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Be reassured
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This topic (even after tarting up) is like shuddering next to the Manchester Ship Canal in a snowstorm.

You're skating dangerously close to the edge sir - pity, because your posts on things megalithic are generally well presented when you bother to address them correctly. You seem, however, to suffer from SMD (selective memory disorder) choosing posts (or parts of posts) that offer you the opportunity to be confrontational. That is your choice of course, unfortunately it generally leads to people being banned. Worse, and you may have already noticed this happening, of being ignored.

My advice to you is to go out and indulge in a little retail therapy - lighten up a bit, enjoy the soft autumn we're having, buy a new hat for when things turn colder. When you've done that you might check on your medication, make sure it's the right one, or up the dosage a bit (not too much of course) And when you've got all that sorted, why not think carefully before posting - who knows, with a little practice you might start making sense in a consistent sort of way and, with even a little more practice, you might even start making friends.

Good luck - you're going to need it.

PS Philip Larkin once wrote of Charles Causley -

Ah, CHARLES, be reassured! For you
Make lasting friends with all you do,
And all you write; your truth and sense
We count on as a sure defence
Against the trendy and the mad
The feeble and the downright bad.

PPS You may of course reply to this post - don't expect a reply.


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Posted by Littlestone
12th October 2006ce

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