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Re: Monitoring the Staffordshire Hoard field Cometh the hour - Cometh The State.
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nigelswift wrote:
"The English Law which might have had some relevance didn't apply to it."

I don't think you could have provided a more accurate description of "fell through a gap in the regulatory framework".

Anyway, the gap is to be closed in the upcoming Treasure Act amendments so if something similar was tried in future those involved would be in trouble.

That particular law (about digging up "Crown Property") didn't have any relevance to it. So the helmet didnae "fall through" it simply wasn't covered by that law as applied to England and Wales' "constitutional monarchy" claim on all buried precious stuff. The Windsors get "First dibs" kinda thing...

If the Law (suspended in England since 1st May 1707) is going to be changed does that mean England and Wales will revert to "popular sovereignty"? Wont that effect Liz, Charlie and William? Do they know of these proposed changes? Or will the Law simply be changed to cover Iron...? That is gonna mean an awful lot of of work for the PAS and a horde of new Liason officers... Cometh the hour, cometh The State!

I don't think anything "was tried" in regard to this helmet. I think English Law (suspended in England since 1st May 1707) (and there is no Welsh Law) was fully applied to its fullest extent. I don't think anyone "would be in trouble" in the future at all!

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Howburn Digger
Posted by Howburn Digger
7th September 2019ce

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