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Re: Stonehenge & Environs
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carol27 wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
I have to say I didn't find Smithone any less of a human being but whether that's so or not I hope all of us get behind Blickmead because (a.) there has been some damage there and (b.) it's pivotal, and the original essence of Stonehenge and (c.) the real villains, Highways England and its supporters are trying to downplay its importance so they can go ahead with David Effing Cameron's now-irrelevant vote-catching plan in the teeth of UNESCO's opposition.

BTW VBB used to be here but left years ago. He does know quite a lot despite being too modest to admit that VBB stands for Venerable Botty Burp, i.e. old fart!

Yes, thankyou. "Human being" was tongue in cheek, as I'm sure you know ( undoubtedly clumsy on my part. Smithone is undoubtedly a passionate er,ahem antiquarian with major knowledge & a human being, as such),.(a) damage is occuring all over the country. ( b) all sorts of places presumably " pivotal" just, personally not so obsessed with Stonehenge, my failing I'm sure. (c) no arguments there in regards to its relationship with Stonehenge.
VBB seems like a splendid chap & I truly admire his devotion & hard work. Genuinely, it's to be supported.

Pleasantly surprised to see VBB here this morning - as Nigel said, one of the many knowledgeable people who used to post here in the past. I have been lucky enough to meet him out at Avebury once or twice - he is the complete opposite to pompous.

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Posted by tjj
14th November 2017ce

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