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Dron Hill (Sacred Hill)

This site is marked on the OS map as a fort. But I do not believe that this hilltop was used as a prominent military establishment. If one wants to travel up here and tune into the ambience, they can expect discover a dominant female vibe about the place. In order to be made to feel 'welcome' at this site, any overly masculine aproaches towards life occuring in your mind will have to be compromised with in favour of the sites specific form of feminity. I say 'specifc' because this 'feminine energy' can come in three distinct forms:

Young blossoming girl
Mature dominant woman
Sickly old hag.

Having done a bit of reading, i have found my experiences upon this hill fall pretty much into line with the Celtic 'Triple Goddess' deity. However, don't believe what they say about the goddesses transition and the phases of the moon. (i.e. new moon-virgin; full moon-mother; old moon - crone) It just does not work as simply as all that.

Finavon Hillfort

Finavon (Angus):
"Wooded sacred lands", from Fiodh Neimhidh.
( pdfs/placenamesF-J.pdf)

In Earth/Cosmic energy terms, this is an immensely powerful site! Infact very probably the jewel of the whole region (and I have got around a few sites). Finavon Hillfort is the site of an old Pictish vitrified fortification which in its day would have also been the `capital' of the area where the ancient regality would have resided exerting political influence over the area. It will not take any sentient person too long before they start to sense the history of this site but beware, this was a military establishment for over 2000 years and consequently many men have fought and died here and indeed women and children executed. I mention all this by way of a warning to 'peace-love-& happiness' tree hugging types. Although finavon hillfort is essentially a hugely positive place, it is also an extremely heavy place. The residual energies remind the sentient modern day sacred sites day-tripper exactly how hardcore and violent this site once was! (enough tradegy can be sensed here to last 1000 lifetimes!)

Phrases that would best describe the nature of the ambience at this site would be; controlled agression; enhanced sensations of personal worth; feelings of belonging (or sometimes not belonging!!); and the fort's exculsive and distinct brand of beauty and value. I have a huge amount of experience of this hill and perhaps it could have been described at one point in time as my site of pilgrimage. But I am not going to bore everyone with a laborious description of all my personal experiences of this hill but I will say that anyone who visits this hill at the right time and spends 2 to 3 hours on it. Will go home absolutely bubbling with feelings of personal worth and strength (a bit like cocaine for the soul). However, visit this place at the WRONG time, then ……. OO-ER! I have often found that early mornings have proved to be 'right times' (especially mid autumn) and dusk can often be the 'wrong time'.

I have associated three deity like energies with this hill:

1) Large Buffalo/Bull type deity: Dispensenser of 'power vision', aggression and personal courage. An undefeated champion!

2) Elephant type ambience: Strange for Scotland but I have experienced an Elephant style ambience fairly consistently. It was autumn of 2002 when this ambience seemed to be consistantly present.

Now these two ambience/energies I believe would not have existed upon Finavon hill had this not been a Pictish centre. i.e. I believe that the presence of these deities is due to the religious practices of the Picts. However, there is a far more eminent and powerful `energy being' that frequents this hill and although the Picts may have harnessed its energy and worshipped it, I get the feeling that this thing is very much independent of any human
spiritual conjuring, namely:

3) Giant Silvery Bear/Yeti type Energy Being!
Posesses Supreme Wisdom over other energy phenomena. Radiates energy which translates into immense high of pure silvery excellence. This energy being's presence can be sensed regularly but the date upon which I experienced its presence at its fullest capacity was on the morning of October 6th 2000. This remains my most valued 'earth-powers' experience and would consider trading in a limb in order to relive the experience again!

Most people reading this will consider it to be deluded madness, but I have grown bored and tired of trying to convince such people of a phenomena that I personally recognise as very tangible and a plain and simple reality of the world in which we live.

(By the way, when I visit these places I am prone to being under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms)

Dunino Den (Sacred Well)

After hearing that this site was featured on the 'Fortean' TV show hosted by the biker priest, I headed out to pay this place a visit (around November 1999). Firstly, I should mention that an unfortunate feature of this den is that the burn that runs through it acts a sewage stream for the houses surrounding it!

Secondly from the accounts I have heard from other people Dunino Den was supposedly a highly revered site of pagan worship. For example, on the Fortean TV show it was reported that one of the camera men lit up a cigarette only to hear a voice inside his head snapping at him to 'GET OUT'

However my personal experience of this place was that it was very much the sort of place where one might discover the 'teddy bears having their picnic'. I found the ambience of the place very gentle and unprovoking. Indeed, if the den were a person then there would not be a better baby-sitter in town. A very nice place indeed, but in my opinion it was NOT a site of PRIMARY pagan worship. The energy of this den would provide the worshiper with too much of a sheltered outlook on life for the duration of the worshippers stay (Worship = outlook = approach to life i.e. A close pact with the energies in this den is not going to get the worshipper through times of great challenge and hardship).

Of course, the above is just an account of my own personal experience of the place.....and I have only ever been once....perhaps there are sharper more powerful elements to the energies here that I never stumbled upon orn was aware of?
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