW 1

June 24th 1937 "Supplement to The Orcadian" photo

St.Colm's Chapel, Sanday HY64NE 1

May 29th 1947 "The Orcadian" foundation wall of first Sanday church still standing, mention of traces of large building near Kirk Geo

St.Magnus Church, Birsay HY22NW 8

June 24th 1937 "Supplement to The Orcadian" photo

St.Magnus Church, Egilsay HY43SE 1

June 24th 1937 "Supplement to The Orcadian" photo

St.Mary's Chapel, Wyre HY42NW 4

May 24th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" to be excavated & cleared out

St.Mary's Church, Rousay HY33SE 16

December 19th 1935 "The Orcadian" description of Quendro church & burial ground

St.Mary's Kirk, Biggings HY31SW 58

August 25th 1938 "The Orcadian" site remains, settlement mound not far away

St.Mary's Kirk (Isbister) HY31NE 2

July 10th 1941 "The Orcadian" description of undisturbed site

St.Ninian's Chapel, Tankerness HY50NW 6

May 5th 1938 "The Orcadian" site is natural hillock ¼ mile from Ha-well called "Howie Park"
August 29th 1946 "The Orcadian" mentioned as having stood on Hawell's Howie Park

St.Olaf burial ground HY41SE 8

February 4th 1931 "The Orkney Herald" skeleton found very near surface when repairing Messrs. Nicol Spence & Son's storehouse floor in St. Olaf's Wynd
June 24th 1937 "Supplement to The Orcadian" gateway photo

St.Tredwell's HY45SE 4

June 24th 1937 "Supplement to The Orcadian" photo

Salt Knowe HY21SE 14

May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" 1-line description

Sandside, Shapinsay HY51NW ?14/37

August 27th 1936 "The Orcadian" excavation

Sandwick Church HY21NW 23

October 4th 1934 "The Orcadian" skull fragment then 2 skeletons found, midden & pavement going to passage
October 25th 1934 "The Orcadian" 2 more skeletons found

Sandyhill Smithy HY53SE 6

August 5th 1937 "The Orcadian" excavated

Saville Stone, Sanday erratic boulder of about 20 tons

June 22nd 1939 "The Orcadian" 1-line on Stone o' Scar
August 24th 1939 "The Orcadian" also called Hegelabar Stone

Scabra Head, Rousay

December 19th 1935 "The Orcadian" full list of Westside & Quendale past and present crofts

Senner, N.Ronaldsay HY75SE

August 8th 1940 "The Orcadian" chapel & burial-ground mentioned as near Senner farmhouse

Skaill hoard HY21NW 14

October 4th 1934 "The Orcadian" not many yards from HY21NW 23

Skara Brae HY21NE 12

April 29th 1931 "The Orkney Herald" Gordon Childe's 3rd Munro lecture, describing Huts 1-7, concentrating on 7
May 6th 1931 "The Orkney Herald" Gordon Childe's 4th Munro lecture, describing various passages and galleries
May 13th 1931 "The Orkney Herald" Gordon Childe's 7th Munro lecture, describing finds (inc. art) and two different cists - one under a building another from the covering dune
June 29th 1932 "The Orkney Herald" photo showing chamber 7's newly placed roof window
April 6th 1933 "The Orcadian" H.W. Scarth gives collection to Orkney Natural History Society
October 19th 1933 "The Orcadian" letter from J.W. Cursiter to "The Scotsman" describing 100' long 3' deep ox bone midden uncovered by January 1901 storm removed by another in March 1903 revealing building beneath

Slap of Valdigar HY40NE 26

February 5th 1931 "The Orcadian" items including polished grey flint tool & 16 chippings donated to museum

South Aittit, Rendall HY41NW 11

June 10th 1937 "The Orcadian" flintfield mentioned
June 10th 1937 "The Orcadian" copy of P.O.A.S. XIV article on Mesolithic microliths & Neolithic flints from field

South Howe, Rousay HY33SE 10

March 1st 1931 "The Orcadian" Outer Howie broch mentioned

South Keigar HY50NE 9

April 15th 1931 "The Orkney Herald" report of excavation of souterrain 200-300 yards from farm of narrow end
April 16th 1931 "The Orcadian" report of excavation of souterrain, slab-covered circular building found 5-7' away several years previous
April 23rd 1931 "The Orcadian" photo of souterrain entrance

South Keigar HY50NE 11

April 15th 1931 "The Orkney Herald" circular slab-covered earth-filled building found 6-8' away several years previous to finding of souterain
April 16th 1931 "The Orcadian" circular building covered by very large thick slab found 5-7' away several years previous
to 1931

South Ronaldsay

December 6th 1933 "The Orkney Herald" mention of stone similar to Brecks of Netherbrough idols being found sometime

Spout, Main Street, Kirkwall

January 22nd 1948 "The Orcadian" material from demolition of 17th C "Old Castle" to be used at Manse Park housing

Tankerness House

June 24th 1937 "Supplement to The Orcadian" gateway photo

Taversoe Tuick HY42NW 2

June 25th 1936 "The Orcadian" referenced

Tenston chapel HY21NE 11

August 11th 1938 "The Orcadian" headstones still visible

Tormiston Farm, Stenness

December 30th 1948 "The Orcadian" description of 2 baked red clay ? loom weights found November & going to Stromness Mseum

Unstan Chambered Tomb HY21SE 5

March 24th 1934 "The Orcadian" Knowe of Onston being cleared out
September 12th 1934 "The Orkney Herald" remedial works carried out & turf removed down to base

Veron Point, Sandwick HY21SE 27

May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" mention of chapel & burial ground grass-covered, former easily traced

Veron Point Mound, Sandwick HY21SE 39

May 28th 1936 "The Orcadian" mention of tumulus between chapel and shore

Vetquoy HY21NE 39

August 11th 1938 "The Orcadian" cist found 1878 mentioned

Vetquoy HY21NE 41

August 11th 1938 "The Orcadian" cist with human remains found 1872 mentioned

Warebeth HY20NW 11

June 4th 1931 "The Orcadian" gravedigging on SW side of central portion formerly Monkers' Green discloses N/S passage of 30" square cross-section containing limpet boxes, numerous limpets and bones, also 'pot-lid' stones and burnt black matter. When first trenched [1889] weapons, tools and marked stones disposed of to collectors

Warebeth Chapel HY20NW 12

June 4th 1931 "The Orcadian" said to be site of burned down pre-Reformation church residences, tradition of iems from these and church being buried here. Mention of raised ground contour outwith wall at this place [comes from wall and goes under present coastal path]

Wasso HY73NW 2

August 24th 1939 "The Orcadian" Wasshow [sic] mentioned as pictish mound

Watt of Cott, N.Ronaldsay

August 8th 1940 "The Orcadian" mention of stone pillar cairn near shore as marker for bringing in peats from Eday

Westside, Eday HY53SW 8

? February 5th 1931 "The Orcadian" flints donated to museum by William Shearer of Swentsday, Westside

The Wheeling Cross, Rendall HY4119

December 26th 1946 "The Orcadian" description of stone arrangement on SW shoulder of Gorseness Hill used as resting place by funeral cortege on way to kirkland at shore

Wideford Hill Chambered Tomb HY41SW 1

September 12th 1934 "The Orkney Herald" cleared out & test trenches dug

The Wirk, Rousay HY33SE 17

December 19th 1935 "The Orcadian" building stones W of graveyard traditionally Sigurd of Westness' residence

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