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Clava Cairn


What a great sounding name, I get a bit Corrimony myself sometimes, it's just the worst TV show ever, excepting E stenders of course.
It's been so long since my first time here that it was in my pre-digital days, well over ten years then, time to get reacquainted. After so many delights in the Outer Hebrides I was unwilling to let go of the week and go home. So before the long trip home I decided to start the trip by going in the opposite direction by fifty miles, you get to drive along the world famous Loch Ness where you always have the chance of bumping into a giant dimension hopping slug. Also you can laugh and point at the money throwing tourists at Urquhart castle, anyone worth his or her salt knows you sneak in after it's shut.
It was a sunny mid morning on Saturday in July, there was lots of people in Drumnadrochit, but happily there was no one at the Clava cairn, when we got there.
I grabbed the camera, the lad and the dogs, in that order and strolled over like there was no worries in the world. Until another car pulled up, instead of sitting in their car for a bit or going elsewhere they just got out and followed us to the cairn. Bloody cheek. We had the stones to ourselves for less than two minutes.
If it was me, I would have given them the stones for ten minutes before making my presence felt, did they? no! they just wandered about willy nilly bombing all my photos. People come up to the highlands because it's pretty, little realising that there's actually bugger all to do really, so they just bum around looking briefly, glancing really, at every and all historic, or naturally pretty place. Surely after twenty years of stone watching I should be able to cope with it (pun intended), but no, I rail against any and all ignorant behavior. I was well disappointed, such a brilliant site in wondrous surroundings, then to cap it all several other younger people turned up in a trendy hatchback, they hadn't a clue about stoning etiquette either, we quit the site and left in a huff.
I'm not suggesting we all form an orderly queue, or that people who don't really care about the ancient past, shouldn't come, just that if the Postman is there, sod off , buy some postcards, misaddress them to someone who doesn't care where you are and don't come back.

Too much? but by gum I was narked.
postman Posted by postman
15th August 2016ce
Edited 15th August 2016ce

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Funny, I watched "NIDIOT", Jon Richardson's stand-up at the Apollo last night. He writes well, too. Now, I'm not saying you display any OCD evidence of that at all that I can recall.........but you do his style of observation and seething very well.......and I like your taste in sites. Posted by tomatoman
15th August 2016ce
Gee thanks, I do like a good stand up.
The older I get the more seething I become.
postman Posted by postman
15th August 2016ce
Narky knickers! Thanks for these photos & the post. Actually was me wandering around Corrimony...bah! Only joshing but will be there soon & am tres excited:) Posted by carol27
16th August 2016ce
Love the fieldnotes Postie, and I heartily agree regarding the tourists! Ravenfeather Posted by Ravenfeather
16th August 2016ce
Thanks and thanks again,
You'll love it Carol, i'm sure.
Something should be done about these tourists, i'm on the brink of the walking dead solution, look at me the wrong way and I'll cut yer head off.
postman Posted by postman
16th August 2016ce
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