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Utter Brexshitsnigelswift4315.02.20ce
World War IIIgiNgko_C1706.02.20ce
Boo hoonigelswift627.01.20ce
Extinction RebellionAmil046717.01.20ce
From Twitternigelswift5111.01.20ce
Fuck my Priti Extrasolar TitsgiNgko_C1208.01.20ce
What I've put up with here...Lawrence401.01.20ce
Genocide RecognitionZariadris618.12.19ce
Visiting Britain's Political Prisoner phallus dei513.12.19ce
Register to VoteGladwin413.12.19ce
More news about pitiful Flat-Earthers...Lawrence223.11.19ce
Jesus I despise Brexit.nigelswift72101.11.19ce
Bro ken ewsAmil043229.10.19ce
A must readspencer1722.10.19ce
Finally the end of Trump?Lawrence403.10.19ce
The Welsh Parliamentspencer723.09.19ce
50 years...?PMM924.08.19ce
Get Your War OnMr Altres427.06.19ce
World trade center / pentagoncancer boy527.06.19ce
Speaking of trolls...Lawrence627.06.19ce
Big Bong Theoryhandofdave1525.06.19ce
Exit from Brexit Jo Cox Amil04

Showing 1-25 of 5,138 Topics | Next 25