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Swallowhead Springs (Sacred Well) — Fieldnotes

I have visited Swallow head spring several times . when the waters are flowing and when the spring is dry . it is a truly magical place . i have left offerings to the Goddess on these visits and sat and contemplated for a while in these tranquil settings at this sacred site. The Mary Energy line comes through the Great River Kennet and through the spring . There are always offerings placed round and the Sacred Tree is truly a Clootie tree now. you can find Swallow head spring by either crossing the field before the gate that leads to the Long Barrow ,by following the edge of the field to the right just before the gate . or you can also get to this wonderful place by going through the gate and following the edge of the field to the right ,up the slight hill slope and you can access the spring by a gap in the hedgerow just before the fence meets the point at the bottom .go through the hedgerow ,turn to the left and it takes you to a clear path that takes you to the willow arch . certain times of the year the spring does dry up . a nice sunny day in early spring should be a nice time to visit. There are always offerings and items left hanging on the branches or in the water . there was a beautiful green man plaque left in the water that i saw last june and when i visited last ,it was gone . if this sacred site is your thing ,visit it and be filled with whatever you feel there, either magic,energy or whatever . The last time i was there with my sister, we left the spring via the willow arch ,up through and out from the hedgerow and as we walked down the edge of the field ,there suddenly was hundred of butterflies of all colours fluttering around .good luck and brightest blessings.
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