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Stanwell Cursus

Heathrow airport expansion "masterplan" opts for runway over cursus

Sadly, the chosen runway location is confirmed to be the option that goes over the only remaining section of cursus.
UncleRob Posted by UncleRob
18th June 2019ce

Carrowmore Complex

Archaeologists uncover megalithic monument thought to be unlike any found in Ireland to date

ryaner Posted by ryaner
14th June 2019ce

Scotland (Country)

Scotland's crannogs are older than Stonehenge

Archaeologists have discovered that some Scottish crannogs are thousands of years older than previously thought.

More info :
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
13th June 2019ce

Shantemon (Stone Row / Alignment)

Ancient hillfort reported damaged in Co Cavan

The National Monuments Service has confirmed that it is investigating a report of serious damage to a 3,000-year-old hillfort near Cavan town.

ryaner Posted by ryaner
10th June 2019ce


Ancient well discovered on top of Bennachie

An ancient well at the top of one of Scotland’s most iconic mountain peaks has been unearthed for the first time in hundreds of years.
Archaeologists from Aberdeen University’s Northern Picts projects made the incredible discovery this week at the Mither Tap, one of the summits of Bennachie in Aberdeenshire. The deep granite well would have served as a water source for the occupants of the impressive fort at the top of the hill, the remains of which can still be seen today.
LesHamilton Posted by LesHamilton
7th June 2019ce

Dunnicaer (Promontory Fort)

Video showing how the Dunnicaer Settlement may have looked
LesHamilton Posted by LesHamilton
30th May 2019ce


'Phenomenal' 2,300-year-old bark shield found in Leicestershire

Archaeologists hail iron age object a ‘marvellous, internationally important find’

ryaner Posted by ryaner
24th May 2019ce

Cantre'r Gwaelod (Mesolithic site)

Mythical ' Sunken Kingdom' of Wales rises again

A prehistoric forest which was buried under water and sand more than 4,500 years ago and inspired a local legend has been uncovered on a Welsh beach.

The forest near the village of Borth, Ceredigion, Mid Wales, used to stretch for up to three miles along the shore between Ynys-las and Borth but eventually was buried under layers of peat, sand and saltwater.

The eerie remains of these ancient trees under Borth's beach have led to the local legend of the mythical Sunken Kingdom of Wales, called Cantre'r Gwaelod.

Folklore has it that Cantre’r Gwaelod, or the Sunken Hundred, was a once-fertile land and township stretching for 20 miles, but was lost beneath the waves in a mythical age.

According to tales passed down through the ages, disaster struck and Cantre’r Gwaelod was lost to floods when Mererid, the priestess of a fairy well, apparently neglected her duties and allowed the well to overflow. Some say that on a quiet day, they can hear the bells of the drowned church of Cantre’r Gwaelod.

Now the remains of the forest's trees have been exposed more clearly than ever by low tides and high winds from Storm Hannah.

moss Posted by moss
23rd May 2019ce


Project plans to map out a major part of Doggerland

On the Guardian web site today.
mascot Posted by mascot
9th May 2019ce

Stonehenge (Circle henge)

Missing part of Stonehenge returned 60 years on

A metre-long core from inside the prehistoric stone was removed during archaeological excavations in 1958.

No one knew where it was until Robert Phillips, 89, who was involved in those works, decided to return it.

English Heritage, which looks after Stonehenge, hopes the sample might now help establish where the stones originally came from.

In 1958 archaeologists raised an entire fallen trilithon - a set of three large stones, consisting of two that would have stood upright with the third placed horizontally across the top.

During the works, cracks were found in one of the vertical stones and in order to reinforce it, cores were drilled through the stone and metal rods inserted.
moss Posted by moss
8th May 2019ce
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