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Rowtor Rocks (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Links

You Tube - Shropshire Traveller

Clip of a rocking stone at Rowtor Rocks

Tinkinswood (Burial Chamber) — Links


Aerial picture of the site, giving a good understanding of its plan

The Nine Stones of Winterbourne Abbas (Stone Circle) — News

Tree substantially reduced at Nine Stones

A 200-YEAR-OLD tree at the centre of worship by druids and witches has been chopped down to size after it became diseased.

The 80ft beech at Winterbourne Abbas has been reduced to a 10-metre stump by English Heritage because of fears it would die and fall over.

The tree has become a dominant feature at the site, famous for the ancient stone circle standing beneath its branches.

More here

Trefignath (Chambered Cairn) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Trefignath</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Ty Mawr (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Ty Mawr</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Lud's Church (Natural Rock Feature) — Images

<b>Lud's Church</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Old Radnor Church (Christianised Site) — Images

<b>Old Radnor Church</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Hindwell Cursus — Fieldnotes

Aerial images from the survey on the Walton Basin (The Walton Basin Project: Excavation and Survey in a Prehistoric Landscape 1993-7), and a 3D fly through reconstruction at the Radnorshire Museum in Llandrindod Wells both confirm the existance of this Cursus.

The Growing Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Fieldnotes

The MOD signs are now gone, and just the metal uprights survive of the enclosing box, as of 27/08/06. You still have to enter through a not very obstructive gate, though much less forbidding than previously.

Stonyfield (Ring Cairn) — Links


Extensive Report into this site, diagrams, pictures and much more

Darley Dale (Ancient Trackway) — Fieldnotes

If you want to attempt accessing St Helen's interior, the number given on the noticeboard outside for the Rectory is 01629 734 257. I tried a day in advance, and still couldn't arrange a visit - so the more notice you can give, the better.

Maenaddwyn (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Fieldnotes

This stone is near completely swamped with ivy, and now resembles a tree / bush as of June 2006. Missed it on the first pass yesterday, and wondered how I could miss this huge stone, having been a few times before... then I remembered. (Add 4 years of Ivy growth onto Stubob's picture!)

Bodowyr (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Fieldnotes

If you are visiting here during Summer 2006, beware of the bull! I was here yesterday; as I began to exit the field, a group of cows began running at me. Standing my ground and shrieking at the cows stopped them (as usual)... however up lumbered a well hung bull with horns, glistening nose, ring through it, snorting and grunting; by the time I reached the kissing gate, the cows, with bull at front completely obstructed the entrance. Beware!

The Wrekin (Hillfort) — Images

<b>The Wrekin</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>The Wrekin</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>The Wrekin</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>The Wrekin</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>The Wrekin</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Caer Caradoc (Chapel Lawn) (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Caer Caradoc (Chapel Lawn)</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Robin Hood's Butts (Shropshire) (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery) — Images

<b>Robin Hood's Butts (Shropshire)</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Nordy Bank (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Nordy Bank</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Nordy Bank</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Nordy Bank</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Nordy Bank</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Nordy Bank</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Nordy Bank</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Nordy Bank</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Norton Camp (Shropshire) (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Norton Camp (Shropshire)</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Norton Camp (Shropshire)</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Norton Camp (Shropshire)</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Norton Camp (Shropshire)</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Corwen Cross (Cup Marked Stone) — Images

<b>Corwen Cross</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Corwen Cross</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Carreg y Big yn y Fach Rhewllyd (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Carreg y Big yn y Fach Rhewllyd</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller<b>Carreg y Big yn y Fach Rhewllyd</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Dyffryn Ardudwy (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Images

<b>Dyffryn Ardudwy</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Cerrig Arthur (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Cerrig Arthur</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Kinnerton Court Stone II (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Miscellaneous

Was here yesterday! I believe I found the stone, though could not visit. It's in the next but one field boundary I think slightly to the north east, and I was not sure if it was a stone, or a tree trunk! A waiting car load on a hot day, and a horse desiring attention in the field concerned prevented me from taking a closer look. Tim.

Rempstone Stone Circle — Miscellaneous

There is a new sign gone up next to where most folk enter the wood saying it's private property no admission. However, on my visit, the landowner drove past while I was at the roadside! He seemed amicable about it, anyway, if you want to gain official permission to enter, you need to get in touch with the Rempstone Estate Office, Cow Lane, Wareham, BH20 4RD Tel: 01929 551110.

Gwern Einion (Burial Chamber) — Miscellaneous

Frances Lynch's CADW guidebook for Gwynedd notes that permission needs to be sought from the property Brwyn Llynau tel. 01766 780 625.

Carnedd y Ddelw (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

Visited here on Sunday afternoon, mercifully rewarded with astounding views to the east - the Clwydian Range, the course of the Roman Road going past Cerrig Pryfaid, Maen y Bardd etc; to the north, the Great Orme with the location of Druid's Circle; to the west, a large cwm, and the the eastern end of Anglesey. To the south was the continuining ridge of the Carneddau, looking up to another cairn, Carnedd Penyborth Goch.

The cairn provides welcome respite from the blasting wind; once within the embrace of its ring, you almost feel at home. I suspect the cairn is also considerably bigger than its immediate appearance; the cairn material is spread wider and deeper if you look carefully.

Ascended via a route from the north west, going up 500 M over 3 KM, and descended back via the Bwlch y Ddeufaen. Next time, it will be on to the next summit.

Bwlch-y-Ddeufaen (Standing Stones) — Fieldnotes

The east stone of "The Pass of the Two Stones" has a good number of ankle-high stones radiating outwards some distance to the east, in a dip. These are earthfast, and not here by coincidence.

Frances Lynch in her guidebook to the ancient sites of the area, likens the small stones' to that of Bryn Cader Faner.

I counted fourteen small stones here. There are likely more under the grass.

The east menhir can be seen to the rear, as can the west menhir, with one of its other associated stones.

Frances Lynch also says the western stone has a further two associated stones.

Mitchell's Fold (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Mitchell's Fold</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Tal-y-Fan — Images

<b>Tal-y-Fan</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Cors y Carneddau (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Cors y Carneddau</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Circle 278 (Ring Cairn) — Images

<b>Circle 278</b>Posted by ShropshireTraveller

Cefn Maen Amor (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Cefn Maen Amor stone circle has absurdly small stones, no higher than 1 foot, and easily lost under the bilberry and heather. Marked on OS maps as a cairn just to the north west of Maen Penddu standing stone, on a higher track, this is situated on a flat area, just beneath the highest terrain (as many circles are).

Locating it was a matter of careful map reading, and looking for conspicuous bumps to the north of the track. After some work with my boots, I was able to make visible the stones that could easily be made visible.

Some five stones were visible in the end, with a sixth looking like an errant natural stone. I could feel probably another stone under the ground in line with the others.

The circle is there, but not as grand as one may have hoped!
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