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Cerne Abbas Giant (Hill Figure) — Miscellaneous

having it large on the hill
looks spaced out to me
looks on
did they let you
grass over for fear
of rebellion?
white chalk man
shine on!

Tregiffian (Entrance Grave) — Miscellaneous

I Remember

Shaun was in a rush to get to St Ives for his beer
and could not understand
why I wanted to see this roadside casualty
like a squashed hedgehog
limp at the side
of the road

The Merry Maidens (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

when I was here there were cows all around the stones
but at that time none were inside the ring, that was the first thing I noticed and my most enduring memory.......

Rocky Valley Rock Carvings — Miscellaneous


one side moves in
and one side moves out
ebb flow
simplest model
of the universe is the circle
that is growing or contracting
or both

spiral dance
weave the moment
each year I see more tree dressings at your feet

Rocky Valley Rock Carvings — Fieldnotes

These mazes were hard to find. The directions in my book were sparse. This was back in 1989 so the Modern Antiquarian was not published then, but after persevering we found them, small about four inches across. Why has it taken so long for us to rediscover the maze?

Wayland's Smithy (Long Barrow) — Miscellaneous

summer in 99

first time along the ridgeway
felt like my feet were wearing
had to stop here and rest in the arms of the mother
slept in the shade of a beech tree
so often been back since.

St. Levan's Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Folklore

"when a horse can ride
with paniers astride
though st levan stone
the earth will be done"....?

best keep the halves together then guys

Men-An-Tol (Holed Stone) — Miscellaneous

men an tol

that centre letter
or stone
looks like a polo
or doughnut
would love to sink my teeth into that mystery
one day
never found you when
the others gathered
next time

Central London — Miscellaneous

london under the dust

we walk with the past
though arches and down ancient roads
the past, our past is not
just out there
but beneath our feet
around our ears
beneath our noses
john dee and canary wharf
makes sense to me

Chûn Quoit (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Miscellaneous

the eclipse

we were there
in that moment
as women danced in the old ruined dwelling above
a bottle of cider
and an alien mask
must send you the photos to prove it!
what a day?

Avebury (Circle henge) — Miscellaneous

the henge

tired each time I see you
not sure which road is green street
until I am there
down to meet Badger
Tigger or pete?
or someone else drawn by this
disjointed place?

The Ridgeway (Ancient Trackway) — Miscellaneous


like a friend
I hated you at times
the paces you put me through
each time I go further and faster
so I always know how the pilgrims felt on their way
to silbury
and the stones of Avebury and

Glastonbury Tor (Sacred Hill) — Miscellaneous

the tor

still got a photo
of Darren and Lucy
nice day
on the way to cornwall
for the eclipse
man it was a long way....

Sea Henge (Timber Circle) — Miscellaneous

Sea Henge

Stolen from the mud
Time team....remember that?
Put it back please.

Uffington White Horse (Hill Figure) — Miscellaneous

White Horse (Shamanic journey)

The wind was blowing
My eyes were sore
The rain ran down my face
My mind was moving
Above the Earth
Below the sky
The path before me
I kept on moving

Take a look and you may see - exactly what you need to see
Take a walk and you may be - exactly where you need to be

Didn't know where I was
Didn't know what was real
The sun was going down
the colours were shifting
Below the Earth
Above the sky
The path before me
I kept on moving


The sun burst through the clouds and I
Saw her standing there
I was frigtened and confused as she stood at ease and stared
She didn't talk she didn't move
She seemed to call my name
I looked into her eyes and
I knew we were the same


copyright 2002 mindweed written near uffington white horse

Devil's Den (Chambered Tomb) — Miscellaneous

like three shredded wheat
piled up on high
took ages to find you
through the overgrown nettles
hands held high darren saluted you
be back soon
map of human's aspiration
as above so below
stone curbs
ebb and flow

Silbury Hill (Artificial Mound) — Fieldnotes

Ah Silbury.
so sorry
So sorry
to think of them filling you with polystyrene
my tears a lake around you
so sorry they forgot you
but I'll see you next solstice!
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