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Stalldown Stone Row (Stone Row / Alignment)

AKA The Cornwood Maidens.

We parked at New Waste (SX 625 611), having come off the A38 at Lee Mill, followed the signs to Cornwood, turned right out of Cornwood, left then right out of Torr and followed the road to the very end. You can park on the moor side of the gate where the road ends.

Then on foot, follow the concrete track up to the water treatment works, turn right to circle the water works, cross the brook and turn uphill to find a stile over a dry stone wall to give you access to the moor. The stone row is visible on the skyline.

Dumpdon Hill (Hillfort)

From reading Jimit's post below I get the feeling he parked at the first entrance to Dumpdon. Continue another 100m along Dumpdon Lane and there is an another entrance on the left (not that obvious until you get to it and assuming you're travelling north).
This splits in two, to the right is a farm track. To the left is a proper parking area with a small visitors board and the footpaths around Dumpdon Hill marked on a map.
If you go a short way up the farm track and through a field gate you can enter a field and from there walk across pasture up the steep hill to the northern entrance of the hillfort.
Of course this wasn't the route we took... but set off up the path from the car park and headed south, circling right around to the other side of the hill before we could find a way up. The path became indistinct at this point, but the side of the hill here had been recently mowed so it was possible to walk up and enter through another entrance into the hillfort.
As per Jimit's post, the views out aren't that good due to the southern end of the hillfort being planted with trees. The best outlook seemed to be from within the enclosure near to the triangulation point pillar.

Woodbury Castle (Hillfort)

First visited 19th June 2004CE.

We found no evidence of the car park marked on both the OS Landranger and Explorer maps on the north side of the fort.

The enclosure is bisected by the B3179 and there is a car park on both sides of the road on the southern side. The one on the eastern side of the road is right up against the ramparts so you can't miss the fort from there.

If you cross the road to the car park opposite there is a fantastic vista at SY031872 that overlooks the Exe valley estury, giving views of Exeter, Exmouth, and Dartmoor in the distance. Well worth a short walk.

Dolbury (Hillfort)

To access Dolbury park at the Killerton House car park (see link below), go through the gardens around the front of the house, and follow the path upwards. Whilst climbing the hill passing the sequoias, there is clear view to the south of Woodbury and the nearby barrows distinctive on the horizon. You eventually get to the top of the formal garden and go through a gate in a metal railed fence.

From what I can recall from the information boards at the top, Dolbury is on the top of a volcanic outcrop, the inner embankments are older than the outer enclosure and the main entrance was on the northern side. The eastern side didn't have any embankments to protect it due to it's steepness. The site has never been excavated.

A possible origin of the dragon myth is that it was created to protect from looting sacrificial offerings made to its well. The existance of the dragon could never be disproved due to the fact that no matter which you visited, either Dolbury or Cadbury Castle, the dragon would invariably be at the other!

Caesar's Camp (Bracknell) (Hillfort)

Ceasar's Camp is best approached from the nearby LookOut Visitor centre by following the marked route through the woods. The outlook isn't particularly brilliant due to the coniferous plantation surrounding it.
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