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Giant's Rock (Rocking Stone)

Came here again after nearly 8 years,it's still there but the area is getting very overgrown.When I got back to Zennor the farmer congratulated me on my achievement.

Carwynnen Quoit (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech)

Went here on a very hot day in June. Was pleasantly surprised to see that work has started. There are two field gates with space for a couple of cars and easy access to the field.It is nice to see the meadow flowers starting to grow.I await now eagerly for something to happen to the Stones, it is quite a jigsaw puzzel.

Wester Cowden Farm (Stone Row / Alignment)

You cannot miss this one,it's rather large. There are clear cup marks on pointy end and other eroded featuring on the face. There are other stones in the near area but I couldn't find them. Maybe next time I'll bring a strimmer.

Tomnaverie (Stone Circle)

What can I say, easy access, beautifully restored site. What a setting,you can see for miles,when I was there you could see Dark Lochnagar.What more could you want.

Stone of Morphie (Standing Stone / Menhir)

Not to difficult to find, as you round the corner there it is. It sits amongst the debris of farming but this does not detract from the stones magnificence. It must have commanded quite a view in the past for the land drops away towards the hills.

Tuilyies (Standing Stones)

You cannot miss these. There is a layby and if you don't mind clambering over barbed wire it is easy to access. Lovely stones , possibly a four poster with an outlier although a stone would be missing.

Creich Manse (Stone Circle)

What a delight it was to find this, it is at the back of the manse garden on a hill. Nick has said all there is to say about this site and I have nothing to add. The minister has changed and the new one is very enthusiastic about his treasure.

Pitcorthie (Standing Stone / Menhir)

Strange to find this in the middle of a housing estate. Not too difficult to find with the way through called Standing Stone Walk.
Not badly damaged and only a little autographing.Plenty of people about.

Earlseat (Standing Stone / Menhir)

The farm was being renovated so no one to ask, so I went into the field anyway. The stone was a bit over grown with nettles and the like but you could get an appreciation of it.


I wasn't able to visit sites on this visit due to my not having a car. The buses would have been too complicated so I didn't even try. We had been to the family Summer House and I persuaded a stop here as there is a carpark. There are two Barrows and can be seen from most places around here.
The information notice tells us that the Barrows are 3000-3500 years old and that they have not been disturbed by excavation, the pictures show what they may contain from excavations at other sites.
There are quite a lot of sites in this area but persuading people who aren't interested to stop isn't easy.

Mols (Runddysse)

This amazing Dolmen is from around 3300 BC and is the largest round barrow in Denmark. The circle is made up of 235 ton stones. There used to be 24 but one was cut up by a stone cutter in the 1890s. The capstone is 21 tons. The spring equinox sun shines through the entrance.

Pitscandlie (Standing Stones)

This is about 3 miles down the B9134 from Aberlemno.You can park just into the lane and walk about 150yds up the lane. On the left is a drive way leading to some cottages, the Stones are in the yard. best to ask at the cottage for politeness sake. There are two large Stones one Tall and narrow the other wide but about the same height. There seem to be cupmarks on the back of the wide Stone. The lady of the house said it may be the remains of a Circle, There were three Stones but one was demolished to make the driveway. She was at pains to tell me it was before her time.

Berwick St James (Standing Stones)

The Stones are at the center of the village on the corner of the lane leading to the Farmer's Shop.One is about 4ft 6ins tall and the other,which has had a lot of interest is on the other corner.I was talking to an elderly lady who told me she was brought up in the house by the tall stone,she said she never really took much notice of it or the other one.There has been a flurry of interest since the news article.

The Cove (Standing Stones)

I came here on New Years Eve 2006, it was very windy but dry.There had been some sort of ceremony near the Obelisk when I arrived but they had dispersed when I got to that area, wonder what they were doing.

West Tump (Long Barrow)

Finding this is not for the faint hearted.Park down by the sawmills and walk back up the road, on the right is a mountain bike path,follow this and you come to a forest path,follow this to a wider path walk up the hill and on the right at this time of year you can just see the barrow on the right through the trees.Best of luck.

Staredam (Standing Stones)

It is easy to get to these stones. The farmers don't generally mind as long as there isn't a crop.If there are livestock then that is your problem.In my case I waved to the farmer and he waved back so all was ok.These are rather unremarkable stones,on one is an inscribed cross-also unremarkable-but the Society of Antiquaries state that this is one of the first examples of a symbol of the Christian faith to be placed on a stone of a pre-historic group.

Lendrick Lodge Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir)

I parked outside of a house opposite the field where the stone is sited. A lady came along and asked if I was going to have a look at the stone.She lived here and is a member of a local archeological group. She asked me if I knew Nick Brand, she was hoping he would give the group a talk about his stone travels. I can't add more because Nick has told it all.

Tealing (Souterrain)

Before I came here I had a look at the restored Dove Cote,there is quite a lot of restoration going on around here.A short waljk down the lane is a gate on the right and a path leads to the Earth House.The site is well looked after and there are quite a few little surprises for the searcher.

Tealing Stones (Standing Stones)

I approached this site from the A928.You can park in the are by the track gate.Walk down through the woods 'till you come to a fork and take the left. Carry on for about 400mtrs and keep an eye to the right.The Stones are on some unused land wich is rather overgrown. There had been some gorse clearance and the farmer had helpfully piled the gorse on top of the smaller stone.As Nick said, these are not very impressive but the large one is LARGE.

Penllech Coetan Arthur (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech)

This is one of Wales' lovely pointy hatted Dolmens.It is situated halfway up a sloping field not far from the hedge wall.I really found this by chance.I was driving to Aberdaron and glimpsed this whilest passing.I stopped in a farm drive way and went back.Glad I did,well worth looking for if you are in the area.
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This picture was taken on a very cold day on Aarhus Strand in Denmark.

I was brought up at Lundin Links in Fife so standing stones have always been in my life. My mother was a freelance reporter for the old Weekly Scotsman and she searched out any thing she could about ancient Scot/pictland, we of course went searching with her.
We moved to Cornwall and found as many stones there and because we were Scots were immediately part of the community.

I now live in Bristol a good centre for archive study and from here easy access via m-ways to all areas. What a great hobby, you never get bored-only cold and very wet.

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