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Clachnaben (Natural Rock Feature)

The Walk to the summit of Clachnaben

A link to Walkingworld, where details of the path can be found.

Temple Stones, Millden (Stone Circle)


When RCAHMS visited in 1996 all they found was:

"the massive recumbent boulder and its flanking stones, both of which have fallen. The recumbent, which lay on the SW of the circle, is irregularly-shaped and measures 2.9m in length from ESE to WNW by about 1.1m in thickness and 1.7m in height. The E flanker has fallen to the NE and measures 2.6m in length by 1.7m in breadth and at least 0.7m in thickness. The W flanker has fallen to the WNW and measures 2.9m in length by 1.4m in breadth and at least 0.7m in thickness. A heap of field-cleared stones has been placed behind the recumbent and the remainder of the area of the circle has been cultivated."

Judging by Moths photos it reads better than it lives.


Stone Circle Search Engine-Google

Using the new Google Co-op feature I've created this search engine which may come in useful.

Enter your search term & it will Google it across the whole web, but giving preference to the megalithic websites I've put in - TMA, Megalithic, Megalithomania, Stone Pages & others (inc. mine).

Even better you can suggest more sites to include, definitely including your own if you have one-the more the better!

Cortie Brae (Stone Circle)


Two stones lay on an aritifical mound at this site. Coles described them as the reamins of a stone circle, but they have been further disturbed since then.

Frendraught (Stone Circle)


A recumbent stone, some 5 feet long (with a furter foot broken off) and 6 feet tall, together with a possible cairn are all that remain of this abused and robbed circle.

Knock Hill (Stone Circle)


A small stone circle of 7 megaliths stands on the slope of Knock Hill. Four are fallen, but remain in place, the tallest stone is 1m tall.

Nethertown (Stone Circle)


Aerial photography has revealed the presence of a possible unrecorded RSC. Further investigation needed.

Whitestripes (Henge)


Aerial photography has revealed the presence of a probable henge in crop marks.

Nether Dumeath (Stone Circle)


The remains of a battered RSC. Recumbent & flankers are still present, although fallen.

Upper Auchnagorth (Stone Circle)


Ten stones remain, only 3 standing. Circumference of 44feet, the stones are between 4 & 6 feet tall.

Barons Cairn (Cairn(s))


A cairn some 19m in diameter, and now topped with an OS Trig point.

Cat Cairn (Cairn(s))


Another of the scheduled cairns on Tullos Hill. 2.5 m high and approx 16m in diameter.

Crabs Cairn (Cairn(s))


Another cairn on Tullos Hill, damaged during the war, but still visible. A small urn was discovered in the cist.

Tullos Hill (Cairn(s))


A cairn some 21m in diameter and 2.5 m high. Situated on Tullos Hill along with 3 other scheduled cairns and many smaller tumuli.

Loudon Wood (Stone Circle)

Aberdeenshire Council Map

This gives a more accurate location for the circle. Note the extra tracks marked compared to the OS.

Golford (Clava Cairn)


Remains of a 'stone circle', thought to be more likely a Clava Cairn.

Auldearn Cairn & Stone Row (Stone Row / Alignment)


Just down the road from the remains of Auldearn Stone Circle, lies a 'mutilated & overgrown' cairn some 13 m in diameter. Of the six stones in the adjoining row, only 2 remain upright, but both are over 1m tall.

Mains of Moyness (Ring Cairn)


A runied ring cairn by the roadside. The kerbstones ranged up to 2.9m in height, although most of the cairn material is gone. A single standing stone 4.5 feet tall remains, with possible fallen stones in the vegetation.

Lynagowan (Stone Circle)


In 1972, three stones remained of a possible stone circle. Given the remoteness of this site, I'd say go for the walk, and view any stones as a bonus!

Pitchroy (Stone Circle)


Two stones remain of this circle. One a full 7 feet high, the other now fallen. Visible from the road.
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