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Trencrom Hill (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

Trencrom Hill is always overlooked, yet provides incredible views over the whole of West Cornwall, with Mounts Bay to the south and St Ives bay to the north. The view to the East provides tremendous unspoilt views past carn Brea and on towards the clay pits.

The hill itself is an iron age hill fort. Park at the car park at the southern base of the hill, then walk along the bottm of the hill, keeping the hill to your left. The path will split and you must take the left hand route, which will lead you through bracken up the side of the hill. Hidden off to the left on your ascent is a sealed well, thought to have holy properties but now too dangerous to leave open, due to the depths it was sunk to.

Keep ascending until you enter the fort through a very obvious stone pillared gateway. There are exposed granite boulders in the settlement that proved wonderful seating for eating and viewing.

The remains of two huts can be seen sunken into the earth.

Take dowsing rods, as the reading here can provide great interest, with central energy flow coming from St Michaels Mount, through Trencrom and out towards Ireland. Smaller sources seem to track water flow around the hill.

A visit on a summers evening for sunset is a never to be forgotten experience.

Carn Euny Fogou & Village — Fieldnotes

Saturday 6th October, 1330hrs - a beautiful day with a slight south westerly breeze. Slight cloud cover and a milky sun (important fact-wait and see)The collie dog from the nearby house was there again and showing interest in our sandwiches - very placid and acts as if he owns the site - probably a reincarnated celt.
There were only 2 other visitors and the site was dry and clean.
The fougou was as peaceful as ever and the beehive had obviously been the subject of a ritual, as the scamps had left their tea light cases all over the inside of the structure, along with sprinklings of fresh earth.
As I started to sketch I saw glowing from the walls of the beehive. As I moved my head I could see green phosphorescence all around me. Looking closely I saw that it seemed to come from a greenish moss or lichen. The effect was like fibre optic decorations.
I wondered if it was residue from the ritual but then found it extended the length of the fougou.
A man with a digital camera tried to photograph the phenomenon but the camera couldn't quite adapt to the conditions.
Very magical. The sun was shining through the door to the beehive from the empty door space opposite, which added to the magic.
Carn Euny is a very peaceful place, very calming feel., far better than Chysauster and also delightfuly hidden away. Chances are if someone finds it, they're an enthusiast too.
Spent two hours there before walking over the fields to Boscawen Un to top up my batteries for the walk back to Sancreed.
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