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Dudwood (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork) — Fieldnotes

Just picked up a map and guide to the area around Elton (a village nearby), produced by Elton Local HIstory Group, which says:
"South-west of Robin Hood's Stride, next to the path behind Wattscliffe quarry, look for the stone foundation of a small, circular Romano-British building, thought to be a shepherd's hut."

Carnasserie (Stone Row / Alignment) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Carnasserie</b>Posted by Emma A

Ormaig (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Images

<b>Ormaig</b>Posted by Emma A<b>Ormaig</b>Posted by Emma A<b>Ormaig</b>Posted by Emma A<b>Ormaig</b>Posted by Emma A<b>Ormaig</b>Posted by Emma A

United Kingdom — Links

The Heritage Journal

Spot the stone circle competition!

Can you recognise any of these stone circles from the aerial photos?
A friend just emailed me this link so thought I'd share it on here if anyone wants to have a go. Good luck!

Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor</b>Posted by Emma A

Norbury Camp (Upper Coberley) (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Norbury Camp (Upper Coberley)</b>Posted by Emma A<b>Norbury Camp (Upper Coberley)</b>Posted by Emma A<b>Norbury Camp (Upper Coberley)</b>Posted by Emma A<b>Norbury Camp (Upper Coberley)</b>Posted by Emma A

Norbury Camp (Upper Coberley) (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

I come here quite regularly and see more of the hill fort each time I come!

It's marked by Victorian beech trees - while they are good for marking the layout of the banks and ditches, they do obscure photos! The banks and ditch sweep round in an arc and act as the field boundary, which is planted with rape at the moment. I mistook it for just a field boundary on previous visits which is part of the reason I'd never managed to see much before!

It's a lovely walk up there though, easily accessible if you park just off the road from Colesbourne to Hilcot (off the A435 Chelt to Ciren road) and walk up the gently sloping track. Skylarks and woodpeckers provided our soundtrack today.

Also worth seeing (although not strictly within the remit of this website!), is the beautiful, little, unusual cottage further along the track. It's like someting from a fairytale and you come up to it unexpectedly. I think it used to be a toll house.

Such a peaceful place: great views and no traffic noise (despite being fairly close to the A435).

Combend Farm (Round Barrow(s)) — Fieldnotes

This barrow's easy to see from the road that links Colesbourne to the A417. Elkstone village is visible behind it. I didn't go right up to the barrow this time, but I have before. It's a good one to visit if you fancy a drive in the countryside rather than a walk!

Combend Farm (Round Barrow(s)) — Images

<b>Combend Farm</b>Posted by Emma A<b>Combend Farm</b>Posted by Emma A

Green Low Barrow (Round Barrow(s)) — Images

<b>Green Low Barrow</b>Posted by Emma A

Green Low (Burial Chamber) — Images

<b>Green Low</b>Posted by Emma A<b>Green Low</b>Posted by Emma A

Green Low (Burial Chamber) — Fieldnotes

I was quite awestruck by this place - I wasn't expecting it to be so spectacular! I thought it'd be another grassy bump, but it's like a mini Nympsfield (in Gloucestershire) with fewer people and better views. Possibly my enthusiasm is heightened by the fact that this is the only ancient site I have ever reached entirely on foot, so it felt like a proper adventure. (I like adventures!)

The horned forecourt is still visible and the entrance is aligned dead straight with the distinctive peak of Harboro' Rocks - surely this can't be a coincidence? Other sites which can be seen from the barrow or very near it include the edge containing the Bonsall Lane rock shelter, Aleck Low and Minninglow (surprise surprise). There are probably loads more too which I just don't know of/recognise from a distance.

I did wonder about the stone with the hole in it which is part of the separation between passage and chamber. Was it chosen on purpose, maybe to let the spirits out? I don't usually go in for spirits or ritual or lands of the living and dead etc, so maybe they chose it purely because it's interesting and the right shape.

Minninglow (Burial Chamber) — Images

<b>Minninglow</b>Posted by Emma A

Barbrook I (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Barbrook I</b>Posted by Emma A
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