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Re: Delusion, hope or a lie?
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Wow - is that supposed to be a serious response?

To judge by your Uncle Jimmy's dates I'm assuming he was "doing a job" in WW2 - hardly comparable with current peace time working practices? The notion that he "He didn't even have a passport let alone a visa." is hardly relevant? Obviously if thats meant to be humorous then ha ha ha......?

"After Brexit you will still need to apply for a job, get interviewed and get the job" - methinks it might not be so simple, I may for example have to prove why no native European is qualified to do the same job and face many other legislative hurdles that would block my candidacy (in much the same way as many Brexiteers want to do the other way round).

"America doesn't run on Green Cards. As most of its big cities and almost the entire State of Kalifornia knows!" You may well be correct, if, as I assume, your referencing illegal workers? You may be an anarchic piper at the gates of the Revolution, but some, myself included, wouldn't rather choose to criminalise myself to work in Europe when I could currently do so legally.

As for "Do people think planes will stop flying, ships will stop leaving Hull or the Eurostar will cease to be?" ....hhmm 'no'. But what thats got to do with me being able (or not) to freely choose whether I want to ply my trade in Europe is beyond me. Unless of course you think I'm a stevedore or a train driver. Which I'm not.

Be interested if you've got any genuine and cogent reasons to think there'll be no more barriers to a UK citizen working in Europe post Brexit than now. Other than wartime anecdotes and the suggestion of doing it illegally, of course.

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Posted by Locodogz
5th July 2017ce

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