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Littlest one ;)
Have you heard the words of Robin Williamsons lyrics?
as the harpist and bard of the Incredible String Band he sings about megaliths. myths and standing stones etc
the Five denials on Merlins Grave is a good song as is Finn and the Old Man's house
which he performed with John Renbourne from the band Pentangle, they went under the name 'The Inpenetrable String Tangle'

"Now it's said
and said truly, of the Hero 'Finn McCaul',
that if one day goes by without his name being mentioned then the
world will come to an end, so judgeing by the way things are going its
a good job I mentioned his name to you tonight.
Finn was a great hero altogether and it was said of Finn McCaul's
generousity that his house was the strangers home and if the leaves of
the forest of the world were red gold and the waters of the world
white silver Finn would have given them all away.

Well Finn was hunting once, he was very fond of hunting, why wouldn't
he love it his own nephews were hunting dogs under enchantment, boys
under enchanment as hounds you know, the greatest hunting dogs in the
world they were and their names were Bran and Skillan but its not the
story of Bran and Skillan I'm telling you tonight (But I do know it.)

Finn was out hunting one time and he had with him one of his greatest
friends, a man by the name of Connan Maoul, now that means Connan the
Bald, they called him Connan the bold because he had no hair on his
head but he had that much hair on his back and his legs and his arms
that they used to shave him once a week and all the stockings and
gloves that Finn or any of the hero's that Finn had with him ever wore
were made out of the hair of Connan Maoul.

You'd have heared of Connan the Barbarian likely? That was named after
this Connan by an old traditional idea called a rip off!
Connan Moaul.

He never saw an open door that he thought his duty to walk through it,
he never saw a man frown and he thought his duty to strike him,
but it's not the story of Connan that I'm telling you tonight.

Finn had him with him this time also another great hero named 'Germot
of the love spot' and Germot had a mark on his face and he had to keep
that mark covered with his hat for if any woman saw it she'd fall
passionatly in love with him and he was one of the greatest hunters in
the world but he'd never hunt the wild boar but it's not the story of
Germot that I'm telling you...

(see pt2)

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Posted by Ishmael
7th November 2005ce

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