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Kirkhaugh (Round Barrow(s))

Altogether Archaeology: Kirkhaugh Cairn Geophysical survey, 2014.

PDF file.

"Summary: This report presents the results of geophysical surveys conducted as part of the
North Pennines AONB Partnership’s ‘Altogether Archaeology’ community project at
Kirkhaugh in Tynedale. The works comprised detailed geomagnetic and earth
resistance surveys over a Bell beaker barrow prior to renewed excavation; the site
had been partially excavated in 1935."

Stonehenge (Circle henge)

The Spectator Archive

The Midsummer Sunrise at Stonehenge - 1896

Mr Barclay explains why he rejects the theory of a prehistoric origin of what he sees as a roman monument, created as a result of the "wise policy of the Roman Governor, Agricola, who endeavoured to conciliate the native population of Britain".

Castlerigg (Stone Circle)

New interpretation plaque at castlerigg

Mr Ellis provides a nice shot showing the new bronze interpretation of the stones, with the stones themselves highlighted nicely on the horizon.

mlwats lightpaints Castlerigg

A series of rather snazzy shots of the stones being illuminated at night.

Stonehenge (Circle henge)

BBC News - Strawhenge

Daft story about a fellow constructing a replica from straw. (Bet you couldn't tell that from the title eh?)

WebUrbanist - Architecture and alternative art

20 creative recreations of Stonehenge.

The Chinese one looks quite nifty.

Falera (Stone Row / Alignment) leaflet in English

A handy .pdf file in English, kindly provided by the 'Friends of The Parc La Mutta'. In a box by the car-park, there are laminated printouts of the file, which is nice.

Crap Carschenna (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)


Herr D. Reichmuth presents a whole website full of continental megalithic info, in German.

This link goes to the page listing sites in the Canton of Grabunden, with links to a set of pages detailing Carschenna found just under the word 'Schalensteine'.

Northumberland (County)

The Telegraph Online

"Ancient rock art baffles experts"

From the point of view of two of the D&NRAP stalwarts.

Castlerigg (Stone Circle)

Audio slideshow: Winter solstice at Castlerigg stone circle

The Nuardiag presents Martin Wainwright and photographer Christopher Thomond watching the sunrise at Castlerigg stone circle during the winter solstice, mostly audio stream but with jpeg slideshow thing to accompany.

Morbihan (56) including Carnac (Departement)

Megaliths in the Carnac region of France

Some nice b&w photos.

Sjælland (Region)


Photos of 4 Zealand Dolmens

Ring of Brodgar (Circle henge)


Some nice photos of the stones

Knockmany (Passage Grave)

Armagh Observatory

Page mostly describes directions for a walk from 2004, but also includes a nice old photo before the modern mound was added.


'Ancient Sculpturings In Tiree' on the ADS website

Ancient Sculpturings In Tiree. By Ludovic Maclellan Mann. From the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Vol. 56
February 13, 1922.

The article mentions (with illustrations) cup marked stones at Gott Bay, Cornaigmore, Cuigeas, including some on a Standing-stone at Balinoe and others on the natural rock surface of floor of Kirkapoll Chapel.

Amerside Law (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Amerside 1 on the Beckensall Archive

Stan Beckensall's old photos from the days before the trees were planted.

Uffington White Horse (Hill Figure)

Mexican UWH on Google Maps

A strange mirror-image copy of the UWH in El Paso, Mexico. With a little lizard in the corner.

No indication of the it's age though. (Modern one would assume...)

High Banks (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Arte de rupestre de Galicia

An image of a panel at Pazos de Borbén (Pontevedra) displaying a similar theme to the highly unusual motifs at High Banks.

Hazelrigg (Cup Marked Stone)

Hazelrigg on BRAC

Whitsunbank 3 (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Whitsunbank 3 on BRAC

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I like the Prehistoric Rock Art of Northumberland:

Ketley Crag
Weetwood Moor
Dod Law
Roughting Linn
Fowberry Cairn
Old Bewick

Currently obsessed with waving torches at things, often including rocks, as a prelude to some serious waving of torches at rocks that will inevitably appear here on tma at some point :)

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