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Gortmonly (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Fieldnotes

I found this rock while out prospecting for gold. Don't worry I didn't hit it with my hammer!!
It's very important I know about megaliths as hevan forbid I damage any of these prehistoric wonders. But this one did not appear to be on any maps.

It is located behind a small quarry at the top of the lower north eastern mound at Gortmonly Hill in Co. Derry, Northern Ireland.

GR: 240769 408652

It has recently been uncovered by farmer who has chopped down a lot of bush. Maybe he intends to extend his quarry so this site must be recognised before it is lost.

The stone needs a proper clean up and inspection. If anyone wishes to go have a look with me please e-mail me. Maybe there is more in the surrounding area if anyone wishes to explore.

Gortmonly (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Gortmonly</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Gortmonly</b>Posted by 12pointer

Dunnamore (Wedge Tomb) — Images

<b>Dunnamore</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Dunnamore</b>Posted by 12pointer

Radergan (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>Radergan</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Radergan</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Radergan</b>Posted by 12pointer

Loughmacrory III (Wedge Tomb) — Images

<b>Loughmacrory III</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Loughmacrory III</b>Posted by 12pointer

Loughmacrory I (Wedge Tomb) — Images

<b>Loughmacrory I</b>Posted by 12pointer

Tulnacross (Standing Stones) — Images

<b>Tulnacross</b>Posted by 12pointer

Copney (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Copney Stone Circles are very impressive. There seems to be 2 smaller circles (about 16m in diameter) and a 3rd larger one (about 22m diameter) which is only one quarter exposed. A stone row of about 9 stones leads off one of the smaller circles. The circles are stone filled with a central cairn. The central cairn has a stone lined hole in the centre, one of the circles has a cap stone at the base. Like spokes in a wheel, the stones radiate from the centre out to the edge in rows of a bout 7 stones. As you can see by the images it is very over grown and some stones are extremely weathered. Obviously there has been some movement of the stones so it is hard to make any definate observations. Apparently there are another 6 stone circles beneath the bog yet to be uncovered.

Copney (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Copney</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Copney</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Copney</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Copney</b>Posted by 12pointer

Castlemervin (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Castlemervin</b>Posted by 12pointer

Clach Bhan (Cup Marked Stone) — Images

<b>Clach Bhan</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Clach Bhan</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Clach Bhan</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Clach Bhan</b>Posted by 12pointer

Brahan House (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Images

<b>Brahan House</b>Posted by 12pointer<b>Brahan House</b>Posted by 12pointer
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