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Drizzlecombe Megalithic Complex — Fieldnotes

One of the most visually impressive of Dartmoor's unique stone-row complexes, both because of the size of the end stones and also because, being set down in the Plym valley, the entire complex can be viewed in its entirety.

The ritual hypothesis would seem to be supported by its proximity to the river and also the nearby dwelling sites. Dartmoor's well preserved complexes such as this and Merrivale are, to me, among the most thought provoking and enigmatic prehistoric monuments in the UK.

King Arthur's Hall (Stone Setting) — Fieldnotes

I visited this on a lovely spring day about 18 months ago after seeing it on the OS map and thinking it looked unique. It was very pretty filled with bog cotton dancing about in the breeze - but also frustrating and puzzling.

I am a (reasonably) well read amatuer pre-historian and there is really precious little about this monument in anything I have read, which is suprising for if it really is a neolithic or bronze age monument then it would seem to be almost unique and not correspond to any of the standard categories of monument. It has both henge and stone circle characteristics laid out in a way which is unual in itself, but its rectangular shape is the real mystery - can't think of anything else in the UK that is similar (although maybe there are similar monuments on the continent?).

I would be very grateful if anyone could direct me to any further info about this monument and/or advise if any excavations have ever taken place. It is difficult to know whether monuments that do not 'fit in' to the standard classes should be dismissed as oddities or may be able expand our knowledge. Certainly the recent Time Team programme featuring the possible 'ceremonial cuaseway' at nearby Rough Tor demonstrates that Bodmin is capable of turning up a few surprises - I for one would be very fascinated to know what a dig here might reveal.
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