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Stone Circle


well after visiting boscawen un regularly now for several weeks(i live local , so its easy), i thought a visit at night seemed a good idea!, actually it was the night before the summer solstice sunrise!, well being a little apprehensive about possibly disturbing a working group of witches i headed for the circle, taking the easier route via the lay-by off the A30.What i can i say??, ive had some tremendous experiences at the circle in the daytime, but this ill never forget!!, walking down towards the circle in the dark(10pm ish), the whole of the circle was covered in a white dome!, obviously the energies were flowing!, i was suprised to see no-body there at all.... as i entered the circle, it was obvious there was huge enegies present, over the previous few days i'd noticed it building, even to the point of recieving electric shocks off the centre stone!.walking round i did my usual energy sensing using my hands, picking out the energy lines easilier than usual, it was a cloudy nite, very dark but the circle glowed!!, to be honest id say it was alive!, ever stuck a 9 volt batterie on your tongue as a child??, well that was the feeling i was experiecing throughout my body, the centre stone truly was vibrant!, to touch the stone was not needed , simply placing your hand near to the stone resulted in a strong "tingle".standing there in front of it it seemed to grow and tower over myself, showing its true might ...the quartz stone always exudes strong energy in my opinion!, to sit against it usually results in an almost guaranteed altered state of conciousness for myself!, tonight was no exeption!, the whole circle being of absolute silence, i sat there for a while unerved by the fact i was in the middle of nowhere basically!!, i was then joined by another person, made me jump to be honest!, just appeared out of the dark!, seems he 's a regular to the many sites in the area and we shared discussion on various theories of the circle, i really would know how this circle is worked by the group(s) that use it, which i know it is used, so if you visit please be very respectful to everything!, thankyou!.. Anyway i carried on with my own little workings as did the other gentleman, whilst sat between the two stones at the entrance on the other side sensing the energy flow through the stones with my hands it suddenly appeared!, a white circle of light flowing as a ring through the stones themselves(obviously the one i was sensing at the time!, this really was when the whole circle came to life, with such vibrancy and strength, i really couldnt move at that moment in time, it was a nice energy though, eventually the gent left and i stayed till the early hours...meditating with the stones produces very interesting results i find, moreso if u actually meditate on the idea of actually bieng one of them sitting between them!!.well dawn broke, the sunrise was poor due to the very cloudy sky, but the overall feeling in the circle was one of absolute peace, the energy levels had resided considerably but i witnessed swirling cones of energy visibly around the centre stone and on the top of the stone by the far entrance!, this is truly beautiful to watch as it rises and twists about the stones!.i sat nearby to the centre stone for a while longer, this site truly fascinates me, more than any of the others, i think mainly due to the fact that its the most powerful!, i visit the others regular, but i never experience anything like i do here whilst there.well the rain came, and looking at my watch it was 6am!, a night i wont forget in a hurry!. people may dismiss such experiences, putting it down to drugs , alcohol etc.......but i partake in neither!, what i experience really does happen, im sure many will agree!, the energies at boscawen are strong and can get alot stronger!, its nice to sit and wallow in them at times, but theres a limit....sit and enjoy, secrets will be revealed to those who seek them, if you visit the site, please please be respectfull to everything about you!, boscawen is lucky in the respect that it can be a real bugger to find and it ensures it wont go the same way as the merry maidens!!, trampled into the ground almost!!. unlike the merry maidens, it is possible to spend time here without seeing anybody for hours!!, this is the way id like to see it kept!, im sure i have many in agreement too!.well visit i say!, the long route is nice too!, just remember to turn right at the farm ok....good shoes advisable!, if its raining your jeans will get a good soaking too!, and the brambles on either path will tear you to shreds if you wear shorts!!, ive the scars to prove ok!!. paul1970 Posted by paul1970
21st June 2002ce

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