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Glastonbury Tor

Sacred Hill


Since the local authorities limited the parking by the side of the Tor and introduced a park and ride scheme from the town centre the journey to the Tor can be somewhat less than a pilgrammage.
Best plan is to park in the Town centre car park, and walk along Chilkwell street to the Chalice well gardens first... although there is a charge for entry here (it can be omitted and the well water obtained from the spout in the Tor road proper).. the Gardens are extremely well maintained and are a haven of relaxation and contemplation, and a good place to drink the Chalybeate water of the Red Spring.
Next visit the source of the white spring which is in an old reservoir building 50 yards up the Tor road... I don't think that this source can be drunk, unfortunately... but revel in the mystery of the two distinct springs joining side by side at the foot of the Tor...
Go back down the lane and on the left is a footpath running up past some cottages in what was an orchard.. I believe occult writer Dion Fortune lived here for a while... and now start the climb of the Tor proper... up the spine of the Dragon path...
Notice the remains of the spiral paths, forming a labyrinthine maze, which if you have three or four hours to spare would be the truly correct way to climb the Tor , indeed on special festival days the maze is still used...and is a powerful and evocative tool for attuning the mind to the ritual in progress...
Once at the top, take your time... this is a powerful place and believe me, the energy that can be experienced here can be overwhelming... the Xtians didn't plonk that tower there for no reason (mind you, an earthquake took out the rest of the building.. so think on that).. and whether you think Arthur and his Knights slumber within, or that it conceals the Grail, or that it is the focus of many ley lines which radiate outwards from it's divine essence.. or simply its just a place to be...meditate for a while and see what comes to your mind.... you will be changed by the experience.
Posted by Jon on the Rock
4th September 2001ce

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