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Current Archaeology

The web page of Britains leading Archaeological magazine.
Rivington Pike Posted by Rivington Pike
1st August 2003ce

Council for British Archaeology

As they say "The gateway to British archaeology online".
Full of links to 'traditional' archaeological sites
Rivington Pike Posted by Rivington Pike
1st August 2003ce

Archaeoastronomy or Astroarchaeology!

The American view of this interesting topic, useful animations showing how the seasons work.
Rivington Pike Posted by Rivington Pike
1st August 2003ce

Living Spring Journal

"THE International Electronic Forum for Research into Holy Wells & Waterlore" - need I say more !
Rivington Pike Posted by Rivington Pike
1st August 2003ce

Kirkconnel Parish Heritage Society

A thriving local heritage society documenting and promoting the rich history of Kirkconnel Parish. The Society is commited to recording and developing the Heritage of Kirkconnel through community based projects.
Posted by kphs
9th May 2003ce

At the Edge - Hollow Hills

Article by Jeremy Harte discussing the folklore and beliefs surrounding barrows throughout history.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
2nd May 2003ce


This site briefly describes visits to some of the megaliths and rock art in Brittany including details on how to get to them.
Posted by GT
28th April 2003ce

Ancient Stones

A personal photoguide to the stone circles of Britain. A clear and attractive site containing good directions to some of the lesser known circles of the North Country. Good quality photographs.
Posted by Solarboy
27th March 2003ce

Digs Reunited

This site has been created to help diggers past and present get back in touch with people they've met on excavations but have since lost touch with.
Posted by shacmh
12th March 2003ce

Megalithic Sound and Landscape

Dr Aaron Watson's introduction to his research on the acoustic effects produced at stone circles and passage graves.
Chris Collyer Posted by Chris Collyer
11th March 2003ce

Bronze Age Craft

Website dealing with Bronze Age metalworking. Check out the shop section for some amazing reproduction axes, swords and daggers.
Chris Collyer Posted by Chris Collyer
27th February 2003ce


Nice guide to some of the megalithic sites of Britain and Ireland by a chap called Richard M.
Chris Collyer Posted by Chris Collyer
27th February 2003ce

The Treasure Act 1996

Details on the The Treasure Act 1996 - All finders of gold and silver objects, and groups of coins from the same finds, over 300 years old, have a legal obligation to report such items under the Treasure Act 1996. Now prehistoric base-metal assemblages found after 1st January 2003 also qualify as Treasure.
pure joy Posted by pure joy
8th February 2003ce

Archaeology Alive

'Archaeology Alive' - the Annual review of the fieldwork, projects, conservation and advice work carried out by the Historic Environment Service (including Cornwall Archaeological Unit) in Cornwall & Scilly. For the first time a free online version of the latest copy (2000-2001) is available. Back copies can also be purchased.
pure joy Posted by pure joy
8th February 2003ce
Edited 22nd July 2003ce

Cornwall Archeological Unit

The homepage of the Cornwall Archeological Unit, which is part of the Historic Environment Section of Cornwall County Council. Loads of interesting news and info, and over thirty publications available to buy.
pure joy Posted by pure joy
8th February 2003ce

The Portable Antiquities Scheme

The Portable Antiquities Scheme is a voluntary recording scheme for archaeological objects found by members of the public. Every year many thousands of objects are discovered, many of these by metal detector users, but also by people whilst out walking, gardening or going about their daily work.
pure joy Posted by pure joy
8th February 2003ce

Twelveheads Press

Publishers of (amongst other things) a series of small, inexpensive and 'popular' books about Cornwall, including archeolgical heritage, railways, and mining. Good starter books.
pure joy Posted by pure joy
8th February 2003ce
Edited 22nd July 2003ce

Men-an-Tol Studio (Publisher)

Nice little site that includes information about the books available from Men-an-tol Studio, including all of Ian McNeil Cooke's books, and reprints of two 19th century antiquarian books, 'Illustrations Of Stone Circles, Cromlehs and other remains of the Aboriginal Britons in the West of Cornwall' by William Cotton (1827), and 'Specimens Of Ancient Cornish Crosses, Fonts, Etc' by F.C.Hingston (1850). Includes an order form for publications and details of how to order over the phone.
pure joy Posted by pure joy
17th January 2003ce
Edited 20th October 2003ce

British Tours

Nice quicktime Virtual Reality images from the tour operator
Posted by Reynolds
17th January 2003ce

Halsgrove (Book Publisher)

Home to Devon Books, who publish Jeremy Butler's monumental 5 volume 'Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities'. Also home to Cornwall Books who have published local classics such as Craig Weatherhill two field guides - 'Belerion: Ancient Sites of Land's End' – 1981, and 'Cornovia: Ancient Sites of Cornwall and Scilly' - 1985, revised 1997 & 2000. Couldn't see those two for sale though. Free Postage and packing on internet orders.
pure joy Posted by pure joy
16th January 2003ce
Edited 22nd July 2003ce

Rock Art in the British Landscape

An international groups website about prehistoric open-air abstract rock art in the UK. The link "Rock Art in the British Isles", posted by 'fitzcoraldo' (thanks!) on 25th August 2002, refers to the same website but the link is dead. So why not try this fresh one about these mysterious 'images of a lost message'? We hope to see you soon! enough for new members in 2003.
rockartuk Posted by rockartuk
30th December 2002ce

Stone Circles in Angus and Perthshire

Stone circles and other neolithic and megalithic sites in Angus and Perthshire, (also Fife now...) plus the adventures of the Scottish Megaraks.
nickbrand Posted by nickbrand
25th October 2002ce

Barter Books

A brilliant second hand book shop with a huge antiquarian catalogue and very helpful staff.
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
29th August 2002ce

Rock Art in the British Isles

Cool rock art site
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
25th August 2002ce

Sacred Sites, Contested Rights/Rites project

Discussions on the conflicts between modern Pagans, archaeologists, land owners and other interested parties over ancient sites.
Chris Collyer Posted by Chris Collyer
9th August 2002ce

Essex County Council

Decription of the work of the council's Archaeology unit, in particular, Neolithic settlements and Bronze Age causeways that have been discovered in the intertidal deposits along the coastal regions.
Posted by Killer
20th June 2002ce


A Gazetteer of English caves, fissures & rock shelters containing human remains
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
9th April 2002ce

Chris's Page

Pictures and descriptions of various stone circles, burial chambers, standing stones and assorted oddies and well as some other stuff of variable interest.
Chris Collyer Posted by Chris Collyer
27th March 2002ce


Greame C's lovely northern rock art site
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
25th March 2002ce
Edited 28th March 2013ce

Asuka-mura, Shimanosho

Some photos of a MONSTER sized, Japaneze stone chambers

(Is this a wedge or passage tomb?)

Ishibutai crypt is, in overall size, the largest in Japan. The largest of its boulders, the one forming the southern part of the ceiling, is estimated to weigh 75 tons!!!.

2 photos in black and white and some neat diagrams

A similar tomb at a site called Jourugami was recently found to contain a stone coffin see
for more on that one.
Posted by phil
17th March 2002ce

The Prehistoric Society

Worth a look through the archive of past issues of the newsletter.
IronMan Posted by IronMan
13th February 2002ce

Archaeological Resource Collection (ARCHI)

Huge database of sites, indexed by location (grid-ref and postcode)

Excellent resource, including find information - USE IT!
Posted by RiotGibbon
12th December 2001ce

Celtic Inscribed Stones Project (CISP)

The database includes every non-Runic inscription raised on a stone monument within Celtic-speaking areas (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Dumnonia, Brittany and the Isle of Man) in the early middle ages (AD 400-1000). There are over 1,200 such inscriptions.
Posted by phil
3rd December 2001ce

RCAHMS Canmore

A huge wealth of archeological info covering Scottish sites with map refs etc.
Posted by Martin
29th November 2001ce
Edited 27th June 2006ce

Newgrange & Megalithic Passage Tombs of Irelan

Resource site for the Megalithic Passage Tombs of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Fourknocks, Loughcrew and Tara located in the present day County of Meath on the east coast of Ireland. The Boyne Valley Cairns at Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth were built around 3200BC making them older than Stonehenge in England and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.
knowth Posted by knowth
27th November 2001ce

TechnoPagans Unlimited

Website of megalithic photographer Cerridwen Connelly "The Archaeo-Witch of Wales", featuring: Detail images of Stonehenge, Sile na Gig at Romsey Abbey (Hampshire), Labyrinth at St. Catherine's Hill, Winchester (Hampshire), Rothbury Tolmen and Calendar site (Northumberland), Mohave Desert petroglyph anomolies, Korean Dolmen, Saami petroglyphs, new sites added every month...
Posted by technopagans
27th August 2001ce

Free Historic Maps

Approx 80,00 maps (uk) dated 1846-1899. 1:10,560 scale. No plug-in required, just browse and scroll around.
Posted by Buzzard of Morfe
22nd August 2000ce

Ancient Sites under Threat

Bringing together campaigns to save ancient sites up and down the country. Featuring free images of Stonehenge to download. Read more in 3rd Stone Magazine.
Posted by Andy B
13th April 2000ce

At The Edge

An archive of articles from the excellent magazine 'At The Edge' - cross-over explorations of earth mysteries, folklore, mythology & local history.
Posted by gyrus
12th April 2000ce

Alastair's Other Stone Circles

A top site of decrepit and little known sites, including the remains of only the second circle known to be in Oxfordshire!!
Chris Posted by Chris
19th March 2000ce

Stone Pages - A Guide To European Megaliths

A very comprehensive site including some incredible QTVR movies filmed at various sites around Britain. The site also offers extremely thorough News, extensive features, and plenty of links to other great websites.
Holy McGrail Posted by Holy McGrail
15th March 2000ce
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