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The Trundle (Causewayed Enclosure) — Folklore

Aaron's Golden calf was supposed to be buried in the hill. Another version says it is a hoarde of Viking treasure guarded by a ghostly calf which can be heard bleating.

The Devil's Jumps (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery) — Folklore

They got the name from a local tale about how the Devil met his match in Thor. Thor was resting on Treyford Hill nearby when the Devil began to jump from one barrow to another, the noise woke Thor who told him to clear off. The Devil started to taunt Thor saying he was too old to jump like that himself. The irritated Thor scored a direct hit with a stone just as his visitor was mid jump, hitting him in the midriff. The Devil took off vowing never to return. In other versions it is Thor who gets the stone thrown at him

Harrow Hill (Ancient Mine / Quarry) — Miscellaneous

According to "The Place names of Sussex" by Julian Glover, Harrow derives from OE- haerg- a heathen place of worship. Excavation on a small Iron Age enclosure at the top of the hill revealed a number of Ox skulls. Probably the Autumn slaughter for the Winter took place here, with the heads left as offerings at the shrine.

Cissbury Ring (Hillfort) — Folklore

An underground passage was said to run from Offington Hall (now gone) and the ring guarded by large snakes insode the tunnel.

A highwayman before he was hanged vowed not to sleep in his grave. Somewhere near the middle of a road near Cissbury ring the corpse was buried, but next morning was found lying on top of the grave. The dead Highwayman would not rest and his career continued. On the command of an occupant of his carriage a driver drove straight towards the highwayman that tried to rob them, only to pass straight through him! Even worse those passing by the grave would see at the last minute a body in the road and unable to stop would runover it with a terrible clump. When they went back noone was there!

Bevis's Thumb (Long Barrow) — Miscellaneous

Bevis's Thumb was also called Solomon's Thumb in old times. It is supposed to be the grave of the giant Sir Bevis.
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