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Re: Monitoring the Staffordshire Hoard field Cometh the hour - Cometh The State.
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nigelswift wrote:
Well, while we're dissecting the piece, it isn't State property (if it was State property, which you've shown it wasn't) until identified as "treasure", as which point it still wouldn't be State property either side of the border but you have to talk in simplistic ways in order to get through to people that they really should stop digging once they suspect it falls under the Treasure Act. One of the most frequent responses to posting a link on a detecting forum is "too long for me M8."

BTW my brother in law was from Edinburgh. ;)

Which "State"?

Which "Treasure Act"?

If I am digging spuds outta my tattie patch and gold Coin after gold coin comes spilling out from under my Arran Pilots, I will not be stopping the hauling of the bullion to phone up the "State" under any circumstances. Any "State" which launches air strikes on innocent civilians, sells Uranium enriched weapons to poison the lands of innocent people and removes hard-won benefits from its disabled and unemployed citizens doesn't deserve the gold from my tattie patch. Remember the handing over of the "Brexit-Ferry Contract" to a couple of City Bumturds by "The State"?[...]a-50m-cost-to-taxpayers-brexit[...]rry-contract-with-no-ship-firm

Cometh the hour - Cometh The State.

As for trusting the members of the 5th Battalion Neighbourhood Watch Saxon Scrap Observation Corps... don't make me laugh!

Anyway there was a real clear message in the "Detectorists" series. Leave shiny things on a field and Magpies will take them and hide them up trees. Could take centuries for them to cascade back down in a high wind. Pick it up and put it in your pocket... you'd be a fool not to.

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Howburn Digger
Posted by Howburn Digger
30th August 2019ce

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