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Beastie's Prehistoric Portal photos and general information for prehistoric sites....
Posted by Beastie
6th January 2013ce

Extreme Stonefeelers' World of Hard Rock & Standing Stones

Lots of pics of megalithic sites throughout the UK and Europe.
new abbey Posted by new abbey
7th April 2010ce

Dig begins at buried Roman town

Very short video from Venta Icenorum, Caistor St Edmund.

There is currently a display of fine hand axes on site, found over the years in the surrounding fields.
PertWeed Posted by PertWeed
2nd September 2009ce

"Lapse of Memory" - timelapse film on Vimeo

"Lapse of Memory" is a short film I've recently completed which aims to give a new visual perspective on some of the prehistoric sites of Northern Britain. The film combines the photographic techniques of high dynamic range imaging and time-lapse in a panoramic format, and is made up of over 70,000 individual photographs.

Shot over the summer of 2008 as part of an MSc in Creative Technology, the film covers a number of sites in North Yorkshire, Cumbria & Scotland.

Please contact me at for any comments about the piece.
Posted by Tony Partington
26th March 2009ce

Standing with Stones

The new DVD 'Standing with Stones' has just gone on sale from this site. It is a feature length documentary that visits over 100 megalithic sites in the UK and Ireland in a journey that starts at the Ballowall Barrow at the tip of Cornwall and finishes at the Tomb of the Eagles on Orkney. Also on the DVD are; a film interview with the two creators, Michael Bott and Rupert Soskin; Outtakes; Unused footage; The original 10 minute pilot film; a slide show of the making of the film and a full-length producer/writer's commentary.
Michael Bott Posted by Michael Bott
24th January 2008ce

Spirit of Albion

Spirit of Albion is a site dedicated to those who love Earth Mysteries, folklore, The Occult and Paranormal, run by esoteric explorer and psychic questing author Alex Langstone.
alexlangstone Posted by alexlangstone
25th December 2007ce

Tribal Living

Set up by a co-operative of like minded people wanting to bring people and communities together, along with their ideas, so that we can all make a difference in the world. It is a place to discuss issues around sustainable living, alternative dwellings, living off the land in harmony with nature, alternative spirituality, to name but a few. We would like people to contribute their experiences, learn from others, and unite in making this planet a better place to live.
Stormy Posted by Stormy
5th November 2006ce

Stone Circle Search Engine-Google

Using the new Google Co-op feature I've created this search engine which may come in useful.

Enter your search term & it will Google it across the whole web, but giving preference to the megalithic websites I've put in - TMA, Megalithic, Megalithomania, Stone Pages & others (inc. mine).

Even better you can suggest more sites to include, definitely including your own if you have one-the more the better!
Chris Posted by Chris
26th October 2006ce

Bigstone: Stone Circles of the UK

A site detailing the megalithic sites that I have visited over the years. Hey, its not TMA but its my first site and I'm working on it ;-)
Chris Posted by Chris
30th August 2006ce

Rockart in Northern Europe

Interesting site on rockart in northern europe
rockartwolf Posted by rockartwolf
7th October 2005ce

Historic Scotland & Prehistoric rock carvings

Historic Scotland site with links and emails to various groups concerned with the protection and upkeep of rock carvings in Scotland. You can also download the Scottish Executive Policy & Guidance on carved stones.
rockartwolf Posted by rockartwolf
7th October 2005ce

Shadows and Stones: Ancient Ireland photo gallery by Ken Williams.

Although the website has many styles of photos, I have concentrated on megalithic sites in Ireland over the last few months. The old stones galleries feature hundreds of photos of about 60 megalithic sites across Ireland. Updated regulalry.
CianMcLiam Posted by CianMcLiam
31st January 2005ce
Edited 4th October 2005ce

Megalithic Ireland

Megalithic Ireland has moved to a new server with a new url. I will update the site with lots of new images of Irish megaliths and Irish High Crosses on a regular basis.
Posted by megaman
25th January 2005ce

Great Britain Location Search

Location based Search Sngine - Find Megaliths, Walks, Fords, Geocaches, Triangulation Pillars, OS Benchmarks, Radio Transmitters and More! Search by Clicking a map, a Grid Reference or Postcode.
Posted by barryhunter
26th December 2004ce

The Prehistoric Society

fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
8th December 2004ce

Changing Perspectives of Rock Art

A concise review from 2002, describing academic postulations on the subject of rock art in the British Isles, with a good bibliography.
Hob Posted by Hob
2nd December 2004ce

Rock Art Of The British Isles

Maarten van Hoek's website, with many excellent photos of RA in England, Scotland and Ireland.

With links to his pages on Europe and elsewhere.
Hob Posted by Hob
18th November 2004ce

Ancient Stones

A site of Ancient Stones - myths, legends, archaeology and the spiritual. This site is focuses on, but is not restricted to, the Neolithic and Bronze Ages and the magnificent monuments that those people left
Posted by Lightsmith
27th September 2004ce

Malcolm Bull's Trivia Trail

A-Z of which this is a sub-trail A-Z of archaeology terms with definitions over many pages
wideford Posted by wideford
25th September 2004ce

La Hougue Bie - Jersey

A Dolmen/Chambered Tomb, still enclosed by its cairn. Aligned to equinoctal sunrise with a medieval chapel built on top of the cairn.
Posted by PeterR
15th July 2004ce

Aberdeenshire Council Archaeology

Angus and Moray also covered. An amazingly comprehensive service that includes downloadable leaflets, stone circle trail, photo gallery, image links from NMRS etc.
wideford Posted by wideford
7th July 2004ce

English Heritage's Geophysics Database

Clickable regional maps lead you to the report summaries.
A few full reports are available plus a query service.
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
27th June 2004ce

Entoptic Phenomena

For a comprehensive review of entoptic imagery in rock art.
Not just substance induced patterns, as is often bandied about, but also naturally occuring phosphenes.

It's an old review ('95), based on even older material (mostly 70s). But it's a subject that may attract interest due to the current trends in Cognitive Archaeology.
Hob Posted by Hob
4th May 2004ce

Cognitive Archaeology

"Cognitive archaeology is the branch of archaeology that investigates the development of human cognition. It therefore deals with a great variety of evidence, ranging from early rock art to other forms of palaeoart, from animal cognition to palaeoanthropology to psychology and ontogenic cognitive development, and it also needs to concern itself with evidence of early human technology and the ability of domesticating natural systems of energy."

Good link at the bottom to a site on the age of rock art
Hob Posted by Hob
2nd May 2004ce

BBC - Iron Age Celts

This has to be the most entertaining link on this website. Design yourself a torc, visit the druid and the gods, build a fort... - and you can hear it all in Welsh or English
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
23rd April 2004ce

Stone Age Resources

Mostly Paleolithic Links.

Organised into categories:

General resources, stone age geology, food and nutrition, architecture and engineering and art and adornment.

With a extra spot on possible reasons for the extinction of the Neanderthals.
Hob Posted by Hob
20th April 2004ce

Online Archaeology

wideford Posted by wideford
9th April 2004ce

Earth Mysteries

The web pages of Dorset earth mysteries researcher and pagan author Peter Knight. Online articles from his CD-ROM include: Dolmens, Earth Mother, Holding An EM Event for Children, Dowsing, and Stone Circles. Plus news of his talks and field trips and that of the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group, and links.
Posted by Purple Pete
26th March 2004ce

'An antiquary', observed the satirical writer Samuel Butler in the 1660s, 'is an old frippery-Philosopher, that has so strange a natural Affection to worm-eaten speculation, that it is apparent he has a Worm in his Skull. He values one old Invention, that is lost and never to be recovered, before all the new ones in the World, tho' never so useful.'

Noel Malcolm reviews 'Antiquaries: The Discovery of the Past in Eighteenth-Century Britain' by Rosemary Sweet.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
17th March 2004ce

Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Database

This is a searchable, light-weight version of the National Monuments Record (NMR) for Northern Ireland (the equivalent of CARN for Wales or CANMORE for Scotland).
Kammer Posted by Kammer
15th March 2004ce


The New England Antiquities Research Association

"is a non-profit organization dedicated to a better understanding of our historic and prehistoric past through the study and preservation of New England's stone sites in their cultural context."

Interesting articles and pics of Sites in New England.
Hob Posted by Hob
29th February 2004ce

Tees Archaeology

The Tees Archaeology site.
The site is currently under development and is already an excellent resource. It will be even better once the SMR is added.
Check out the aerial photogaphy section.
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
26th February 2004ce

Archaeology Data Service Homepage

Home of Archsearch.
wideford Posted by wideford
4th February 2004ce

PSAS Articles

Starting point for access to full article reprints from the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (apart from the those published in the past three years or so).
greywether Posted by greywether
23rd January 2004ce

Oxbow Books

Best archaeology bookseller bar none. Based in Oxford where you can see their stock (including some second hand). Otherwise get on their catalogue mailing list - it's free and full of bargain book offers and good potted summaries of new books. If you want a non-uk book in print - they'll get it.
greywether Posted by greywether
23rd January 2004ce

Archaeology UK , home of ARCHI

The web site of the Archaeological Resource Collection . Searchable database ( not Orkney,Shetland ,Scillies ) most linked to aerial photo and local road map , placename finder etc.
wideford Posted by wideford
18th January 2004ce

The Noise Room

Ancient History, Modern Mysteries and New Research. The Noise Room follows current archaeological news at home and abroad. Also features online forums, free mailing list plus modern mysteries including forbidden archaeology, crop circles, balls of light.
Posted by skywatcher
17th January 2004ce

Andy H Art

My on-line gallery of art inspired by prehistoric rock art (click on 'art' menu item). Also includes photography, cartoons, comic strips, illustrations, flyers, album covers and graphics.

Updated with regular additions.
Kozmik_Ken Posted by Kozmik_Ken
12th January 2004ce

The Ley Hunter Backnumbers

For the 'oldies' out there. Remember The Ley Hunter, the 1st earth mysteries magazine. Well Jimmy Goddard has scanned in the early editions of the magazines from 1969 to 1976. The quality of the scannings a bit 'iffy', but these long out of print articles might contain a wealth of information.

Rivington Pike Posted by Rivington Pike
27th December 2003ce

Menhirs Libre

The official site of Carnac's 'Menhirs Libre' (Free the Stones) society. Menhirs Libre have campaigned tirelessly for the preservation, presentation and freedom of the Carnac alignments since the erection of the fences over 10 year ago.
Madame and Monsieur Mary live within the stones and thier own home is to this threatened by the plans.
Although the 'Menhirland' proposals have supposedly been dropped confusion still reigns over the fate of the menhirs.
(in French with short English synopsis)
Spaceship mark Posted by Spaceship mark
12th December 2003ce

Knappers Anonymous

This site has lots of information about flint knapping - history, practical tips...

The link is direct to the section about folklore connected with prehistoric flints - for example, the arrowheads that were later presumed to be 'elf-shot' in Britain, but it discusses how such tools have been interpreted and used throughout the world.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
5th December 2003ce

Alan Godfrey Maps

A shedload of 19th century one-inch to the mile OS map reprints.
Excellent value at £2.10 a pop!
fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
1st December 2003ce


AboutStonehenge.Info - information, pictures of Stonehenge in england, legends and astronomy theories on this ancient monlith calendar. AboutStonehenge.Info is the complete Educational & Tourist site on Stonehenge.
Posted by shadowfax
27th November 2003ce

Megalithic Online Shop

Prehistoric Books at 75% discount!!

There are some fantastic book offers currently available at this excellent online shop. As well as books there are products with a prehistoric theme: CD-ROMs, Jewellery, Reproductions etc
Earthstepper Posted by Earthstepper
22nd November 2003ce

Stone Age Reference Collection at the University of Oslo

Masses of information on stone tools and technology.
Chris Collyer Posted by Chris Collyer
30th October 2003ce

ADS - Archaeological Data Service

Acres of browsing and research: search for online articles, journals and their location etc. plus a wealth of links.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
10th October 2003ce

Dolmens in the Netherlands

All 54 Dutch burial chambers are documented on this very informative site by Hans Meijer. It's in English, too!
Jane Posted by Jane
8th October 2003ce

MAGIC - Multi-Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside

Don't let the appalling acronym put you off. This is a really useful web site containing rural and countryside information from a number of Government agencies including English Heritage.

NB. The MAGIC map is designed for use with Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape Navigator 4.6 or higher and a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels or higher. This is not a site for modem users either.
Kammer Posted by Kammer
22nd September 2003ce

Ethnographic Analogy and the Folklore of Cup and Ring Rock Art

Article by Kevin L Callaghan.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
1st August 2003ce

The Portable Antiquities Scheme

Web site covering The Portable Antiquities Scheme. The voluntary recording scheme for archaeological objects found by members of the public.
Rivington Pike Posted by Rivington Pike
1st August 2003ce
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