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Bulstrode Camp (Hillfort)

Chatting to a knowledgeable friend about the possible role of the Ridgeway hillforts as overnight droving enclosures (they're all about 8/9 miles apart on the western section, a good days droving by anyone standards), he first proposed that Uffington was a horse market, with the banks of the hillfort being used as display areas, then mentioned Bullstrode.

This site, he suggested, may have also served as a cattle market. *Bul*strode is situated right on the A40, a major route for many years, which if is followed to the east, crosses the first river at a town now known as Uxbridge (or "Ox-bridge")

This doesn't count as proof, far from it, but it's something to consider.

Lodge Hill (Round Barrow(s))

On the eastern side of the hill there was a dell, in which sycamore trees once grew. It was said that if one could run around the dell four times, whilst holding one's breath, the aroma of brimstone would arise. If a fifth circuit could be completed, then the Devil himself would appear. As far as is known no one ever managed to complete the circuits. However, this caused much excitement amongst the children

Bledlow Cross and Wain Hill (Hill Figure)

Be careful when exploring the Chilterns ... a cougar, puma or some other unidentified ABC (alien big cat) is said to prowl around these parts ... something to think about when staggering around the thick woodland Wain Hill in the fading twilight ...

Stonehenge and its Environs

Another explanation for the "Heel stone" name is that it comes from "Helios", as in Sun ... as it marks the rising of the midsummer sun, it sort of makes sense, but you'll never know ...

Bedd Arthur (Stone Row / Alignment)

Alleged to be one of the resting places of King Arthur. They take the Mabiginon seriously around here ...

Temple of Diana

Until the 15th century, a custom persisted where a stag was brought into the Cathedral, and ritually slaughtered.

The Temple was allegedly built by Brutus. Diana (the Hunter) appeared to him in Malta about 1000BC, speaking of the "Great White Island". Landing in Totnes, Devon, he came to London and built a temple to Diana/Herne. This lasted until about 700CE, when the first St Pauls was built.

shamesless grabbed from:

Whiteleaf Cross (Christianised Site)

There's supposed to be a "Fairy Ring" up here ... though judging by the state of the place, any fairies will have been long scared by people sat around campfires getting pissed ...

Bledlow Cross and Wain Hill (Hill Figure)

Apparently, if you run barefoot up and down, then across the arms, you will be invigorated and be able to continue your journey.

Or dead of exhaustion - it's *very* steep up there on the Ridge ...

Carn Meini (Rocky Outcrop)

It's said that this is where the Stonehenge bluestones come from... maybe... not sure if this is true, but it's certainly the same type of rock, on a major footpath, and *very* strange up there.

Gors Fawr (Stone Circle)

Well, it's said that if you stop your car on a hill on the roads around here, put it into neutral then take your brake off, it rolls up the hill...

...but I can't get it to work.
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