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Avebury (Stone Circle)

H M Y Underhill Archive

plan view of the circle in 1722. click on 'this album' link for more of Avebury.

Wayland's Smithy (Long Barrow)

Chambers Book of days

Superb Image and text explaining the Weyland myth and the connections with other myths and legends.

H M J Underhill Slides

Two slides of the smithy from the archive of the Oxford Institute of Archaeology.

Adwell Cop (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

UK Genealogy Archives

Includes the info:

'Adwell Cop is an ancient entrenchment supposed to have been constructed by the Danes when they burnt Oxford in 1010.'

(included here as links to change and expire)

Wayland's Smithy (Long Barrow)

YouTube - Swords of Wayland

Clip from an episode of Robin of Sherwood (the eighties one, not the one on telly at the mo), entitled 'Swords of Wayland'. - they don't make them like they used too!

Kipling Society

Notes on Puck of Pooks Hill and the Sword of Weyland. Nice piccy of Mr Smith aswell.

Jordsvin Page

Teutonic/Scandinavian Roots of Mr Smith. Not sure I want to go into the 'Spae-Realms' though, down the pub sounds like more fun. ;-)

The Smith and the Devil

Interesting look at how Blacksmiths are viewed as devilish in folklore and culture. Much text about the Vulcan!

Burgh Hill Fort (Hillfort)

Ancient Scotland

some nice photos

The Ridgeway (Ancient Trackway)

Icknield Way

official Icknield Way web site (encompasess the Rudge)

The Paps of Anu (Sacred Hill)

Goddess Alive - Issue 3

Text and images.

Get your paps out for the landscape!

Cherbury Camp (Hillfort)

Berkshire History

Pusey Horn and Cherbury Camp Legend

The Ridgeway (Ancient Trackway)

The Friends of The Ridgeway

'Fighting to preserve the spirit of The Ridgeway'

Segsbury Camp (Hillfort)

Ashmolean museum - Segsbury Camp

Brief description and some aerial photographs from the 1930's.

Hackpen Hill (Oxfordshire) (Round Barrow(s))

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

Aerial photo of Hackpen Hill.

Also see
'Various objects, including flint implements, an urn and burnt bones have been found at this site.'

Port Meadow Round Hill (Round Barrow(s))

word document on Round Hill (.doc format)


'This is apparently the only archaeological site on Port Meadow recognised prior to 1933; it is marked on the map as Round Hill. It consists of a low irregular mound, 1? ft. high and 115 ft. in diameter, somewhat disturbed on the E. side. Round it is a circular ditch, which shows on the ground on the S. side only; the complete circle has been proved by probing. Placed on the W. edge of this mound, and overlapping the ditch, is a second, smaller mound, some 45 ft. in diameter, with steep sides rising to a height of 4 ft. above the surface of the Meadow. At the top is a small crater, traces of a previous opening about which nothing is known.'

There are some diagrams as well.

Mount Farm (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

EH link

A Neolithic Oval Barrow is mentioned in the text, as well as significant bronze age remains. Site was investigated in 1933.

Perborough Castle (Hillfort)

Castles of England

Boscawen-Un (Stone Circle)

EcoPsychology and Art

image of Christopher Castle's painting of the circle

Wayland's Smithy (Long Barrow)

Metalworking and the Sacred Smith

View on prehistoric metallurgy and Wayland
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Live near the Ridgeway and most interested in sites 'up the rudge'.

Hates: people leaving rubbish at Wayland Smithy (groan, gripe, rant, rage, dribble etc!)

Loves: people taking their rubbish away with them in bags. And yes, that includes nitelites, coins (at least make them silver!), glass, sweet wrappers and dog ends.

Q. what's brown and sticky?
A. try collecting firewood at Waylands.
THINK. would you shit in a church?

... ... ... here endeth the rant

} cUrReNt NoNsEnSe {

Doesn't pagan to a roman just mean some old person who lives in the sticks?

"Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?"

"God dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor not a Dealer"

"We have sat waiting like this many times before. Sometimes I tire... of the fighting and killing. At night, I can hear the call of my race. They wait for me. When I join them, we will be forgotten."

"We're dealing with a Gnome! A Devil!... A Devil? Now you listen to me. The Devil in the Keep wears a black uniform, has a Death's Head in his cap, and calls himself a Sturmbannf├╝hrer!"

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