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I doubt anyone can help but here goes.
I live in Hull (not my fault) and just north of us is the spectacular "ritual landscape" of Rudston and the Gypsey Race. So far it's my favourite place on the planet--anyone who's stood beneath the monolith will praps know why! Now there's a grey weathered stone to shelter behind :)
But not far to the south is the huge conical mound of Skipsea Castle, or Drogo's Castle.

All the pamphlets (damn those things) have informed me it's a Norman motte but I'm not sure. Stood atop her observing the shimmering summer fields for miles around I felt she had to be something more than just an oppressive Norman castle. The whole place has a wonderful vibe. All this is probably not sounding too scientific, heh.

But the first thing I thought when I saw it was Silbury Hill. Plus as you drive towards it it's hidden in a sort of bowl formed by the huge surrounding earthworks and reveals itself slowly as you move around it.

And then I found an old Time Team where they were investigating a nearby farm, and the fantastic local landscape interpreter, Stuart Ainsworth, visited this place. He thought it was originally Neolithic! and the huge earthworks surrounding it were, according to him, Iron Age!

I was just wondering if anyone had any more information? The place is so huge (it dwarfs the nearby artificial hill of Willy Howe) and it'd blow me away if it could be proved to be contemporary with this whole prehistoric complex.

Approaching the mound:-[...]394/nodarkthings/skipsea22.jpg

View of the mound (and my parents' doggy) from one of the huge surrounding earthworks:-

Here she is waiting to be sacrificed in a tiny stone circle hehe:-[...]394/nodarkthings/sacrifice.jpg

Love you all,

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Posted by Yorkshirepedestrian
30th January 2008ce

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Re: Skipsea (Rhiannon)
Skipsea now recognised as Iron age. (Monganaut)

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