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Re: Britain Begins - Barry Cunliffe
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tjj wrote:
tiompan wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:
It sounds as though an up to date book or paper refuting the Oppenheimer findings is needed. Anything you could recommend for the general reader (apologies if you've mentioned such a thing elsewhere)?

I've mentioned this a couple of times ,it's 5 years old ,a long time ago in this game but still relevant and not too technical .

Oppenheimer and Sykes are rarely mentioned these days ,unless it's in negative terms about the early days of the research . Because of the rate of change in info books are few and far between, part of the problem with O and S was that as soon their books were out papers had refuted them with new info . O and S could be likened to early antiquarians attempting to date monuments and coming up with druid altars and Mycenaean temples , possibly a bit extreme but you get the idea .
It's nearly all papers, the archaeo stuff is limited but, the snippets keep coming . The amateur experts are also providing important findings , this is due to punters getting their DNA done and investigating similar findings to their own with the freely available info on genome sequences , which has resulted in new discoveries of branches of particular haplotypes that would have usually been the work of the pros .

Very helpful! Thanks T, its a shame this doesn't have its own discussion thread though. I actually have Stephen Oppenheimer's 'Out of Eden' on extended loan from the library. Was saving it until I had more time to sit down and read it properly - will now do so with some reservation. I'd love to own the Barry Cunliffe book as, since seeing his work at Danebury, have the greatest respect for him as an archaeologist.

" Out of eden " , possibly because it is a much broader canvas didn't get the same criticism ,although it has to be said that there are plenty of sceptical voices about the OOA hypothesis. Maybe in in twenty years it will be a bit clearer ,early days .
Yes , Cunliffe is very good , I'm sure you'd enjoy the book .

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Posted by tiompan
29th December 2012ce

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