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Accuracy of information
As The Modern Antiquarian website is a community effort, it is not always possible to verify the information submitted by users. Before visiting a site, try and establish the validity of it by the posts submitted to this website and by checking maps, web links etc. The webmaster and editors of the The Modern Antiquarian cannot be held responsible for any accidents caused, injuries sustained or crimes committed based on information given on this site.

If this site carries information you know to be false or misleading, please either make a clarifying contribution yourself or email us.

Guidelines for visiting sites
Many of these megalithic sites are situated on private land or on farms. This does not mean that the farmers/landowners have no idea how much you want to see their stones, as local guides and pamphlets will have sent a steady stream of visitors to their doors down the years. But certain behaviour will add to your welcome and, perhaps more importantly, to that of those who come after you.

Here are some points to remember:
  • Always ask permission and park sensibly if you are in a car.
  • Leave gates as you find them (if you open them, shut them behind you) and avoid disturbing the animals.
  • Try to leave with more rubbish than you arrived with and don't dont exempt your own habits from this rule (butts, sweet papers, tea lights, foil, tea bags, you name it).
  • Don't presume that everyone loves your freeform didgeridoo and blaster.
  • Respect the sacredness of these temples and the land on which they stand.
See also: The Charter of Megalithic Webmasters on the Megalithic Portal.
Please read the Submission Guidelines before making any contributions to the site and take note of any additional information available on the various submission pages across the site.