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Carn Liath (Broch) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Carn Liath</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Carn Liath</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Carn Liath</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Carn Liath</b>Posted by summerlands

Glengorm (Standing Stones) — Images

<b>Glengorm</b>Posted by summerlands

Highland (Mainland) — News

Caithness Experimental Archaeology Project - Broch Building, Volunteers Needed!

Stoneworks Early Architecture Project

STONEworks website and events listing

AOC Archaeology Group is pleased to be working with Caithness Archaeological Trust and Archie Sinclair Fossil Trust on their new community experimental archaeology project, STONEworks Early Architecture Project.

For four weeks from Monday September 19th 2011, we will be learning about building methods in the past; work will involve the construction of a section of broch, potentially reaching 10-12m in height. The wall will feature intra-mural galleries, as these were common in Iron Age brochs. Building the broch with large slabs of Caithness flagstone will be hard work, but we trust that participants will relish the challenge and enjoy the communal endeavour!

One of the main research interests of the project is to force the collapse of the structure, and in doing so, to find out more about the way in which brochs collapse. We will learn about this poorly understood process by depositing various items at specified locations in the broch walls; when we force the collapse of the broch, we can identify where those items ended up. This will hopefully reveal much about the processes that some archaeological artefacts go through before archaeologists find them many years later.

Volunteers of all ages are invited to take part; no experience is required, tools and training will be provided, and it's free to participate. Artists, photographers, film-makers and art students will also be welcomed should they choose to come and take inspiration from the creation of an imposing and beautiful structure.

All the details of the organised events, and contacts if you can go and help on the link, above.


Just passing this on, heard about it on the grapevine... I hope there might be some folk in the area who can join me in helping with the build. Also going to be taking a few trips up to photograph / paint, so will have some interesting updates / work coming from it I hope!

Sunhoney (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Sunhoney</b>Posted by summerlands

Silbury Hill (Artificial Mound) — Images

<b>Silbury Hill</b>Posted by summerlands

Arpafeelie (Bullaun Stone) — Links

Highland HER Record

Someones submitted a nice pic of the stone now to the Highland HER :-)

Ballymeanoch — Images

<b>Ballymeanoch</b>Posted by summerlands

Leckuary (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Leckuary</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Leckuary</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Leckuary</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Leckuary</b>Posted by summerlands

Tomnaverie (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Tomnaverie</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Tomnaverie</b>Posted by summerlands

The Great X of Kilmartin (Stone Row / Alignment) — Images

<b>The Great X of Kilmartin</b>Posted by summerlands

Ring of Brodgar (Circle henge) — Images

<b>Ring of Brodgar</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Ring of Brodgar</b>Posted by summerlands

Machrie Moor (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Machrie Moor</b>Posted by summerlands

Auchagallon (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

The site is only a couple of hundred yards from the road - you can spot it from the coast road if you look up the hillside. There's room to park to the side of private lane leading up past the cairn, then a short walk uphill through the gate (there's a sign asking people to use the lane rather than climbing across the field).

Great place to take a picnic if the weather is good.

Auchagallon (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Auchagallon</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Auchagallon</b>Posted by summerlands

Highland (Mainland) — News

Highland HER Database now has a Facebook Page

Only just launched, but seems to be feeding an interesting stream of news. The idea is to encourage contribution to the database...

I know there are a lot of folk in / foray into the area :-)

Balgorkar (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Balgorkar</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Balgorkar</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Balgorkar</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Balgorkar</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Balgorkar</b>Posted by summerlands

Ring of Brodgar (Circle henge) — Images

<b>Ring of Brodgar</b>Posted by summerlands

The Standing Stones of Stenness (Circle henge) — Images

<b>The Standing Stones of Stenness</b>Posted by summerlands

Camore Wood (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Fieldnotes

This standing stone is about 200 yards into a large farmers field. It sit's into a slight dell, and is very hard to spot from any road.

There are a few ways to get to the stoneā€¦

The first way is through the paths than run through Camore Wood (Forestry Commission). There's a public car park to the South of the wood on the Cuthill road, but you'll need a map to find your way through the forest paths - but it's a nice way to bulk out the walk.

Another way is via the main road out of Dornoch heading towards the A9. As you leave the main part of Dornoch keep your eyes to the left of the road, you'll pass along the edge of a estate of new houses, then shortly after a lone farm - after this, as the road climbs a little, look for a very small sign on the left marking a footpath and a gate in the wall. Beside the gate is a rough, unofficial pull in for one car. Park up, go through the gate and keep heading south for a few yards, through a pretty copse of trees. You exit on a wide footpath, head right towards the edge of Camore Wood. You'll shortly catch sight of the top of the stone in the field on your left. About two thirds along this path is a wide gate into the field, where you can enter the field without getting tangled in barbed wire. The stone is clearly visible. The field currently has a large flock of sheep in it, so best not to take dogs.

The stone itself is very odd - the south and north faces look like they are made of two entirely different types of rock (well to my untrained eye at least).I t's well over 8 feet tall, but has developed quite a lean to the North, which along with it's tapering shape make it feel like it could topple at any time.

In the past when I have visited the field has been smooth pasture, but this year it's been ploughed to within 2/3 feet of the stones base to plant turnips for the livestock.

Camore Wood (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Links

Highland Council HER Record

Camore Wood (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Camore Wood</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Camore Wood</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Camore Wood</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Camore Wood</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Camore Wood</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Camore Wood</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Camore Wood</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Camore Wood</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Camore Wood</b>Posted by summerlands<b>Camore Wood</b>Posted by summerlands

Clach Mhic Mhios, Glen Loth (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Folklore

Found on the Am Baile website, from the John O'Groats Journal Christmas Edition 1929...

" The legend concerning it is that a month old son (which is English for Mac Mese) carried it there from the top of Ravens Rock, one of the surrounding hills. "

(click to enlarge photo, then look to bottom right corner)

Kintradwell (Broch) — Links

Dornoch Historylinks

Superb 1880 photo of the excavated broch interior showing "entrance to stair-foot Chamber & stair, left and right respectively, also floor Cell and Well - with Querns, crushers, Cup-marked stone, Mortar and Central slab".

Also -
- also dated 1880 showing the exterior at the time.

Carn Bran (Broch) — Links

Dornoch Historylinks

Carn Bran taken in 1911.

Achany (Chambered Cairn) — Links

Dornoch Historylinks

From the Historylinks Museum records, could be from around 1960, as some other photo's in this album have been dated by the photographer.

Aberscross (Stone Circle) — Links

Dornoch Historylinks

Aberscross with very low ground cover. The photo is labelled 1930 (colour then?), but others in the same photographers collected dated up to the 1960s.

Skail (Chambered Cairn) — Folklore

From the Northern Times, Published: 25 May, 2007 (report on annual summer school of the Council for Scottish Archaeology at Bettyhill)

"at Skail, discussion centred on the denuded neolithic chamber known locally as "the Temple", associated in folklore and possibly in reality, with Sagart Ruadh, the "Red Priest", a Columban cleric said to have died there at the hands of a Norse warrior."

Aberscross (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Aberscross</b>Posted by summerlands
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I live in the Northern Highlands of Scotland with my young family, although I grew up in Somerset visiting and loving Avebury, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Stanton Drew, the sites of West Penwith... Always facinated, always learning, always on the hunt :-). These days I am an artist and have found myself studying stones as a main branch of my work...

Adding links, as I often post related material on my blog and Facebook art group...

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