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Uffington White Horse (Hill Figure)

Against all odds, England's massive chalk horse has survived for 3000 years

Old Article (July 2017)
moss Posted by moss
30th May 2020ce

Newgrange (Passage Grave)

New Discoveries At Newgrange 1962 (RTE)

Short (almost 11 minutes) piece about Professor O'Kelly's excavations at Newgrange. This episode of ‘Newsview’ was broadcast on 14 August 1962. The reporter is Sean Egan.
ryaner Posted by ryaner
24th April 2020ce

Stonehenge and its Environs

Jošt Hobic on Twitter

Some incredible 3-D computer generated landscapes from LIDAR data around Stonehenge
UncleRob Posted by UncleRob
6th April 2020ce
Edited 16th April 2020ce

Gunnerkeld (Stone Circle)

The Smell of Water

fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
16th March 2020ce


Loughanleagh & Muff Heritage Trust

The Loughanleagh is a region of high landscape value situated in east Cavan between the towns of Bailieborough and Kingscourt off the R165. It covers an area of approx 3 kilometres in length by up to 1 Kilometre wide and rises to a height of 344 meters (1119 ft) above sea level. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty offering spectacular panoramic views of up to fourteen surrounding counties of the Irish countryside.

It’s name Loughanleagh originates from Lough-an-Leighis or ‘Lake of the Cures’. It’s former name was Sliabh Gaileng-‘The Mountains of the Gailenga’. Loughanleagh is steeped in history and folklore covering the Neolithic, Stone age, Celtic and Norman periods. There are three Stone Age Cairns straddled across the ridge of Loughanleagh mountain.
ryaner Posted by ryaner
2nd March 2020ce

Cil Ifor Top (Hillfort)

Cil Ifor Top

Numerous aerial images of this fine hillfort - featuring new observations made during 'drought' conditions of 2018 (the irony is not lost on me having just returned from severe flooding, Feb 2020) - by the redoubtable Mr Driver and chums.

Well worth a visit......
1st March 2020ce



Scanned version of Sir Richard Colt Hoare's "Ancient History of South Wiltshire" (The Ancient History of Wiltshire volume 1). What a classic! He dug into a lot of barrows (you can hear his enthusiasm. But at least he notes what he found).
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
24th February 2020ce

Pendle Hill (Sacred Hill)

Lancashire Life

Photos of the Devil's footprints (and a description of how to find them).
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
9th February 2020ce

Waun Sarn (Cairn(s))

Elan Valley Past and Present

An interesting local website...
1st February 2020ce

Central London

The Urban Prehistorian

Interesting observations on the work of sculptor Keir Smith.
moss Posted by moss
27th January 2020ce

Low Hauxley Submerged Forest (Mesolithic site)

Historic England

Brief Statement on Rescue Recording of an Eroding InterTidal Peat Bed Containing Prehistoric Worked Timber and Human and Animal Footprints
February 2011

Staff from Archaeological Research Services Ltd undertook recording of an inter-tidal peat deposit at Low Hauxley, Northumberland, between the 21st and 23rd December 2010. The work comprised the cleaning (using hand tools) and planning of an area of footprints of both animal and human origin, along with extensive digital photography of the deposit and its context.
thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
26th January 2020ce

Tomnahurich (Sacred Hill)

National Museums Scotland

A photo of the lovely carved stone ball found on Tomnahurich in the early 19th century. This one is made from hornblende, and is about 3 inches across. It's been dated between 3200 and 2500 BC.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
25th January 2020ce

Cairn Gleamnach (Cairn(s))

Cateran Eco Museum

Prehistoric sites near the Cateran Trail.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
27th December 2019ce

Dowth II (Passage Grave)

A 'mind-blowing' few weeks for neolithic discoveries near Newgrange

YouTube report by on the discoveries at Brú na Bóinne in summer 2018, with some good footage of the excavation at Dowth Hall.
ryaner Posted by ryaner
24th December 2019ce

Hambledon (Hillfort)

LIDAR images of Hambledon & Hod via Twitter

From Jošt Hobi? on Twitter. Amazing imagery and well worth a look.
UncleRob Posted by UncleRob
11th December 2019ce

Grange / Lios, Lough Gur (Stone Circle)

Lough Gur 6000

Explore 6,000 years of human development
ryaner Posted by ryaner
19th November 2019ce

D27 Borger (Hunebed)

Hans Meijer's Borger Web Page update

The page for Hunebed D27 in Drenthe can now be found using the above link.
LesHamilton Posted by LesHamilton
17th November 2019ce

Dun Torcuill (Broch)


Tremendous photographs. High on the list for my next visit to North Uist, sad that its come to my attention a year or so before I intended to go.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
13th November 2019ce

Munkwolstrup (Megalithic Cemetery)

Arnkiel-Park - Official Website

Magister Troels Arnkiel-Park archäologisch-landeskundlicher Park (only in German)
Nucleus Posted by Nucleus
8th November 2019ce
Edited 24th November 2019ce

Grimsay Wheelhouse (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)


Good aerial pics of the wheelhouse.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
6th November 2019ce

Calden II (Allee-Couverte)

Das Galeriegrab Calden II @ Journal of Neolithic Archaeology

Completely excavated between 1990 and 1992, the Calden II gallery grave offers, despite being largely damaged, detailed information on its construction principles. Foundation trenches for the sidestones and the grave floor had been dug into the limestone close to the surface. Architecture and ritual correspond to grave I 1 km distant, but finds and radiocarbon dating suggest a close connection with the re-use (phase B) of the nearby enclosure (c. 3200 - 3000 BC). Traces of cremations between the bones of the regular burials indicate the existence of different funeral rites. The "de-construction" of the grave in the course of ritual activities is well illustrated by the removal of a sidestone and the deposition of a sheep in the Middle Bronze Age.
Nucleus Posted by Nucleus
5th November 2019ce

Galeriegrab Calden II @ Eco Pfad Archäologie Calden

more information on Calden II on the web site Eco Pfad Archäologie Calden (in German only)
Nucleus Posted by Nucleus
4th November 2019ce


Eco Pfad Archäologie Calden

The Eco Path Archeology Calden enables a journey through time of almost 5500 years - from the Neolithic to the 18th century. To dive so compactly into the regional history succeeds only in a few places in northern Hesse (in German only)
Nucleus Posted by Nucleus
4th November 2019ce

Calden I (Allee-Couverte)

Galeriegrab Calden I @ Eco Pfad Archäologie Calden

more information on Calden I on the web site Eco Pfad Archäologie Calden (in German only)
Nucleus Posted by Nucleus
4th November 2019ce

Moor Divock

The Smell of Water - Moor Divock

fitzcoraldo Posted by fitzcoraldo
26th October 2019ce
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