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Re: Interesting article in Daily Tory...Men almost wiped out in Spain between 4500-4000BCE by Russians
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Monganaut wrote:

Thank you Monganaut and Sweetcheat for these articles. Sweetcheat - you provided an invaluable service as that Daily Mail page was freaking me out, as much with its sleazy layout as the horrible comments.

The study is fascinating isn't it, and dovetails with the recent findings on megalithic origins, which included the unknown-to-me news that the carriers of megalithic culture were from the Iberian peninsula. Quoting from the NYTimes: "Dr. Kristiansen said that “an added bonus” of the work is that, “This matches the most recent genetic evidence we have. Recent ancient DNA results show that people in Ireland and England came from Iberia.”

But I need to re-read and parse all this more carefully, as the current study says the Iberian immigrants into Northern Europe were the Beaker People, and doesn't mention the Neolithic folk. Two waves? Got to put all the pieces together....

Thanks again you two.

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Posted by Zariadris
17th March 2019ce

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