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Re: John Michell lecture
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Although not astro this is an example of "data" from C.
"“It may be a coincidence, but if you multiply the height of maen llia(12.6ft) by 38, it comes out at the same as the height of the great pyramid at giza.(480FT)The angle of the north facing slope of maen llia is 38 degrees."

This is what causes the hurt and inferiority complex , and is the basis for fabricating nonsense.
"As is so often found with the pseudo metrologists they happily mix and match different types of measure from different periods and cultures to produce something that magically conforms with yet another value from a completely different culture , and never asking whether it makes any sense to include the different types of measure in the same equation .
In this case you multiply feet (was that the measure used by the erectors of ML?) by degrees (did the erectors also use a sexagesimal system too ) to arrive at a value related to the height of the Great Pyramid . And after all the mathematical and logical contortions , it’s still wrong . 12.6 x 38 does not = 480 (fwiw it’s 478 .8 ) . Further we don’t know the original height of the GP , although it is believed that it was 480 .6 ft . More to the point , the suggestion that there might be a “mathematical “ connection between a standing stone in Wales with the GP makes the math and logic problems seem negligible .

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Posted by tiompan
18th May 2016ce

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