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Re: Anthony Gormley: How Art Began
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Missed the programme but will catch up. Cave art is amazing. The portable art too. I went to see the Ice Age Art exhibition at the British museum a few years ago and was stunned by the complexity of some of the pieces. Truly absorbing regarding the possible motives and meanings. And the sheer skill. I’ve become aware however that there is a great deal of discord/back biting/name calling in the cave art research community, mainly regarding the dating of cave art. One of the team involved with the discovery of ‘Neanderthal art’ was involved in the discovery of ’paleolithic art’ in the UK. To my mind, and to some in the profession, this has not been proven beyond doubt. In fact some of the other members of that team had doubts but these weren’t expressed publicity.I wrote to a number of independent researchers about these discoveries and one reply was particularly shocking...’he’s a tumour on our profession’ yikes! Haha..He wasn’t talking about the above mentioned researcher but one of his colleagues. Both of whom have been ‘banned’ from entering several caves with art in France and Spain. It seems to be a very competitive area indeed. There’s money and status at stake. What’s new? It’s like anything else. Should’nt spoil our enjoyment and wonder. In fact, what’s wrong with a little discord/disagreement as long as people are made aware of the fact that this the case. More often than not though people aren’t. Television likes things to be clear cut, and with clear conclusions. ‘It might be’ doesn’t cut it for T.V. sometimes, or books. Come to think of it where’s the hour long ‘Channel 4’ documentary about Britain’s Cave Art? Nah..just gets on the radio from time to time. ? I could go on for hours about all that!! Good day to you.

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Posted by Amil04
29th January 2019ce

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