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Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Poor nine ladies. visited last week and was disappointed by how the site is treated. Stones broken. People thinking they are to be used like a picnic bench ('hey if you sit on this one it like vibrates!' was the cry of one idiot). Beer cans, burnt out tea candle tins. I stayed about 5 minutes having just come from the magnificent Arbor Low. Thankfully there are many other peaceful spiritual places in the peak that require a bit more than a stoned shuffle from a car to see. I havent heard anything about the quarrying proposal recently. Can anyone enlighten me? Seems they have been quarried already. Pagan rituals....PAH! Self indulgent and deluded bullshit is what I see from most of the people that visit this place.

Airthrey Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Fieldnotes

I was a student at Stirling in the mid 90's before the recent unnecessary developments around Airthrey stone (which I didn't know about until reading about it on this site). The arable land that surrounded it then was a really quiet place way away from the bustle of the campus and I often tramped up there after mind numbing lectures to chill or with friends to take in the atmosphere. I recall approaching it for the first time with my cosmic mate (Steve Moffat where are you now?) during one frosty starry autumn night and stopping in our tracks, such is its presence. I hope other students can still appreciate its magic as my friends and I did.
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