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Ile Milliau (Allee-Couverte)

A little info and a closer photo. Has fairly comprehensive list of sites in the wider area.

Tustrup Jættestue (Complex)


A detailed page about the site in Danish - nice photos. Information on lots of other monuments in north Jutland if you try investigating the rest of the website

Mols (Runddysse)

Porskær Stenhus

A detailed page about the site in Danish - nice photos. Information on lots of other monuments in north Jutland if you try investigating the rest of the website

Nordjylland (Region)

Fortidsminder i Århus AMT

Great site for northern Jutland - info on many fairly obscure sites as well as better known ones. As it happens, I know it's not exhaustive, but it's pretty good! In Danish but has useful maps etc.

Denmark (Country)

Visit Denmark

In English.

Covers the whole of Denmark. Site pages usually have a little basic info and include links to interactive maps (not as good as the inline maps on this site though!) Search takes a little getting used to but is pretty good once you get the hang of it - which took me quite a while!

Link is to the search page, as the navigation to it is pretty cumbersome and I couldn't find any other way to reach the information than using search!



Details of monuments in Danish - some nice photos & useful maps. The rest of the website is one of the best I've found for Danish stuff, though it only covers a (fairly large) area around Århus.

Knowe of Lairo (Chambered Cairn)

The Stone Pages

Though I think the measurement for the height of the chamber is underestimated, useful info on what is still one of the best megalithic sites on the web! (Thanks peeps!)

Cors y Gedol (Burial Chamber)

Megalithic Walks

Loads of stuff nearby....

Bryn Cader Faner (Cairn(s))

Megalithic Walks

Invaluable description of walk - even points out some places where it's easy to go wrong! (I did it without the recommended compass, but the weather was good!!)

Llyn Brenig (Archaeological Trail) (Cairn(s))

Megalithic Walks

Should've known it'd be on here.... I'd love to have done a site like this one! (Maybe I'll write a book instead....)

A short guide to archaeological remains at Brenig by the Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust

Not THAT 'short' with a title like that...! Has a bit of general info.

Langstane o' Craigearn (Standing Stone / Menhir)

Recumbent Stones Circles

Has info on quite a few Aberdeenshire sites including some of the more obscure ones - inc the Langstane!

East Kennett (Long Barrow)

Wiltshire Web

Some brief but quite interesting info.

Lacra (Stone Circle)

Alastair's other stone circle page

Megalithic Walks (Great site!!!) - ordinary people caring for extraordinary places


Though I'd been interested in both for a long while, I finally got into stones & Cope relatively late in life and at around the same time (mid 90s). I guess my girlfriend at the time has to take the blame. She bought me 'Peggy Suicide' and she used to get those nice megalithic postcards from Mr Julian.

At first, looking at stones seemed just like a good excuse for stomping around in beautiful countryside. Little did I know how much more it would become. And that they're not always in beautiful countryside....

At the time I was living in Tufnell Park in London so started off with a lot of southern stones 'n' bumps, particularly on holidays to Devon, the Lands End peninsula and the west country in general. Since then, holidays became increasingly megalithacentric, and are now mainly wildlifecentric (tho often with some stones thrown in)!

A couple of years later I moved back to Leeds where I lived for much of my adult life (I'm originally from Kent) prompting numerous visits to stones 'n' bumps in places like Derbyshire, Cumbria, N Wales and of course Yorkshire. I now live near Oxford (see 'Life?').

I've seen stones all over the UK & further afield, including (but not limited to) bits of France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Menorca, Sardinia & even Jordan.

Strangely enough however, my most visited and probably favourite 'stony areas' are Aberdeenshire and Perthshire, though I've been to quite a few all over Scotland. This is again thanks to a (different) ex-girlfriend who comes from Montrose and is the mother of my glorious son Callan, who at the time of updating is now 21....

As you may have guessed, Callan is named after Callanish - at the time of his birth this was a long intended but unmade pilgrimage for me. Happily I've now been twice & hope to go again for the next 're-gleam'.

Currently living just to the north-west of Oxford with the gorgeous Jane (we got married in October 2004). Seafer (Jane's dangerous 'n' stripey cat) is no more and for the last 8 years we've been in the custody of Officer Dibble and Skipper (also cats). Jane's also responsible for increasing my love of travel & the expansion of my love of wildlife!

I'm an editor really, but now have a nice easy admin job 4-days a week working for a tiny IT training company who do expensive niche training for IT professionals.

In a varying order

Wildlife & bird photography and watching
Stones, walking, and the countryside, obviously
Various music, especially heavy rock and funk
Real ale & real ale pubs (though as Jane can't drink for medical reasons we don't often go to pubs)
Single malts
Bourbon (of the whisky persuasion - not the biccies)
Red wine
Roast tatties and chips (not usually together)
A lot of other food that never had a face
Talking bollocks
Having a good moan, especially about the Tories

Vital statistics?
Height 5'8"
Chest N/K (medium t-shirt size)
Waist 32-34" depending how fat I happen to be at the time
Inside leg 32"
Aged 60 but we don't talk about that
Hair Long mostly grey (used to be brown)


updated 2 September 2022

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